Holiday Lights Illuminate The Amp

The drive-through Holiday Lights Spectacular at Bridgeport’s amphitheater is now open to the public through January 2.

Amp developer Howard Saffan has transformed the warm-weather concert destination into a glow show with 2.5 million LED lights. Visitors must stay in their vehicles during the approximate 30-minute display.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Photo courtesy Brian Pounds, CT Post

Photo courtesy Brian Pounds, CT Post.



  1. “Tickets can be purchased here.”
    Not so easy to figure the price of such tickets. Variable pricing, is it? Daytime….free but tough to see the lights. Early evening around the dinner hour….more….but a good story with pictures might have provided some sense.
    Is such an event any reason for extra expense for the City, like police overtime to keep customers in their cars or control crowds to be paid by taxpayers? Will ticket revenue be published along with attendance numbers? What % if any flows to the City? Time will tell.

  2. HHC is imposing drastic price increases on many types of medical visits/examinations, even as it throws $million$ at corporate vanity projects — such as naming-rights/displays (e.g., the Bridgeport HARTFORD Healthcare Amphitheater; the proposed, mammoth/blinding HHC sign on St. Vincents…). It would be interesting to know what their top executives get paid and what raises they have received during the past year…

    Surely, the AG should be looking at this medical “pirate ship” playing heavy-duty politics even as it rips off the state’s medical-care recipients imprisoned under its auspices…

    And the Amphitheater situation — another JG-promotion ripping-off Bridgeport’s taxpayers — is probably something else that needs looking into by appropriate offices…


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