Ganim Urges Federal Officials To Approve Airport Improvements

Mayor Joe Ganim is trying to persuade officials from the Federal Aviation Administration to approve runway upgrades to bring back commercial flights at the city-owned Sikorsky Memorial Airport located in Stratford. See CT Post related story here.

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News release from Ganim:

Mayor Ganim took flight to Washington D.C. last week to meet with a variety of federal agencies including the FAA. The meeting with FAA officials was to discuss approvals necessary for runway improvements at Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Memorial Airport. These runway improvements are supported by state officials and federal delegation who have expressed that investment and commercial flights at Sikorsky are a win for Connecticut.

Advancements to the runways and safety zones at Sikorsky Memorial Airport will further Mayor Ganim’s vision for Bridgeport to be a transportation hub for Southwestern Connecticut, allowing residents easy access to air travel, relief of traffic congestion on our highways into New York, all while providing investment, jobs, and a positive boost to Bridgeport and the economic potential of the region.

Mayor Ganim stated, “The FAA’s approval for these safety zones will allow us to seek and retain private investment that will make Sikorsky, and Bridgeport a transportation center for Southwestern Connecticut. That’s why we are working so hard, that’s why we were in Washington–to make it happen here–in Bridgeport.”



  1. “A positive boost to Bridgeport and the economic potential of the region”

    Does anyone know what the big plans are for the city that requires runway improvement?

  2. What are the financial details?? When is the Mayor or his project manager for this issue going to talk about the costs and benefits and timelines?? What could cause the airport to be a benefit to Bridgeport taxpayers? How so? What further improvements after local, State and Federal dollars totaling about $45 Million were expended in recent years (including a famous private driveway) are necessary? What dollars will they lure to contract? Time will tell.

  3. JML,
    None of that matters…. It’s election time. What have they been doing the last 3.5 years? Running for governor and hiding at 999…… How much is John ricci making off the airport deal? Oops? Too soon?

  4. Whether the FAA approves it or not,Joe is setting up a tent and calling News 12 to announce the “potential’benefits” of runway improvements.Joe is desperate for something to announce…If someone opens a hot dog cart,Joe will announce it at this point.

  5. Pay attention to the part that says that the City is losing big money every year on this airport that benefits wealthy, out-of-town aircraft owners..

    1. The City operates the Airport. It is a department in the operating budget that costs more annually to operate than the revenues it generates. Losses every year around $300,000 or more? Over ten years that means taxpayers who see no direct or indirect benefit are holding the door open for a Ganim2 vision? And we also committed $2 Million of City money to match the State in doing the Finch improvements that had $40 Million of Federal money. When does it stop? When do we see a benefit to all, rather than a photo-op for elected leaders? Time will tell.

  6. IMHO,The City of Bridgeport should bet out of the airport business. The fact that the Airport actually is in Stratford and Stratford Residents/ Civic Leaders have always fought vociferously against any “improvements” fearing increased air traffic. Has always been a huge problem.


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