The Entrails Of The Bridgeport Haters Club Blown Wide Open – Gen Now’s ‘Year Of Change’ Foiled

Ganim had a strong general election redo.

A number of haters woke up Wednesday morning with a serious hangover and it wasn’t from adequate fluid ounces.

The angry acolytes had persuaded themselves that change, no matter the consequences against the electorate, fashioned their myopic narrative for a new mayor. They were foiled by a majority of Bridgeport voters who saw it differently four times capped by Mayor Joe Ganim’s convincing win across the city on Tuesday, flummoxing the post mortem of their candidate John Gomes.

They blame the larger electorate instead of examining their obvious failures that boomeranged against their mission to control City Hall.

The napalm, scorched-earth, knee-capping, preaching-to-choir harangue failed to bridge a larger voter gene pool to elevate their candidate. This entire mayoral cycle was much more about silo hatred for Joe Ganim than affinity for Gomes. He was simply an aimless vessel to dance on Ganim’s political grave. Something happened on the way to the funeral.

Often times in campaigns when you start wrong, you end wrong, no matter the multiple bites of the apple.

The longer this cycle went on the more the emergence of a flawed candidate and flawed campaign. Fact: Mayor Bill Finch fired Gomes from his city position. Fact: Gomes ran for mayor. Fact: Ganim fired Gomes. Fact: Gomes ran for mayor. A vendetta narrative came into focus.

Several other former administration officials that Ganim fired or parted ways with jumped on the Gomes train, an engine roaring with hypocrisy from conductor to the caboose with the audacity to frame themselves as reformers. They did well to harness money to make Gomes relevant against an incumbent challenged by a built-in anti vote. Collectively they all pontificated on the past while most voters think about the future.

Enormous amounts of money and time was spent fanning the flames of Ganim’s past as a way to satisfy their vitriol. They actually negotiated against themselves, as a result. They already had the immovable anti-Ganim voters who crossed the Rubicon over Ganim’s past long ago.

This misplaced strategy created some strange political bedfellows that led to serious bedwetting Tuesday night.

Case in point the privileged arrogance of the conflicted community Group Bridgeport Generation Now Votes that has spent mountain ranges of money trying to buy City Hall and has come up empty every time, lancing themselves on their own hypocrisy.

Leaders of the organization Callie Heilmann and Gemeem Davis gravitate to mayoral candidates they believe they can control. In 2019 it was State Senator Marilyn Moore. That failed because while it was there for the taking Moore’s messaging was awful. No new or original ideas.

They tried with Moore again this time around, poising $200,000 of Big Daddy’s money, that be successful entrepreneur Nils Heilmann, treasurer of the organization, mailing 20,000 absentee ballot applications to Democrats anticipating they could leverage mail-in votes for Moore while talking from the other side of their mouths about absentee shenanigans. Again, something happened on the way to the victory party. Instead of going about the priority of a strategy to help Moore make the ballot, they engaged in a dubious relationship with Moore that raised serious questions about campaign coordination against state law. When raised by OIB, Moore maintained public distance from them.

Moore’s campaign was disorganized. She failed to petition onto the mayoral primary ballot. Heilmann and Davis expected the CT Working Families Party to provide a general election lifeline. Party leaders passed. Heilmann and Davis sanctimoniously berated WFP for the transgression, irrespective of them creating their candidate problem.

Gen Now Votes leaders Gemeem Davis and Callie Heilmann at Gomes campaign event in Black Rock.

Instead of pivoting to a mayoral candidate such as Lamond Daniels who better fits the profile of a “reformer” they passed because they could not control him, so eventually settled on Gomes who had money problems. Once again campaign coordination became an issue: frequenting Gomes events, donating to his campaign and Davis hopping into Gomes’ car parked illegally next to a Downtown hydrant. Oh, yes, they discussed sugar plum fairy tales, not campaign strategy. State law prohibits political entities such as Gen Now Votes from coordinating expenditure with the benefiting candidate.

The meeting spot between Gomes and Gemeem Davis.

Now let’s get back to Gomes and the rest of Bridgeport Haters Club led by a number of entitled, privileged Ivy League educated know-it-alls, many of them living in the Black Rock waterfront hamlet. Instead of pumping up Gomes, they carpet-bombed Ganim’s past on social media.

Gomes caught a break in last September’s Democratic primary. A supporter working in the police department monitoring designated drop boxes for absentee ballots leaked to Gomes surveillance footage showing Ganim supporters depositing ballots. Gomes supporters did it too but since he lost the tight primary he went into court, a judge ruled that the mishandling of ballots warranted another primary.

Gomes had the wind at his behind. The haters spent most of their time, however, on the drum beat of the so-called ballot scandal, isolating that one issue, rather than complementary narrative of what a Gomes administration would look like. Gomes had a pretty good story to tell, an immigrant from Cape Verde who speaks five languages, his children products of city schools. He had difficulty connecting with voters outside the built-in Ganim anti-vote. Most of what he kicked out was boorish boiler plate prattle.

