Ganim Wins Fourth Vote In A Blow Out Over Gomes – ‘Bridgeport Has Spoken’


Mayor Joe Ganim put to rest this extended mayoral odyssey winning handily a fourth vote across the city with the walk-in vote and absentee ballots over opponent John Gomes, according to unofficial returns.

Overall, the mayor won with about 60 percent of the vote, 6,356 to Gomes 4,138. Republican David Herz tallied 283. The graphic above reflects only the machine count, not absentees which the mayor won 1,721 to 659 over Gomes.

Ganim carried every precinct on the machines except for Black Rock, Geraldine Claytor and City Hall, even there the mayor performed stronger than in previous three votes.

Ganim ran up huge pluralities in Black and Hispanic precincts on the East Side and East End including JFK, Hooker, and Dunbar as well as key precincts in Whiskey Hill such as Wilbur Cross and Hallen.

This historic mayoral cycle began after Ganim fired his once ally Gomes from his city position in 2022. Several other political operatives the mayor let go rallied behind Gomes’ run for mayor, raising hundreds of thousands for the cause.

Opponents surprised Ganim last September running close in a Democratic primary. A flashpoint occurred when a Gomes sympathizer working in the police department surveilling designated drop boxes approved by the state, following Covid, leaked footage to Gomes of Ganim supporters placing absentee ballots. Connecticut law limits the handling of absentee ballots to family, caretakers and police officers.

Video surveillance would also show that Gomes operatives did the same but since Gomes came up short in the primary he filed a complaint in state court urging a new primary.

The primary evidence presented to Judge William Clark consisted of operatives placing absentees into drop boxes.

Not one witness took the stand to explain their vote did not count, their ballot was confiscated or signature falsified. Still, the judge ruled the preponderance of ballots placed into drop boxes based on video compelled him to order a new election, claiming it was impossible to determine a rightful winner, according to state law. Some legal observers disagreed, claiming the judge took a lot of latitude in his decision.

Clark’s decision created national news providing Gomes a cudgel to attack his former boss. A general election advanced with both Ganim and Gomes on the ballot. Ganim won. But Clark concluded he had no authority to change the date of the general election so a new primary took place afterwards with Ganim winning again, leaving Gomes the option to run again in another general election because the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of State ruled that another primary must be married to another general election and the judge agreed.

Yes, a level of logistical whiplash is involved here for the common person.

Ganim retooled his message, declaring his former hire was running for revenge, highlighting a doer over a divider mantra. The mayor campaigned as a man on a mission to preserve a legacy transcending the absentee controversy.

Gomes also ran out of campaign cash that had kept him in the game and suffered several campaign gaffes that tarnished his reformer’s edge including failure to file campaign finance reports on time, operatives under scrutiny for violations of election law, another backer who called respected Police Chief Roderick Porter a “pig” and no real rationale for running.

Voters questioned his veracity for running. Gomes also provided no hopeful vision for the future, preferring to live or die politically in the past.

Gomes vote totals slipped along the way while Ganim righted the ship combining contrast of his opponent with leveraging power of incumbency, highlighting tax, public safety and development successes.

Along the way, voters suffered from fatigue and wondered how in the world could Ganim win three times and still fight for another vote. Many voters believed Judge Clark went too far.

On Tuesday, the fourth vote in five months, Ganim provided an exclamation point.




  1. I have not come here to praise John Gomes I have come to rejoice in his burial. It is a far better thing that Bridgeport’s future has been spared the pain and failure of John Gomes leadership. Say hallelujah and say Amen. Joel can I get an Amen Brother.

      1. Joel they can’t even get that because of the lack of cash and credit. Gomes campaign needs to go to Dollar General and get the home cremation kit Burnsford “Burn In Bag” for $8.95 and the ashes can be scattered along Broad Street unless Ko-Nut wants to put them on the mantle. Where are the AB totals?

    1. This has been the most intense election in the history of Bridgeport. Luckily by Ganim defeating Gomes Finch will retain his status as the worst mayor in the history of Bridgeport. To anyone that I may have offended during this election cycle other than JML my sincere apologies it was nothing personal just intense campaigning. To JML I meant every word I said and more. Joel please tow that arrogant, pompous, annoying, now deflated gasbag behind your “Speedy Boat” to the deep ocean and cut it loose.

