Latest Polls Show Challenging Reelection For Malloy

Malloy trainstation
Malloy, at train station announcement, hopes the political trains keep running for four more years.

A new poll conducted by the research firm You Gov in partnership with the The New York Times and CBS News shows Republican-endorsed Tom Foley with a nine-point lead over Democratic incumbent Dan Malloy. A poll conducted three weeks ago by national political consulting company Anazlone Liszt Grove Research showed Malloy and Foley in a dead heat based on a head-to-head matchup, each with 46 percent.

Even if you question the reliability of online polling such as You Gov, one thing is for sure, this is a sticky reelection for Malloy with the Anzalone Liszt Grove and latest Quinnipiac poll showing dead heats.

In the Anazalone Liszt Grove poll reviewed by OIB, Connecticut voters rated Malloy’s job performance 45 percent positive to 51 percent negative.

Tom Foley
Tom Foley trying again.

On the question of education, Malloy’s standing was 39 percent positive and 49 percent negative. Education voters are a key voting bloc this cycle. Malloy, led by school teachers, had them in 2010 when he defeated Foley in a squeaker to win the governorship. Malloy’s education policies, including Common Core standards and implementation of independent charter schools has caused angst among education voters and several controversies leading to the state and Bridgeport Board of Education ending an affiliation with a charter organization that managed Dunbar School.

The same poll showed Barack Obama’s favorable to unfavorable rating in Connecticut at 50 to 45 percent, a poor showing in a blue state.

In addition, former state legislator turned blogger Jonathan Pelto is waging a petitioning candidacy for governor appealing directly to those education voters Malloy will need for reelection.

McKinney, Walker
John McKinney, left, with David Walker, candidate for lieutenant governor. CT Mirror photo.

Foley is being challenged in an August 12 primary by State Senator John McKinney.



    1. Primaries are weird ducks. McKinney has two weeks left to make his case to GOP voters. Both McKinney and Walker in the primary are running on their own even though they are aligned for the primary, so ya never know, maybe they will surprise.

  1. I am hopeful Malloy will be defeated in November.
    Malloy has repeatedly betrayed the core constituencies that were instrumental in his election in 2010. As I have stated previously, when an elected official betrays his campaign promises and those who did the work to get them elected, they must be held accountable at the polls.

    If a sitting governor is defeated due to his policies on increasing taxes on the middle class, privatization, funding charter schools instead of public schools, corporate welfare, weakening organized labor, etc.; every Democrat in the legislature will start acting like a Democrat and move back to the left. If a sitting governor can be taken out for his betrayal, so can every single Democrat left in the legislature. Malloy has a complicit legislature, Foley will not.

    1. So again, Maria. You would prefer Tom Foley as governor to Dan Malloy? And if you are willing to put your fate into the hands of a Democratic legislature defeating Foley initiatives, well take a look back at Rowland and Rell. And they were moderates.
      God save the state.

      1. My first choice is Pelto, however I will take Foley over Malloy any day of the week. I voted for Foley in 2010, not Malloy. Rowland and Rell were significantly better on education than Malloy. That is the issue that is most important to me. Taxes and corporate welfare are also important issues to me. Rowland and Rell fared much better than Malloy on these issues as well.

      2. Bob, just what has Malloy done for Bridgeport and the state? Not much. He has given us token money for BS projects like the railroad station and the walkalator. He has raised taxes, increased the gasoline tax, reneged on a tax rebate a la Finch. He has screwed around with our school system. Maybe Foley can slow down the Dems and their spending habits.

        1. And what do you see Foley doing? My guess is nothing. Nothing at all. The lesser of two evils, if you will. But of you think Foley will do anything to help Bridgeport, you are as delusional as Maria.

          1. Bob, please don’t worry about the extent of my delusional thoughts and/or beliefs. Worry about yours.

          2. Bob, look at the bright side. If Foley wins and ignores Bridgeport, then we can try to get Ned Lamont to run again. All this mess is the making of Democrats who made a big mistake in the 2010 primary. If the Democrats were so concerned about Foley, why didn’t someone step up to challenge Malloy? Malloy is the reason why he is having an uphill battle. If Lamont doesn’t step up to the plate in 2018 (assuming a Malloy defeat), there are many other Democrats with name recognition to fill the gap. You know damned well why a Republican victory won’t be a good thing for Democrats–it may take decades to remove a Republican governor from office as the people will most likely continue to embrace the two-party system. Checks and balances–isn’t that what you stood for on the council?

          3. Bob, this is coming from a Democrat who will vote with the party no matter whom they put up. I have seen what Malloy has done in the past four years and it amounts to zip for Bridgeport and increased taxes for the state. Time for a change.

      3. Let’s go take a look back at Rowland, Rell and Malloy. During all three administrations, the Democrats held control of the house and senate–there’s the core of the problem. Bob, the only way you would have been more successful on the city council was to have more Republicans serving with you. How much support did you get from Democrats on the city council through all the years? You got as much support from Democrats on the city council as much as Rowland and Rell got from the Democratic-controlled house and senate. Are you suggesting God saved the USA when the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives?

  2. Here is more Malloy smoke and mirrors. We are getting $2.9 million for design work on the new rail station and we are getting over $2 million to fix the walkalator from the arena to the train station. Does anyone use this walkalator?
    Stamford is getting $6 million to help another company relocate there with the promise of more jobs, if they produce the jobs the loan is forgiven. Shelton is also getting money for a company to expand there. Are you getting the picture? We get money for bullshit and Shelton and Stamford get money for development. Anyone who votes for Malloy is nuts. BTW, where is our state delegation on all this?