Ganim was poised to be taken out in the first general election. Timing is everything in politics. Timing, timing, timing. Gomes came up short again.

The extended mayoral cycle provided Ganim with time to retool his message and community outreached. He got his stuff together with a doer-versus-divider contrast and tireless retail campaigning. The Gomes campaign turned Ganim operatives into the punching-bag poster child of the absentee ballot imbroglio when Gomes people did it too. Many Ganim supporters took to the streets on a mission to turn out a vote.

Ganim won the January primary redo handily.

The haters continued the one-dimensional campaigning including Gen Now Votes fanning every Ganim indiscretion big and small the past 25 years. Hatred clouded pragmatic strategy. They wasted money preaching to the choir. They already had those people. There was no effort to frame Gomes as a worthy change agent. Change for what?

The haters will blame the voters not their flaccid, misplaced narrative. It’s what they do.

But on Tuesday, by their own doing, their entrails were blown wide open. So much for “the year of change.”











  1. Transcript from the Gomes post election critique conference.
    John: We f d up big time.
    Other John: We sure did.
    John: What are we going to do about this huge campaign debt.
    Other John: What do you mean WE my last name isn’t Gomes.
    John: Your not going to help me.
    Other John: No I’m not. What are you going to do FIRE me. I’ve been fired by the best and now I realize Joe was just doing his job when he fired me and I’m going to bring my blue suit to the cleaners, go to the inauguration and beg Joe for forgiveness.
    John: Joe will never forgive you. Your a traitor,a rat,pond scum, lower than whale shit and that’s at the bottom of the ocean.
    Other John: So are you.
    John: No I’m not. I’m John Gomes professional politician.
    Other John: What’s the difference?

    1. “The napalm, scorched-earth, knee-capping…”

      Lennie, please don’t use those types of words being fully aware that my troops are on the hunt for future Fantasy Island residents.

  2. Joe McL with another salt-water, bottom feeder story in the “told you so” rather than, “we’re all in this together” category. A re-post from today:

    The incumbent won a fourth and final call to Bridgeport voters, at least 42,000 of whom are Democrats, registered and eligible. The total registered reported by the SOSCT is actually 70,417 and totaled 10,777 who actually cast a ballot. The official count was 15.3%. That is a sick number for an activity where governance has failed to be “open, accountable, transparent or honest” in multiple areas for years, causing scandal and disrespect for the City.
    Fifteen percent of registered folks voting in total, with a difference of 2218 votes between the two top candidates, leaves 85% of those registered in the City, unheard, for a variety of possible reasons, but basically voiceless. That is not, as claimed by a few, a mandate. It’s a margin of a win, but no call to “moving forward” together. At what expense? Did I see $1,200,000 was spent? Seems like a serious sum, and even to people of wealth, how come? Is this the price tag for autocratic leadership? Who will get the public with a greater sense of being heard, serious listening, and by filling all Boards and Commissions with qualified, active, participants?
    Is that a democratic result indicating “political health” in the City? Does it provide approval for continuing current practices as we “move forward” if only in time? It is budget time, a moment when we can look at the books, with help from the Council leadership, and see where the administration is focusing in the upcoming year. Perhaps it is time to encourage more conversations with questions, with listening and learning, and remove the sandbox antics and imagery from OIB posts.
    The Joe and Speedy show, including a sea tow is likely complete. Does it have anything further to cheer for or “deep six”? If it continues, I will guess that the readership providing 12+ grades, as above, will not follow and readership will drown in any orgy of self-satisfaction.
    Relying personally on a shelled creature, the turtle, to express a story line, successful to my business for years, has allowed me the time and independence to meet other citizens, in need of listening for one thing or another and be helpful. That is a joy. Descriptions of me as “arrogant, pompous, or gasbag” are not customary, though “annoying” is a word I acknowledge. It has been used by folks who are asked to think about serious questions and find themselves speechless.
    An apology, true or not, on your part, Joe McLaine
    Is not likely to help JML or the Spains.
    Your G2 support never seems to explain,
    Just how it floats your lifestyle domain,
    Or why you face others with disdain.
    Time will tell.

  3. Joel it appears that the deflated Red Rubber Gasbag has a problem with us having some fun with our candidates victory. I guess our humor doesn’t rise to his intellectual level. This idiot wanted to put John Gomes in charge of Bridgeport because it satisfied his need for change and desire to remove Joe Ganim. This guy is a total moron. Doesn’t care about the fallout just wanted his desires satisfied. I guess he thought he would be more respected by Gomes . Now that’s comedy. So Joel I look to your wisdom to explain things to this guy in terms he can understand. Also as of Friday I will be vacationing at my Fortress of Solitude for the next 8weeks so I leave it to you to keep a lid on things.

