Groundhog Rampage

groundhogThis is one pissed groundhog. What city pol is feeling this way? Or maybe voters? What say you?

The world’s most famous groundhog predicted an early spring Wednesday, but wasn’t willing to go out on a limb to forecast whether the nearby Pittsburgh Steelers will win Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Punxsutawney Phil emerged just after dawn on Groundhog Day to make his 125th annual weather forecast in front of a smaller-than-usual crowd who braved muddy, icy conditions to hear his handlers reveal that he had not seen his shadow.



  1. Bill Finch came out of his hole and saw a shadow. It was Mary-Jane Foster’s. He quickly ran back into his hole.

    Picture looks more like pissed-off or -on Bridgeport voters.

  2. Lennie this could be a great topic if we had any pissed-off politicians other than Bob Walsh. While I do clash with Bob on occasion he seems to be the only elected official who is willing to speak out.
    We have no angry politicians other than Walsh because they for the most part all have city jobs. If these elected officials don’t have city jobs they have relatives with city jobs. So why be angry?
    Lennie remember they can’t be angry otherwise they will lose their jobs. This administration does not believe in free speech, speak out and you are out.
    I will bring you an example. The nomination of Stallworth to run for Caruso’s seat. Five of the yes votes from the 138th were going to vote for Silva. The night before the election they received their marching orders from city hall and the next day they all went for Stallworth and threw Silva to the wolves. All five of those votes had city jobs or their wives had city jobs. Go figure. Pissed off, that’s hard to be when you are on the city payroll and really do squat to earn that paycheck.

  3. To all pissed-off bloggers

    Go to and let your voices really be heard. He never misses a council or BOE meeting. Do something instead of crying here.
    Don’t see any other candidate for mayor or the mayor himself at any meetings, do you?

    1. nothingshocks // Feb 2, 2011 at 9:58 am
      To your posting …

      Nothing …
      Does it have to be “anybody?” It could turn out to be worse if you did it that way … think about an “anybody” that could be a Mario, or a Charlie, or one of the other back-room boys.

      I believe your choices to remove Finch from office in 2011 right now are far better than just “anybody.”
      There is an individual with competency, compassion and conscientiousness who is already a declared candidate. And the possibilities remain that other candidates will explore and also decide to become official candidates, but right now only one is taking on this Administration with its unfair, illegal, greedy and self-serving methods of operations.

      Everyone but a favored few is suffering. Especially the taxpayer in Bridgeport who honestly pay their taxes.

      The problem seems to be when a good candidate emerges, there is no inclination on the part of those who want to make healthy changes for this City and her citizens to strongly unite behind the candidate and run up a victory margin on election day that is an overwhelming rejection of the policies and practices of the current Mayor.
      There are seven months before a Democratic Mayoral Primary in September, and it should be seen as an unprecedented opportunity for the OIB community that takes up this effort to remove Finch.
      I suggest OIB have its own candidate debate. Give your questions to Lennie and perhaps let HCC or UB or another neutral place be the forum.
      Give it some thought … there is some really good collective knowledge among the OIB’ers and it could make the difference.

  4. Carolanne, I saw this overwhelming rejection of a mayor once–When Joe Ganim beat Mary Moran. I’m starting to feel the same type of momentum building now for your guy and Mary-Jane Foster. People want them to join forces. What do you think?

  5. *** Change must start with the Mayor’s office & continue @ the local level with the 10 Dem district town committees if real change is to take place, no? If not, it ends up just another repeat on Groundhog Day. No wonder Pun-Phil is pissed off! *** Get the playbook out! ***

  6. I for one want a new mayor. I also want to know whether the good old boys will be occupying decision-making positions in a new administration.
    We also know or should know that one person cannot govern this city and its complex problems alone. I have spent an inordinate amount of time criticizing Mayor Finch but his biggest problem has been the people he has put in charge of various departments. His closest confidants have screwed this city up to no end. Yes that is Finch’s fault. He is also relying on two AH’s from Hartford who between them make about $3K each a week. I would like each candidate to give us voters a hint at who will be joining their administration in decision-making positions.

  7. You are absolutely right. John Gomes and Mary-Jane Foster are both solid choices. To get the City behind them will be no small task. Good luck to both of their PR teams. Employees are ready, more than ready for change. They would love to support one or the other, however if the machine is successful, it’ll be more of the same with Finch at the helm and those employees who supported either Gomes or Foster will be OUT. Most employees do their jobs. They are dedicated. It’s time those who DO WORK FOR THE GOOD OF THE CITY be acknowledged and not continue to work in fear of their jobs if they’re not there because of a political connection.

  8. Nothingshocks: Most of the DTC members are really lazy and at election time most of them do not do squat.
    It’s the people of Bridgeport who need to do something about this administration and that is they have to get off their asses and vote.
    I know I will be running a phone bank from my house. We will get soft sheets (copies of the voters who voted). We will get copies of these soft sheets at 10AM, 2PM and 5 PM. We will check off those who voted and call those who have not shown up.
    What you need is a volunteer at the school to check off the names on your soft sheets. You need a few people who will mark off favored or known voters and they will be the core of whom you call.
    Believe me it can be done and I will be doing it at Hooker and Eastside Middle. We will vote in a new candidate in those 2 schools and we will beat the machine.


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