Forget The Snow, Here Comes The Absentee Ballot Blizzard

What snowdrifts? Watch out for the drifting absentee ballots. Can you imagine if we have a day like today in three weeks? Feb. 22 is the special election to fill the state rep seat vacated by Chris Caruso who’s working for the Malloy administration. Connecticut’s 126th State Assembly District includes portions of the North End and Upper East Side.

Break out the sleds, snowshoes and sport utility vehicles. And yes, the absentee ballots. More than 700 absentee ballot applications for the special election have been assigned by the Town Clerk’s Office. The applications are taken out by supporters of the various campaign camps for the eight candidates. The Town Clerk’s Office snail mails an absentee ballot to a registered voter based on the returned applications. As of Tuesday morning, no absentee ballots have returned to the Town Clerk’s Office. But with three weeks to go we could see a lot of last-minute dumping.

Town Clerk Alma Maya reports that a district voter who expects to be out of town on special election day can stop into the office on Lyon Terrace in City Hall, fill out an application, be assigned an absentee ballot and vote on the spot.

Given the time of year, this miserable winter season, pols will be tempted to load up on absentee ballots. The candidate lineup: Democratic endorsed Charlie Stallworth, Republican endorsed James Keyser, and petitioning candidates Joseph Giaquinto, Mark Trojanowski, Carlos Silva, Robert Keeley, Tom Lombard and Verna Kearney.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, who’s supporting Rev. Stallworth, a member of the Police Board, is an old pro when it comes to absentee ballots, and Keeley himself ain’t too shabby. Keeley represented the state assembly district when he was first elected to the statehouse in 1982.

Elderly voters will be making friends they never knew existed. “Mrs. Haystacks, how’s your health? Would you like to vote by absentee ballot?” Sign her up! Seniors love to vote, but not in this kind of weather.

Keeley, who doesn’t live in the district, has opened a headquarters on Main Street and has stitched together an interesting configuration of campaign workers that include Charlie Coviello, who’s formed an exploratory committee for mayor, Coviello buddy Barry “Spanky” Piesner and Michael Voytek, an attorney best known for representing The Committee to Ungag the People over zoning matters and Derail the Jail Committee, a coalition force led by Caruso that protested former Governor Jodi Rell’s proposal for a detention center for girls on the Upper East Side. Voytek and Caruso are on opposite sides of this battle. Caruso is supporting Kearney, a city police officer, along with State Senator Ed Gomes, political activist Marilyn Moore, Bob “Troll” Walsh and former City Council President Lisa “Honey” Parziale. Did Voytek sell out the Big Wave?

Every camp will need to flex their AB muscles, and be on the lookout for cheaters. We could definitely see an outcome decided by absentee ballots. A candidate could win the machine count and get croaked on the AB count. And if it’s a day like today a few hundred votes could be enough to win, aided by a bunch of absentee ballots.



  1. When a Police Officer knocks on your front door, it scares a lot of people.
    When you open the door only to be surprised that the Uniformed Officer is running for State Rep. “Hi I’m running for state Rep in 126th and I need your support.”
    Officer Kearney has every right to campaign for office.
    But not in a Police uniform.

  2. Voters, please ask yourself these questions before you cast your vote:

    1) Which candidate has the background, the experience, the time commitment required and the political savvy to hit the ground running in Hartford?
    2) Which one of these candidates is best suited to help our delegation get more money out of Hartford for Bridgeport?
    3) Which candidate has the best or a proven track record for getting things done?

    We do not need to add another brain-dead, inexperienced, self-serving person to our delegation so they can go up to Hartford to just eat, sleep, play Solitaire, or get high in the restroom. Enough is enough!

  3. *** Everybody & their cousins will be out of town or handicapped in front of the TV on Feb. 22. No chance for fraud with AB’s in Bpt (wink) but then again the state’s elections enforcement has no teeth! *** It’s a crapshoot, “snake eyes.” ***

  4. “Jimfox,” why are you suggesting that Police Officer Verna Kearney, who is a candidate and is running for State Rep., is knocking on doors and asking people for their support in her police uniform?

    This is Police Officer Verna Kearney, second time for running for this seat and she has NEVER campaign in her police uniform. So,”Jimfox,” why are you making that statement?

    Yes, Officer Kearney does has every right to campaign for office.

  5. Off Topic

    Tim Loh, ace reporter for the Bridgeport Post, has written an article claiming that revitalization of Bridgeport is underway and gaining headway. The basis of his optimistic viewpoint … “They even have Stella now,” exclaims Paul Cerveror, 31, who’s perched on a barstool at Murphy’s Law. He drains his pint glass and shouts: “Yeah!”

    Who needs Steel Point? We’ve got gentrified beer. Cool.

    1. “Jimfox” you saw her where and how do you know what was said if it was her, do you know her? I’m sure you took a picture of this with your phone camera, right?

  6. Last night showed the exact reason why our state delegation is a waste. If this were a suburban town the reps from that town and surrounding Mayberrys would have seen to it this project would not have gotten state support. Not one of our delegation has weighed in on this issue. BTW Ron please don’t make an excuse for any of them.
    I can say as far as I know the only elected official who has weighed in on this transitional housing application to zoning was Bob Walsh. BTW Thanks Bob. Why is it the rest of the council has remained silent on this subject? Could it be they don’t want to jeopardize funding for their up coming reelection bids?
    I have a message for all our elected officials. You were elected to represent a district and an area but you were also elected to serve BRIDGEPORT’S best interests not just your own.

  7. League of Women Voters on “Bridgeport Now” TV February 22 (8pm on Ch88) to discuss Election Reform in Bridgeport.

    Did you know that part of the absentee ballot process in Bridgeport has just recently been reformed to reduce corruption, and is an ongoing part of election reform?

    Did you get a chance to learn about what was discovered after the last election ballot shortage and irregularities?

    How can a third party become a Registrar in Bridgeport? How does that happen? What impact will that have on elections … would the one-party rule be broken up at the city council? I was told by a long time resident “not in my lifetime.” Think again.

    Tune in February 22 to ‘Bridgeport Now Live’ to find out.

    Here’s what will be on the TV show along with the League of Women Voters:
    – The CT Citizen Audit Coalition – who we are, what we do, why, how long
    – The results of the Bridgeport Recount
    – Recommendations coming out of the recount and audit observations

    By the way, tonight’s program is a rerun on the Working Families Party with state and local Bridgeport leaders on, to discuss issues.

    1. *** Wish “Bpt Now Live” would invite different members from the city’s council & Bpt’s senate & house reps on the show & ask the tough questions concerning our city. And not the same ones that have been already on the show either, so the public watching can see & hear some of these people that are supposed to be representing Bpt and don’t have a clue on what’s really going on! *** Bet you won’t get many takers. ***

  8. Mojo. Good question. Regarding ‘Bridgeport Now TV’ and getting other guests on … Bob Curwen on the city council has been invited several times and once agreed, however never came on the show. As for state reps, Caruso was actually on the show once. We would like to have him back on the program. I am in touch with Mayor Finch’s office for him to also appear. The Republican Town chair has been on. I will also invite the Democrat town chair.

    1. *** What could they be afraid of by appearing on the show? Maybe an individual district invite like two council persons or their district leader & state rep. Bet 50% will not have a clue about important issues concerning Bpt! *** GONE FISHING ***


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