Take A Bow, Young Dems

Young Dems celebrate
Young Dems celebrate victory.

Nice to sniff fresh-brewed enthusiasm from young pols. The Greater Bridgeport Young Dems added flourish to the primary season. Its President Constance Vickers shares insight on the Young Dems Facebook page.

I woke up this morning still exhausted from yesterday, in desperate need of an overdose of caffeine to make up for only a pittance of sleep over the last week- but then it hit me again- all of our endorsed candidates won last night!!

I am so incredibly proud of the candidates, their campaigns, and all of you who rolled up your sleeves and hit the pavement to help elect your fellow young democrats. We are the future of the party and I am so proud that Maria Zambrano ViggianoMarcus Brown Harrigan, and Kyle Langan have claimed our first wins.

It helps to have great candidates- but we cannot forget the masterminds behind the scenes who manage and organize these campaigns. I am proud that three GBYD members spearheaded successful campaigns including Lauren Gray for Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan for City Council, 132nd DistrictAntonio Felipe for Castillo and Viggiano For The 136 and Gage Elliott Frank for Smith and Spain for City Council 130th. GBYD members were also strategists and treasurers including Fabio MazoKarla YanezJosh Dellaquila and Emily Brown. Then there’s Jessica Muniz-Martinez who isn’t on the ballot for Board of Education until November but helped candidates in every district, especially our Young Dems. Thank you as well to State Reps. Christopher Rosario and Steve Stafstrom for their mentoring and constant support of GBYD.

I am also proud of GBYD Vice President Rowan Kane for a tough fight in his first campaign as a candidate. Rowan and I will continue to work towards the goals and objectives we set in April to fortify the structure and sustainability of this organization.

This is only the beginning for us and I hope this has inspired others to step up and run for office over the next few cycles. As we turn to the general in November I want us to refocus on recruiting new members from all communities to ensure that we are providing an inclusive environment for young leaders to grow.

The unofficial primary results can be found on Only in Bridgeport.

It’s a good day to be a Young Dem!