Facebook Posts Provide Insight Into Daniels’ Issues With City Leadership

David Daniels
David Daniels

Dozens of supporters of Police Lieutenant David Daniels on Friday night protested his recent removal as head of the Community Services Division with a rally at the Margaret Morton Government Center on Broad Street followed by a march to Police Headquarters a few blocks away.

Ernie Newton, a candidate for the State Senate seat he once occupied, was among the marchers urging Police Chief Joe Gaudett to restore Daniels to the position that serves as a key communication bridge with neighborhoods. “He knows the people in the neighborhoods and the people know him,” says Newton of Daniels. Sources say Daniels was transferred out of the community services role over a series of events including a verbal altercation he had with a woman at a neighborhood meeting. Daniels provides some insight with issues he had with city brass in several entries on his Facebook page prior to his transfer.

On June 4, Daniels wrote:

I’m not a politician, I Don’t support any person running for any political office and never have, my job is such that I have to work with any and every elected official here in this city, the state and country as well, and that has been the hallmark of my service of over 24 years as a Law Enforcement official, but I gotta say that I have never seen this many POTS calling the KETTLE black until this year…just sayin!!!!!smh.

On June 18, he wrote:

Recent events make this necessary, and to pin this disclaimer to my profile at this point, “The statements I make, My random thoughts and my opinions that I may share with you are MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS and do not necessarily reflect those of the City of Bridgeport Ct and The Bridgeport Police Department my employer, and if you want to quote anything I say here make sure you inject that it is me personally”, Thank you.

On June 24, he wrote:

Wow, busy day yesterday from end to end, Attended the City Hall Annex Name dedication to the New Margaret E. Morton Government Center, last time I commented on this I got called into the office.

Daniels had apparently questioned the motives of city officials renaming the City Hall Annex in honor of Margaret Morton, the first African American woman to serve in the Connecticut Legislature, the reference to being “called into the office.” Daniels is scheduled for reassignment to a midnight patrol shift.



  1. *** All’s fair in political control and deception of the average people ’til it comes a-knocking on those who always looked the other way’s door, no? *** REALITY ***

  2. What–no other individual capable of doing that job in the city? I would venture to say a real cushy job in a quiet office on Sylvan Avenue away from the madness may have made more than a few a little jealous. It is not like he lost his job. I am a little surprised Ernie Newton used this episode as an opportunity to get attention. I am certain he will be replaced with a very qualified individual. I am certain that individual will be African American so what’s the problem??? I am certain there have to be at least 100 individuals qualified and capable of doing an excellent job. Officer Daniels has been there a long time and has done for the most part an outstanding job. Now Bridgeport is moving in new directions and it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a bit.

  3. I don’t think it’s easy having your name plastered all over the front page saying you were fired. To say Daniels had an easy job is not accurate. He has courage and that is not easy.

  4. Steven Auerbach, the next time there is a young black child shot and killed in the East End for no reason at all because they were outside playing and there is a large angry crowd of residents demanding something must be done I would like you, Mayor Finch and the police chief with whoever takes Daniels’ position show up at the incident and then report back to us how scared you were and tell us how much respect they have for all of you. You have no idea how much respect Daniels has with the community and his ability to go into a crowd of angry residents, that type of respect is EARNED not given or assigned to someone.

    1. Okay Mr. Mackey, since you brought it up I will say again I thought Daniels did an outstanding job. The fact another child got shot on an East Side location doesn’t tell me what a great job he has done. I would not be afraid to go into a crowd of those angry residents as I did not pull the trigger and I am a resident of this city and have walked in every neighborhood and project. Mr. Daniels does not walk on water. There are many many many many other Police officers capable of doing the job and it is amazing with thousands out of work people find the time to protest to save one man’s job. I am certain he was and is very very very very very very well paid. I am also certain not only would I not fear going to an incident but to assume the Mayor and Police Chief Gaudett would be is totally ridiculous. Again we have many many many excellent police officers in our city who actually believe in serving and protecting our community. It was just two weeks ago I had to go to Daniels’ office, nice and air-conditioned, spacious like the Mayors office, because of an incident I had at Cross school where a $600 touchpad was stolen. As a $70 a day substitute I will say being blown off by Daniels was just icing on the cake. Well the principal and her fine staff caught the student and expelled him and sent him to juvenile detention. I did not get my touchpad back nor did I get any satisfaction from the community services department. So now you have another story to tell. I know Officer Daniels will do well in any department as well as I know there will be many looking to fill that job. I know community services fills an important position in this city and I am certain there will be an outstanding friendly and determined officer willing to step up and be noticed.

  5. Mackey, it is the community that has initiated the replacement of Daniels. Under his watch, there has been no improvement in violent crime. A new set of eyes is needed.

    In this day and in this age, the color of one’s skin plays no role in determining who is qualified to do this job. I personally do not care what color, I care who.

  6. Lt. Daniels was well respected and did a great job, yes true. The chief has every right to transfer him to another dept, yes true. But to take a 24+ years veteran cop and put him on the midnight shift on the East Side screams of retaliation. This is another show of force and intimidation on the part of the Finch administration. Very disappointed Chief Gaudett would be part of this. But then again, he wants to keep his job and there is that residency requirement they are overlooking. BTW, how is DC Honis doing? Still out on paid leave?

