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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Insurgents Make Gains, According To Unofficial Results–Keeley And Herron Tied, Newton Leading, Several Recounts Upcoming

September 13th, 2017 · 50 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Council, News and Events

Herron primary day

For Jeanette Herron it’s a recount with Bob Keeley and then possible runoff.

In a night that took many twists and turns, several incumbents were defeated in Democratic primaries for City Council Tuesday, several insurgents prevailed and recounts in four districts will take place later this week, according to unofficial returns from the Registrar’s Office. Young guns Kyle Langan and Marcus Brown won the West Side 132nd District, according to unofficial numbers. Christina Smith and Pete Spain in Black Rock/West End 130th District lead but with Spain heading for a recount with incumbent Scott Burns who trails by 11 votes. The recount threshold is 20 votes. In the North End 133rd District former State Rep. Bob Keeley and incumbent Jeanette Herron are tied at 170. If the tie holds after a recount they will have a runoff.

Langan primary day

Kyle Langan on primary day. He and Marcus Brown carried the West Side over endorsed incumbent Evette Brantley and Rolanda Smith

Unofficial results, the top two vote producers go on to the general election:

130th, Black Rock/West End, Christina Smith 552, Pete Spain 529, incumbent Scott Burns 518, Rowan Kane 424. Recount between Spain and Burns.

131st South End/West End/Downtown, incumbents Jack Banta 195, incumbent Denese Taylor-Moye 213, Jorge Cruz 130.

132nd West Side, Marcus Brown 341, Kyle Langan 327, incumbent Evette Brantley 287, Rolanda Smith 245.

133rd North End, Michael DeFilippo 187, incumbent Jeanette Herron 170, Bob Keeley, 170, Anne Pappas Phillips 137. Recount. If Herron and Keeley still tied a runoff will decide the winner.

135th North End, incumbent Mary McBride-Lee 360, Rosalina Roman-Christy 342, incumbent Richard Salter 321, Darrett Evans Moss 309. No recount.

136th East Side, incumbent Alfredo Castillo 187, Maria Zambrano 180, incumbent Jose Casco 62.

137th East Side, Maria Valle 470, incumbent Aidee Nieves 443, incumbent Milta Feliciano 316, Hector Diaz 312.

138th Upper East Side, Karen Jackson 218, incumbent Nessah Smith 215, Samia Suliman 203, incumbent Anthony Paoletto 202. Recount.

139th, incumbent Eneida Martinez 231, Ernie Newton 216, Wanda Simmons 209, incumbent James Holloway 176. Recount.

Wanda Simmons has a spot on the Connecticut Working Families Party line for City Council in November.


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  • Steven Auerbach

    congratulations to the early winners.

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    130 Smith and Burns over Spain by 2 votes after AB count – recount!

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    How does this happen? Sitting here minding my own business ….

    • Grin Ripper

      You just can’t help yourself! Thanks for your reporting .

      • Jennifer Buchanan

        Lockhart of CT Post just tweeted Bridgeport voter turn out 6%. Shameful.

        • Steven Auerbach

          I was at 8 schools today. Enjoying myself and was shocked at the absolute pathetic turnout!!!

        • Frank Gyure

          6% turnout is truly embarrassing. Significant thought should be utilized by the various Bridgeport civic organizations to explain this dismal turnout. A combination of hopelessness,a sense of people not feeling that their vote counts create this literal disenfranchisement in the Bridgeport community.

          • Ron Mackey

            Oh. I thought the problem was Mario Testa and the DTC machine.

          • Frank Gyure

            Ron Mackey….. you are absolutely right. Mario Testa and the DTC are part of the problem by making people feel that their votes don’t count. The fact that The Democratic Party/DTC does not have a webpage and the only contact is Testa’s phone#/email is a huge red flag of the problem. I get a sense that the local Town Committees aren’t very active either. Too bad,if you look at the vote totals,in many of the races a handful of votes made a difference.

          • Ron Mackey

            Frank, the DTC is prime for a takeover and it’s it’s just a matter of putting together slates of candidates City wide in March 2018, it’s there for the takeover but and a big but you must get your people to vote for change on your district for those who want change.

  • Ron Mackey

    The next step after the recount and the November election is the election of the City Council President and that should be either Christina Smith or Pete Spain and then we might see a new direction for the City Council and Bridgeport because it definitely won’t be business as usual.

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    Happy to be corrected – as of midnight – unofficial Smith 552, Spain 529, Burns 518 and Kane 424. Recount between Smith and Burns due to less than 20 vote victory.

  • Jimfox

    Jen, It must be something in the milk!
    Recount between Spain and Bruns!

    • Jennifer Buchanan

      The translation from Hoosier to Yankee is probably the issue, plus the excitement of the win for Smith & Spain. The DTC recount will have a very difficult time manipulating 20 ballots… haven’t so happy to be wrong in a very long time.

      • Jimfox

        You’re never wrong, when you win!

      • Ron Mackey

        Jennifer, you said, “The DTC recount will have a very difficult time manipulating 20 ballots,” well, the Registrar’s Office will conduct the recount.

