The Fourth Vote For Finality

The mid point of Tuesday’s voting shows turnout is running along the lines of the first general election in November and could surpass depending on prime time voting late afternoon/early evening.

January’s primary redo won handily by Mayor Joe Ganim actually outperformed the first one last September. Five months later more than 70,000 registered voters may participate in a three person field: Democrat Ganim, Republican David Herz and Independent John Gomes.

More than 2,000 electors have cast ballots via absentee, according to returns from the Town Clerk’s Office. Once again the mayor is expected to win the mail-in vote.

To know where to vote see here

See below info for state election hotline:

The State Elections Enforcement Commission (“SEEC”) and the Secretary of the State’s office (“SotS”) will be operating an election day hotline call center from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, for the Bridgeport Mayoral Special Election The hotline number, 866-SEEC-INFO (1-866-733-2463), and email,, have been set up and will be running on Election Day for election officials and members of the public to report any problems or ask any questions. The hotline will be staffed by SEEC staff attorneys and elections officers. Questions specific to SotS—for example, election administration questions—will be transferred to the Secretary of the State’s Legislation and Elections Administration Division (LEAD).



  1. Lennie, what the fluck are you up to? Where’s the flucking sun? I wake up at 5 a.m. and I quickly panicked thinking that someone set Mountain Grove Cemetery on fire. It didn’t smell like smoke, so I’m thinking maybe I died in the fire and I’m heaven. I stepped outside and it’s all flucking fog.

    I again aborted my Mountain Grove Cemetery AB operation. Instead I arranged for 900 living people to fly down here and vote for thise who commonly stay home. I’d be lucky if 50 make it in time–nothing but flucking flight cancelations. If Joe Ganim loses, I give you one (1) hour to get the fluck out of this country and I warn you: There are flight departure cancelations twice as high as arrivals.

  2. Lennie, this commentary ended with 9 comments- my lucky number. I hope you’re ready to leave. The only way out via water. Best place to steal a bote is Boca Marina. The problem is I have a Speedy Bote with 9 motors ready and I’ll only use 4. Coast Guard is of no use for you. Make sure you wear your Red Rubber Speedos and put on your Red Rubber Flippers. By 9:09p.m. the Speedy Bote motors will be warm.


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