    1. Joe Mc,
      Have you been so busy as a cheerleader that you made a mistake? Where did you see me endorse John Gomes in public, financial or otherwise?
      What I have been doing for weeks now is to encourage folks who are registered to vote, to use their election right to vote in an informed manner. There were three folks on the recent ballot. Wasn’t the first to mention David Herz, the Republican candidate, for instance, to OIB. Do you know how I applied my informed choice?
      Where did you find the “fact” you have beaten to death? Did you see me at a Gomes press conference and make an “assumption”? Gomes has talked with me. I have also attended one or more press meetings of Mayor Ganim, but he has failed for more than eight years to have a serious conversation, which might suggest listening, reflection, and a comment too. Former City Attorney Chris Meyer may remember the time and context, but it never happened. G2 was too busy, and so it goes.

      So I keep presenting facts, conclusions from fact collecting, asking more questions, and gaining more answers from those who actually know what is going on as well as from those who know what is legal, legitimate, and trustworthy. Joel G may remember what I value, and my interest in being helpful to the community at large. He should be able to vouch for my integrity when he sought support for his struggle to create value in his neighborhood.
      Thank you also to Jeff Kohut, with a statement of support below. Like you, I can learn from those who share knowledge rather than scrap in the sand box. Or actually ‘crap’ in the sandbox, and make it unpleasant and unuseable to most. Time will tell.

      1. JML, how can you learn when all you do is ask questions? How can you show you’ve learned allot during so many years, when in addition too questions we’re bombarded with loooong repeats of comments?

    2. I was sent to Facebook jail for calling a moron a moron. It was 24 hours of horror. Thank God for the years on the mean streets of Bridgeport. Lennie, thanks for the pack of cigarettes.

  4. JML: As you realize, there is no need to apologize to the OIB readership, nor any other beneficiaries, in regard to the sharing of your informed opinion and related factual information in pursuit of consciousness-raising/positive action concerning vital civic/governance/ethical issues.

    Those that would berate you for offering the aforementioned opinion and facts (and asking related questions!) are obviously doing so because of a cognitive dissonance that isn’t amenable to reason or pedagogy, even as they display an uncivilized, ignorant intolerance to positive, otherwise benign, points of view that might conflict with their previous indoctrination and/or “determined ignorance.”
    Beyond the aforementioned reasons for the distasteful, boorish behavior exhibited by some of those that take issue with your commentary/”call-to-arms,” one might logically look to reasons such as obsequious servitude – or desire for servitude – to persons/institutions that might provide financial, and /or other benefits to said critics, with the latter unleashing their venom intemperately on orders/expectations (actual or perceived) of said persons/institutions.

    In any event, the “evidence” would indicate that most of those (of us) that are exposed to your erudite commentary concerning society and government, in general, and with Bridgeport, and Connecticut, in particular, in these regards, are appreciative of your factual knowledge, analysis, and well-considered, eloquently-presented viewpoints and admonitions with to respect these essential aspects of our presence on this planet.

    Those that would be antagonistic toward your munificent presentation of fundamental considerations and admonitions concerning the common good are part of the problem and are not worthy of further acknowledgement beyond the topics of reference. In a similar manner to the restoration of soiled clothes to a clean, sanitary condition, their negativity and presence in the background of your beneficent efforts will ultimately “come out in the laundry” and needn’t waste your energy by direct acknowledgement.
    So, JML, la lucha continua. Put on your boots, and don’t let Bridgeport’s sanitary waste overflow slow you down…

  5. Hey Ko-Nut I’m happy to see you are out and about after the emotional trauma that you and your buddy The Gasbag have suffered from your candidates loss. I also want to thank you and your friend for the indepth personal review and evaluation. I do my best to go with my strengths. LMAO 🤣. And I do want you to continue to give your paranoid opinions I find it entertaining. As for your friend as I said before his posts are like delivering a diamond chip in a 55 gallon container of feces. Anyway best to you I’m off on vacation. McLaine Out (for now)

    1. Let me put it in simple terms! McLaine is fairly a new OIB poster and quickly got bored with Echo Posters repeating the same shit since Finch became mayor. How you think Looong time readers and posters feel?

  6. Dear ‘Feces Focused’,
    If you actually go with your strengths, keep entertaining yourself. Be happy. I await the folks who miss your humor and off the cuff “pysch evaluations” of residents, Bridgeport taxpayers, and voters who read, as you alert us to an upcoming vacation. Hope you are able to send them a postcard.
    I have listened to former President Trump for too long go on about his infatuation with Russia the country, with the current dictator, Putin, in charge. Why doesn’t the Republican candidate take a vacation there. As a populist, or as a ‘would-be’ autocrat on his future first day in office. will he engage with the Russian people to include their comments about diversity, equality, and inclusion in governance? Bon voyage! Time will tell.


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