David Daniels Considers Mayoral Run

David Daniels
Retired officer David Daniels.

UPDATE, statement from Daniels; Retired city police officer David Daniels is synonymous with community policing. He recently retired from the police department after serving 25 years, most of it as a leader in community policing. Two years ago he had a falling out with city leadership that led to his removal as head of the Community Services Division. Daniels will be the first to tell you he’s not a professional politician. He says he’s not happy with the direction of the city and is contemplating a run for mayor in 2015. A Facebook page has started the process to build support.

Daniels is well-liked and respected in the city. He spent years building goodwill in his quest to bring residents, police officers and government officials together to resolve a host of law enforcement concerns. If Daniels runs, can he raise money? Raising money is a labor-intensive process that must begin this year for ‘most anyone contemplating a challenge of a well-financed incumbent Bill Finch. If candidates wait until next year to raise money, that’s pretty much all they will be doing instead of touching voters when it’s most needed.

Daniels has been making the rounds of his contacts asking their opinion about what it would take to wage a serious mayoral run. Daniels says if he goes for it, he will make a decision within the next month or so. Daniels, who’s not currently a city resident, will move back into the city if he runs.

Former Mayor John Fabrizi has announced an exploratory run for his old job.

What do you think? Should Daniels go for it?

Daniels posted this comment on Facebook:

Today there was an article published about my probable Mayoral run next year, I thought it was straight to the point and when I read the Comment section I had to smile because I knew there would some negative comments as well, I’m undaunted by them, I expect them with all the mis-information that goes along with them, First of all I’m not mad at Mayor Finch at all, we made peace at Ernie Newton’s mom’s funeral, If you ask him I’m sure he’d tell you that. Secondly I don’t live in Bridgeport at this writing, I’m prepared and ready to move BACK….. but I’m there everyday no matter where I lived, and came to work and served the people of the City of my Birth everyday for Twenty five Plus years as a Police Officer, As a matter of fact the people that make this an issue are totally comfortable interacting with other people everyday that have power over them in many ways, shape and form that don’t live there either, but they take no exception to them. I Don’t expect everyone to vote for me If I decide to run, and as far as me putting my foot in my mouth, that’s what happens some times when you speak your mind, some of those people had to take there feet out of their mouths to even make such a statement, I love Bridgeport … I think we all do, I’m about building bridges not tearing them down, I’m about making the city the best place it can be for everyone that lives and works there, If I’m not your cup of tea I can live with that but change is coming to Bridgeport as surely as the wind blows, and it’s gonna be for the better.



  1. Thank you for all your years of service. That being said, Bridgeport was not a good enough place for you and your family to live while you were on the job but now if you run for mayor you will move back. Really.

  2. I’m sure David Daniels knows he will have to have an agenda and a vision for Bridgeport and a plan to get there and a reason why he wants to run for mayor beside he’s mad at Mayor Finch.

  3. Fardy has a point. I have a question. What is everyone’s opinion on police and firemen having to live in the city they serve? A lot of them are spending those good wages outside the city they serve. I believe politicians, firemen and policemen should live in the cities they serve. How much do they care about Bridgeport if they don’t even live here?

  4. If our economic developers don’t have to live here, then why should anyone else? Seriously though, I agree, police, fire and education personnel would acquire a greater sense of community and, I would hope, have more pride and better job performance because of it. As they become active in local civic affairs, they should develop a more positive relationship with the public at large and vice versa.

  5. Absolutely, it just seems if you live where you patrol or help make big decisions, you go that extra yard. You tend to really focus on the decisions made. Now I know there are plenty who don’t live in the city and are caring and do a great job, but if all were, wow just feel a huge difference would be seen.

  6. If the firefighters and patrolmen lived in the city, they would be a political force to be dealt with. Then maybe 44% of the houses in my neighborhood would not be underwater.

  7. Lennie is this really a new development?

    Joel Gonzalez // Jul 1, 2012 at 2:57 pm
    The following link is to a superb article I feel OIBers should read:

    As for the topic relating to David Daniels, I had predicted this last month when I was approached by a friend who told me David Daniels is going to run for mayor of Bridgeport. I asked if he was thinking about it or had his mind made up and was told, “it’s done.” I suggested to this friend Daniels should keep his plans as quiet as possible (I had the feeling it was too late and this person had told many others). It’s not smart when in a vulnerable or volatile city position to go around announcing a run for mayor with over three years to go at it. As for the violent crimes, it doesn’t matter who is in charge of the Community Services Division–the problems are deeply rooted in some members of the community.

    On the issue of Bridgeport police officers residing in Bridgeport, even if all 400-plus officers lived in Bridgeport and owned their homes, it would only have a small impact on underwater property. Andy is quick to assume they would all live in his district. What if all Bridgeport teachers lived here?