      1. The incumbent won a fourth and final call to Bridgeport voters, at least 42,000 of whom are Democrats, registered and eligible. The total registered reported by the SOSCT is actually 70,417 and totaled 10,777 who actually cast a ballot. The official count was 15.3%. That is a sick number for an activity where governance has failed to be “open, accountable, transparent or honest” in multiple areas for years, causing scandal and disrespect for the City.

        Fifteen percent of registered folks voting in total, with a difference of 2218 votes between the two top candidates, leaves 85% of those registered in the City, unheard, for a variety of possible reasons, but basically voiceless. That is not, as claimed by a few, a mandate. It’s a margin of a win, but no call to “moving forward” together. At what expense? Did I see $1,200,000 was spent? Seems like a serious sum, and even to people of wealth, how come? Is this the price tag for autocratic leadership? Who will get the public with a greater sense of being heard, serious listening, and by filling all Boards and Commissions with qualified, active, participants?

        Is that a democratic result indicating “political health” in the City? Does it provide approval for continuing current practices as we “move forward” if only in time? It is budget time, a moment when we can look at the books, with help from the Council leadership, and see where the administration is focusing in the upcoming year. Perhaps it is time to encourage more conversations with questions, with listening and learning, and remove the sandbox antics and imagery from OIB posts.

        The Joe and Speedy show, including a sea tow is likely complete. Does it have anything further to cheer for or “deep six”? If it continues, I will guess that the readership providing 12+ grades, as above, will not follow and readership will drown in any orgy of self-satisfaction.

        Relying personally on a shelled creature, the turtle, to express a story line, successful to my business for years, has allowed me the time and independence to meet other citizens, in need of listening for one thing or another and be helpful. That is a joy. Descriptions of me as “arrogant, pompous, or gasbag” are not customary, though “annoying” is a word I acknowledge. It has been used by folks who are asked to think about serious questions and find themselves speechless.

        ODE TO JOE Mc
        An apology, true or not, on your part, Joe McLaine
        Is not likely to help JML or the Spains.
        Your G2 support never seems to explain,
        Just how it floats your lifestyle domain,
        Or why you face others with disdain.
        Time will tell.

    2. The winner of the 2023 Bridgeport mayoral election’s Red Rubber Panty and Red Boots Award is:

      Jimfox says:
      February 26, 2024 at 8:38 am
      Gomes 2200 Gamim 1300

      NOTE: Jimfox is penalized for misspelling [Gamim]. Jimfox, must wear his prize for 24 hours on West Palm Beach and send Lennie Grimaldi a picture every hour as proof of having served his penalty.

      1. Picture that LMAO. Great choice Joel. Imagine the disappointment of Ko-Nut and the Grand Gasbag. They probably had a space in the closet picked out for the award 😞

  2. Yours-truly OIB correspondent Joel Speedy Gonzalez caught up with John Gomes and asked: How does it feels to get blown out of the water for the fourth time?

    Fighting off tears, John Gomes replied:
    “It Her(t)z”.

  3. The right person won.

    Gomes didn’t just lose because of dwindling funds, he lost because he became the sore loser. On top of that, his extended efforts have fueled national Republicans, especially Trump, with his rhetoric. John Gomes has impacted the 2024 presidential election by how he chose to approach the response to the September primary. There was zero nuance besides griping about results.

    I’m beyond disappointed as a Democrat that John Gomes chose himself and ego throughout this process. As a man who literally has “Democrat” tattooed to his heart in the same calligraphy as the constitution, I feel that John Gomes has done major damage to the national brand of the Democratic Party. That is something I find discrediting, and makes him persona non grata in my book.

    Case closed. It’s over. Walking over talking won. Now, Mayor Ganim can take his mandate and make good on his promises.