        • Jennifer Buchanan


          • Ron Mackey

            Jennifer, on a side bar, your former governor is slowly being dragged down by 45 by following up and supporting 45′s lies publicly.

          • Jennifer Buchanan

            Ron, we were happy to send him to D.C. His anti LGBT and anti women legislation agenda caused him to lose support in IN.

          • The Bridgeport Kid


            Robert Mueller and his team of handpicked attorneys are investigating Donald Trump, his campaign and his corporate organization for treason, financial crimes, obstruction of justice, and fraud. A bill of impeachment, drafted by the Democrats,  is making the rounds in the House. It hasn’t gained much traction, yet. That will change next year. The Democrats will regain the majority in the House. Mueller and his team of former DOJ prosecutors will have issued a summary of findings that will provide articles of impeachment. 45 will be removed from office or forced to resign.

            Mike Pence will be a place holder, as Gerald Ford was after Tricky Dick resigned.

          • Ron Mackey

            No, Vice President Pence has big problems because he has been in meetings with 45 when 45 would go on Twitter or make statements that were not true but Pence would repeat 45′s lie. There will be NO impeachment of 45 until after the 2018 House of Representatives election and if the Democrats are in control of the House because until 2018 the Republicans are in control and they will NOT impeachment 45 because they are scare that it might haunt them for their election in 2018. Also Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions could also could be in trouble with his statements about his statements to Congress when he was a US Senator about his contact with Russians. Trump will step down before a impeachment.

          • The Bridgeport Kid

            Ron, you misread my post. The Democrats will regain the majority in the House next year. (Possibly the Senate as well. Mitch McConnell is the most hated politician in Kentucky.) A bill of impeachment will gain traction when that happens. Personally I think Mueller and his crew will issue a damning report well before then.

            Mist go into politics for love of country. Donald Trump ran for POTUS because he thinks he knows everything; clearly he is mistaken.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Just a thank you to Bubba; once a partner, always a partner.

  • donj

    Hi Lennie do you have the black rock and aquaculture numbers by precinct level Thanks. Also the Dunbar and heading precinct numbers for the newton race thanks.

  • Lauren Gray

    Congratulations to Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan!!!

  • DC Faber

    I voted in the 138 around 4pm, my ballot was the 82nd of the day. Where are the get out the vote efforts? I am sad only 1/2 of line C is in the top two, but take solace young Anthony is in last place

  • Andrew C Fardy

    My wife and I did not vote for the first time in 50 years. What did we have to vote for? We had candidates that had no clue about the neighborhood or its problems. The voters in this city all suffer from terminal dumb ass. Here we have a twice convicted felon winning another primary, shame on all the voters in that district.This city is made up of self centered people that only care about themselves. We hve people that will write pages and pages on the same subject. Why? what good does it do. On September 11th we had over 3,000 people killed at the world trade center, we had over 300 firefighters and hundreds of cops die that day. We are still losing 50 firefighters and cops a week to the ravages of contaminants at the scene. One of my workers lost 30% of his lung capacity while working the pile for 2 weeks. You know what all the shitheads in this city did on 911 this year NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH. nOT ONE WORD ON THIS BLOG and very little in the paper. The people of this uncaring city will get what they deserve.

    • Frank Gyure

      Andy does have a point about this year’s observance of 9/11 nationally and locally. On the national level,there definitely was less televised coverage of the ceremonies. Maybe this was due to the widespread coverage of Hurricane Irma. Locally,I do think I read about an article in the Connecticut Post about a Bridgeport ceremony. Personally speaking,previous generation had spoken about their “Kennedy Moment”–they remembered exactly where they stood when they heard the news of the JFK assasination.I was a toddler when that happened and so no memories but 9/11 was my “moment” when I remembered exactly where I was when I heard about 9/11.

    • Ron Mackey

      Who the hell runs into a buildings that are on fire from two passenger jet planes crashing into them? Who spends days and nights digging into two high rise buildings that have collapse with dust all in the air and nobody knows is in the air while they are searching for anyone and later looking for dead bodies and body parts? 343 New York City firefighters who got killed with their fellow sisters in brothers trying to save them and the other 3000 people? Who, firefighters along with police and EMS workers and 16 years later nobody really gives a dam about those inhale that poisonous smoke and gases in performing their duties, in fact there are those who want to cut their health benefits, so thanks for nothing to Mayor Ganim and the Bridgeport City Council.

      • The Bridgeport Kid

        345 firefighters died on 9/11. The number suffering from illnesses resulting from exposure to Ground Zero numbers in the thousands. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed a law giving lifetime benefits to all of them. Malloy is a little slow on the uptake.

        It’s more than a little galling that Hartford and Bridgeport City Hall give short shrift to public safety officers, the police and fire departments, dicking around with the pension plans. Many in this town do not like cops. That’s a given. (My advice to them is “Don’t be a fucking criminal.”) the fire department has had to fight for benefits. Next time a house catches fire who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters?

    • Lisa Parziale

      Andy I feel your frustration, and don’t blame you. But you have to stay on OIB, you have a lot to offer with your many years of political involvement, and with the emergence of younger men and women getting involved, they need to hear what came before them.

  • Frank Gyure

    time to sign off.

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