  8. flubadub,
    I used to say the same thing when I was on the council. Imagine the higher-up staffers from Economic & Development “selling” the city to potential developers. After showing potential commercial sites they would drive around showing the Black Rock, Brooklawn, Treeland and North End neighborhoods as fine residential area for their employees to live.
    The developers would ask which one do you live in? And they might reply, “who, me?” I live in Shelton, Stratford, Newington or other cities and towns not named Bridgeport. Taxes are too high, too much crime, schools suck, everyone is corrupt except me.
    Get the picture?

  9. Coach T,
    My father served 20 years on the BFD. And if he noticed something that looked like a potential fire hazard in the neighborhood he would be sure to report it. As Ron Mackey pointed out, Hartford has an ordinance saying you must be a Hartford resident to take an entry-level exam. I tried getting the same thing approved in Bridgeport but Finch and Dunn fought it. I tried to get a tax break for Police and Firemen but the city and other council members (some city employees) were opposed. Why not a special magnet school for children of uniformed city employees?
    It’s easy to say no. Harder to find solutions when no one else cares.

    1. Bob Walsh, it was amazing. Finch and Dunn fought against you to have an ordinance saying you must be a Bridgeport resident to take an entry-level exam like Hartford has an ordinance saying you must be a Hartford resident to take an entry-level exam. Why would they not want all potential candidates from the City they live in, the same City the mayor is trying to sell to businesses to come to Bridgeport? Finch and Dunn fought the ordinance as if you were stealing something from them. As Donald Day pointed out when he first mentioned the Hartford ordinance, there were so many positive reasons with no bad reasons because the Hartford ordinance didn’t require those who got on the job to stay in the City. It would be nice if Bridgeport had a mayor who cared about the residents, he would want and believe we have great candidates here and he would help them, but no, not this guy.

  10. As far as I am concerned, he is not qualified in the most rudimentary of ways. He is a nonresident and there are too many political races and concerns going on in our City right now for me to even look at this guy. Next.

    1. Hey Bond Girl, his residence is a disqualifier at the moment. That is something that can change assuming he really understands the City, what ails it in significant ways and really believes in the bridge-building process he references.

      As for the other, too many political races in this City should not be considered a problem, but really a response to an opportunity. Keep up your own personal efforts, political and otherwise, and let others do the same. Only 16 months to the Mayoral. Time will tell.

  11. I am a believer, if you care for Bridgeport, you would live in Bridgeport. So all those politicians who are living outside their districts, shame on you.
    I like Daniels, he cares for our youth and residents, but the fact he doesn’t live in Bpt means I cannot consider him for Mayor even if he moves back.

  12. Here is more Malloy smoke and mirrors. We are getting $2.9 million for design work on the new rail station and we are getting over $2 million to fix the walkalator from the arena to the train station. Does anyone use this walkalator?
    Stamford is getting $6 million to help another company relocate there with the promise of more jobs, if they produce the jobs the loan is forgiven. Shelton is also getting money for a company to expand there. Are you getting the picture? We get money for bullshit and Shelton and Stamford get money for development. Anyone who votes for Malloy is nuts. BTW, where is our state delegation on all this?

  13. Bridgeport got what it voted for, State Senator Bill Finch to be mayor for a position he never wanted. He has never had a vision to rebuild this City, instead he is doing the things he likes, not what the voters want, that’s why the second train station. Bill Finch, the guy who didn’t want to be mayor.

  14. I think David Daniels can give up his aspiration to be Mayor. I agree with Ron Mackey, he needs a vision for the City and not because he is mad at Mayor Finch. HE DOES NOT LIVE IN BRIDGEPORT. I DID NOT KNOW THAT. FORGET ABOUT IT! He will not raise the funds and taxpayers will not allow an outsider who turned their back on Bridgeport. Enough said. I appreciate his Facebook page, but this is not a new YouTube viral sensation. Outside of those of us who knew Daniels’ history, he is unknown. The controversy with the police department is well documented and I think he left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

  15. The only person in City hall who lives in BPT is Finch. If you think the quality of help is poor today, if you hired only City people you would have one big bag of stupid, worthless, party-controlled flat washers.

    1. MAGOO, the City has two candidates for a job, one is your son who has never performed this job and the other candidate is from out of town, now who do you vote for?

    2. You are correct about the Mayor living in Bridgeport. And he does get help from at least one Bridgeport homeowning and taxpaying member of his inner circle. Naturally I reference Adam Wood, who some think is bright, valuable, independent and more of a “screwdriver” than a flat washer, a necessary tool. Are there other top advisers who might defy MAGOO’s evaluation? Time will tell.

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