  4. Lennie, I said Ganim by 1943 votes. You are safe to come out. Remember I always gave a back up plan to the second power. The Speedy Boat back up plan is: All known and suspected John Gomes supporters will be deported to Fantasy Island via Speedy Boat. At midnight the Fish-Fill-Line-A Forces began rounding up the key figures of John Gomes Campaign 2023. Raids started in Black Rock where reports of explosions flooded 911 Emergency System. I led the first raid of the Home of former Black Rock Citycouncil member Pete Spain followed by raids on Gen Now Votes leaders. None were captured. I recovered a cell phone with text messages alerting them of the raids 10 minutes before we arrived. The number was traced to Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter Jr. A lit cigar was found next to the cell phone.

    Thirty two (32) where capture and by 7 a.m. they reached Fantazy Island. The McLaine, the McLaine!

  5. Joel I’m happy to hear that you captured Black Rock’s Pete Pain unfortunately he is such an annoying Spain in the ass you will probably dump him overboard before you reach the detention center. On a more festive note I have been informed that the post inauguration musical entertainment will be provided by REO Speedy Wagon singing Keep on Loving You. A love that will last for almost four more years.

  6. Pete Spain nor his wife were not captured but, they are under 25 hours servailance. DNA sample taken from the lit cigar matched that of John Gomes. It matched the blood sample I uptained at Sazon and Mambo Club the night Jorge Garcia beat his ass after making unsolicited sexual advancements to his niece. That was the end of JML’s favorite Finch experiment, Citi Stat.

    1. This just in from the Black Rock Anti Gen Now Special Forces Recon Report: 28FEB2024 0105hrs Special Agent Gonzalez took Pete Pain into custody in front of Harbour View Market a known hangout for Gomes sympathizers when what appeared to be a disoriented disturbed agitated individual burst out of the Harbour View Market screaming you can’t do that and handcuffed himself to Pete Pain. In a follow up interview by Special Agent Gonzalez the individual stated that he mistook Pain for a tree on Fairfield Ave.

      1. Pssst. Pssst. McLaine, don’t tell anyone I told you this:

        About 25 minutes before we capture the 32 deported to Fantasy Island, I found a pile of Gomes signs on the grounds of a house under construction adjacent to the (S)pain’s back yard. NOTE: The Spains held an unreported fundraiser around October 15, 2023. About 20 people attended and John Gomes made a personal appearance in this area of the property.

        As we pointed our Flashlight on the signs, the home owner Marc P. Wallowitz opened the second floor window and yelled, “SHE’S THERE, under the signs.

        A white female stated she was Mrs. Spain. Mr. Walowitz attested to the fact that she was NOT Mrs. Spain. The woman tried to run, forcing me to smack her with a stack of John Gomes.

        The woman was identified as Madeline the host of Bepo In The Know a political cult in Black Rock. After 30 minutes of saying, “I Know Nothing”. Madeline and I made a deal. She told me where we can find the 32 captured and deported.
        She couldn’t stop talking so I took her two socks off and shoved it in her mouth. I broke my part of the deal and deported her too. Our unit is occupying the Cuban Club on Fairfield Avenue, where we found another telephone with a lit Cigar next to it and again we found Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter’s number as the last call received. The Cuban Club’s Video showed John Ricci driving away with Raul Laffitte on the hood.

      2. Clarification: We did briefly detail Rick Torres the owners of Harborview Market in Black Rock. We had his place under servailance as his delicious Cookies and Coffe were found left behind in many locations raided in and out of Black Rock. Rick Torres is cleared and a decent Black Rock resident.

  7. Joel an earlier recon reports 28FEB2024 1530 hrs Special Agent Gonzalez took John Meatloaf Loser and 2 dozen jelly donuts into custody in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts on Fairfield Ave in Black Rock when what appeared to be a disoriented, agitated and disturbed person released by Special Agent Gonzalez earlier in the day attempted to handcuff himself to Gonzalez prisoner. After a brief struggle and failing to be able to reach around the prisoner and cuff his hands together the person ran off.

    1. True, but this person turned out to be Councilmember Jorge Cruz. We lost him at the P.T. BARNUM HOUSING. Jorge Cruz ran into an apartment in Building 13. When our unit raided the apartment, 7 people were shooting heroine and smoking crack. Jorge Cruz jumped out a window and got away. No one was detained or deported to Fantasy Island.


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