  7. Lieutenant Daniels is just one police officer who can be replaced by Mayor Finch and the police chief at any time. Daniels is not a miracle worker who can stop the killings. If the community had requested Daniels’ removal we all would have heard about it. The community does not trust or respect Mayor Finch, they see crime every day; shootings, drugs, gangs and we expect them to call the police. Why, they are scared to death because they don’t trust the mayor or the police to protect them after they make that call. Having and getting the respect of the community does not come from your title or what your test score was, you have to earn respect and Dave Daniels has earned that respect. It should be no problem for the mayor and the police chief to hold a press conference and tell the public why Lieutenant Daniels has been removed, no way, they are scared.

    1. Mr. Mackey, I am getting the impression you believe Lieutenant Daniels was not a Bridgeport Police officer but instead a messianic individual hired to save and protect a specific area or neighborhood. If that were true, his office would have been in the middle of Stratford Avenue. He served the entire city well. I do not think Chief Gaudett or Mayor Finch need a press conference to discuss a change in personnel. He was not fired, he was moved. Many people have come and gone in many capacities from the city. One thing for sure is they cannot play the race card. Besides, Daniels is retiring next year. Better they try out a new individual while Daniels is still there to make the transition smooth. I am still amazed at the press this has received. Bridgeport has many problems. Where were the protests when your taxes were raised? Where is the outrage at the students failing in the school system? We are protesting for one man’s position as though no other person could do the job??? Come on. Nice Ernie was there for you but is that what he should be doing? Ernie, I want to hear about the millions of dollars you are planning to bring to the East Side. I want Ernie to embrace the entire city not just a small population. I certainly do not want to see him protesting for one man’s position as though that were going to get him votes.

        1. I agree that may not have been the kindest place to put him, but if that is where there is a need, one year on the midnight shift, is that really worth your crusade? In the real world if they wanted to get rid of him he would be fired. They didn’t fire nor dismiss him nor did they ever say anything disparaging about him. He can quietly enjoy a new experience making way for another individual to try and shine. He has made his mark on the city. Best wishes in his new position.

  8. Perhaps they should rename the city jail after Ganim and Newton. That would certainly be more appropriate than naming an “annex” after Margaret Morton. They should name the main city hall after her. I look at it as a slight to her good name.
    I know Dave Daniels. He’s a good guy, but to remain in a position as he has without great results isn’t the best scenario. But putting him on the midnight shift is a slap in the face. This city is run by minor-league politicos whose only agenda is their own jobs, their benefits, and how much they can earn for their mentors so they can keep their jobs.

  9. Ron I cannot refute the fact Daniels may have done a good job. I for one think community policing does not work and the officers assigned to that unit should be reassigned to patrol.
    The residents of the high-crime areas have voted for Finch twice, just check the election results. Holding a press conference to say why Daniels was transferred would be non-productive and accomplish nothing. Would that mean any time a sgt or above is transferred there should be a press conference to explain why?
    The one thing I think they did wrong was assign Daniels to the midnight shift but that is typical of the Finch administration. Daniels should have been assigned to whatever shift he wanted.
    I truly believe the PD is a rudderless ship at this time.

  10. It comes as no surprise to Black Rock residents that Daniels was probably demoted because of a verbal altercation at a public meeting as Lennie suggests. In summer 2010 there were three rapes in Black Rock in a two-week period and for some outlandish reason police did not notify the community. Women in Black Rock were horrified at the lack of warning. Daniels explained at a public meeting the police did not tell anyone because “we did not want to scare you” and “we were afraid you would move out.” I kid you not! Residents were incensed. To my way of thinking, this is not a man who is sensitive to community needs, nor should he be the head of community services. He also administered the police dept’s FB page, argued with and removed people he did not like from the page and posted personal ads for his deejay and photographer services there. He has been unresponsive to community questions and concerns on various block-watch issues and allowed his division to warn people about an internet baby snatching hoax that was totally bogus. Those are only the few problems with the man I know about. There must be many more!

  11. *** (OFF TOPIC) Is it too much news to print so the Post has to pick and choose or just another case of dropping the ball concerning positive local community news in Bpt? When it comes to printing local happenings and in surrounding areas, the CT Post must need to get paid, no? They seem to be present when it comes to negative news like crime but late on local community events, etc. especially in the minority communities! People of color, minorities, immigrants, residents and businesses should look towards different venues to get their local news. Time to send them a barrio-gram from the people written in benjamin$! *** HERE WE GO! ***

  12. Mojo, you are right on target, it is a subject that is never talked about. People are not purchasing the Connecticut Post and especially people of color. This has a terrible bearing on our elections in Bridgeport.

  13. *** Is it just a matter of timing and lack of reader “benjamin$” why any “bad” news concerning the Puertorican Day Parade “today” will be in the CT Post “tomorrow?” Didn’t see anything “positive” about the parade, its history, times or routes, etc. in “yesterday or today’s” Post like I did about the McLevy Arts Fest and other Fairfield County weekend activities! For many working folk in general, the local newspaper used to be their first or only means of community awareness, reading education and sense of city pride. This is no longer the case, especially in the city of Bpt and the CT Post! *** BACK TO THE FUTURE? ***

  14. Mojo, I agree with your comment, the problem is the Connecticut Post is no longer a local newspaper that reports on local features and local news. They want to be a big-time statewide newspaper but they are not.

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