State Approves $90 Million For New Bassick High School

From State Rep. Steve Stafstrom:

The $115 million financing for the construction of a new Bassick High School is moving forward. I’m very happy to report that today my colleagues and I in the House of Representatives gave final approval to legislation authorizing $90.8 million in state bond funding–about 80 percent of the total project cost.

The funding for Bassick is part of a state package for financing a limited number of school projects across Connecticut deemed priorities by the Lamont Administration.

When the Bassick  project is completed the nearly century-old school will be transformed into a new school and with a new focus on an Advanced Manufacturing curriculum. As you know, this project has been a priority of mine as we attempt to allow Bridgeport to tap its roots as an industrial powerhouse and help fill some of the 15,000 advanced manufacturing jobs in our state that remain vacant.

The project can help drive our local economy for decades by providing more educational opportunities, creating a manufacturing pipeline and enabling a brighter future for our students.

From State Senator Dennis Bradley:

Today during a special legislative session, state Senator Dennis Bradley (D-Bridgeport) announced the state Senate approved a state bonding package which will include funding to assist in the Bassick High School building project as part of the 2019 school building project bonding bill.

Bassick High School will receive $90,769,500 for the brand new high school building. The project is estimated to cost $115,000,000. Sen. Bradley said these funds prioritize the future of Bridgeport’s youth, positioning them for great success.

“I am pleased to announce these state bond funds will assist in the building of a state-of-the-art, renovated Bassick High School,” said Sen. Bradley. “Bassick High School is an important part of the Park City. Furthermore, when we commit to our city’s young people and their education, we are telling them, ‘they matter,’ and that message has the ability to set a young person up for long-lasting success.”

This funding will help support the transformation of this nearly century old high school building. The new Bassick High will implement a renewed focus in advanced manufacturing curriculum to provide students with the skills necessary to take advantage of the thousands of advanced manufacturing jobs in the state.



  1. Thank you Steve. Thank you Dennis. (And thank yous to the rest of the delegation who perhaps had more to do with this than merely executing a press release.)
    A new building……but what did the delegation accomplish about State funding of ECS?? What did the delegation do this past year in this regard? How many meetings? Let it be known in every part of the City? Or do we assume that nothing was organized? Nothing attempted? Does MP know about the actions? If she does not, perhaps nothing substantial was hazarded? How do New Haven, Hartford and a few other cities make the plea for educating the next generation? Time will tell.


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