    1. They did give BPT beaucoup bucks for Bass Pro. Most money they give to ‘make’ business is BS. I believe these companies are going to do what they do and sucker the government into paying for it.

      You can do this as well. Call your credit card company and say you are going to change cards because this other card is giving you a better interest rate. It works with your cable company too. Even if they ‘call your bluff’ you lose nothing. These companies are doing the same thing.

      BTW–wasn’t one of these deals to get a company to move from Westport to Stamford? How is it good for the state to pay a company to move from one CT city to another? Isn’t this just a CT tax break to that company? Just give them the money to stay where they are. Or throw the money out the window and let people pick it up off the ground.

      1. SPY, Malloy gave $115 million to Bridgewater associates to relocate from Westport to Stamford. $16 million had already been spent on the remediation of the privately owned land in Stamford when Bridgewater pulled out several weeks ago.
        Bridgewater Associates is the largest hedge fund management company in the world and manages over $60 billion in assets annually. In addition, Ray Dalio, the founder earns over $1 billion annually in compensation.
        So much for Malloy being for the poor and the middle class. Malloy raised taxes by over a billion dollars with the vast majority of the tax increase waged against the middle class. Those making over a million a year pay between 5-6% of their annual income taxes. The middle class pays between 10-12%. So much for equity and a progressive tax in CT. I honestly hope Malloy is defeated.

        1. Yes, my point was these incentives to business are a waste. As for your opinion of taxes, I would disagree. I do believe our taxes are too high and CT spends too much but CT’s income taxes are as progressive as they can get.

          You quote percentages. Let’s put some real numbers to that. Over a million are paying 5-6% and middle class pays 10-12%. Middle class in southern CT means $93,541 to $153,008. So let’s take the worst-case scenario. $1 mil @ 5% compare to $93,541 @ 12%. The ‘rich’ guy pays the least he can and the just barely middle class guy pays the most he can. The rich guy would pay $50K/year. tThe middle class guy would pay $11.2K/yesr, or about 1/5th what the other guy pays. Then you have to realize the rich guy can move without too much trouble. If it is cheaper to do so, he will. Because of this, the tax rate on the $1 mil+ club is dictated by surrounding states.

          CT could get an unexpected windfall by dropping the tax rate on these people. They pay a great deal in taxes and demand very little in services. Look at the numbers. One guy, one wife and two kids paying the same as five middle-class families, plus the property tax and sales taxes. They have private trash pick-up, go to private schools and have private security. There is almost no cost to the city or state.

  3. Bob, thank you for seeking someone responsible for breaking something I did not realize we had. Perhaps it arrived under a different name some years ago.
    ‘Walkalator’ sounds like it would rhyme with alligator, but probably is more related to the “talk … uh … later” practiced by politicians who wish your vote today and are hard to discover after election day.
    We need jobs and what we are offered (perhaps as a part of dynamic economic development, then and now) is a moving belt of some kind to get us from place to place? Has the CT Post covered the demise or disability of the ‘walkalator’ contraption? The Congress Street Bridge found itself stuck in the up position, I seem to remember. What position did the ‘walkalator’ find itself in at its last lurch? Time will tell.

  4. I voted for Malloy in 2010 and ever since I came back from college in 2011 this state has been a mess, no jobs in Bpt, nothing, most young people moving out of state etc. I have voted Democrat since I registered to vote but come Nov I will vote Republican, Tom Foley has my vote!!! State has declined since Malloy has taken over.

  5. Another thing. Malloy really lost it with me on his witch hunt of legal gun owners who have the right under the constitution to bear arms, which he is trying to take away.

  6. I will be voting for Malloy as well as everyone I know in the real world except Republicans, they are split between McKinney and Foley. The majority like Walker and McKinney. I will be voting for a partner of our city and our Mayor. I will be voting for Malloy and forgive me but all of you dumbasses (taken from the Fardy handbook) who think Foley or McKinney will take care of Bridgeport, you are all fools. (Now I really do not think anyone here is a dumbass, but curious as to what can they really be thinking.) Democrats across the board.

    1. Well Steve, we know you would vote for Rootie Kazootie if he were on the Democratic ticket, that’s known as an uninformed voter. Other than a few million for cosmetic bullshit, what has he done to help economic development here? He has done a lot for Stamford redevelopment as we see with his latest state giveaway of $6 million for another company to relocate to Stamford and trying to buy a firm from Westport to move to Stamford. Steve, wake up please.

        1. Sorry Steve, I vote for the person not the party, so sometimes it’s a Republican and sometimes a Democrat. We are finishing up eight years of Democratic rule in Washington and quite frankly the country is far worse than it was almost eight years ago. Our foreign policy is a mess. Come on, John Kerry as secretary of State? What a buffoon.

          1. Steve, are you kidding me? He tried to broker a deal that was 100% in favor of Hamas and the Palestinians and hurt Israel. Are you so blinded by the title Democrat you would say Kerry is qualified and he just tried to screw Israel? Shame on you.

          2. Steve, from an AOL article on Kerry, “Kerry has come under harsh criticism in Israel and among its supporters for pushing a cease-fire last week that critics believe will hurt the security of the Jewish state and give legitimacy to the militant Hamas movement that controls Gaza.”

    1. Of course Democrats are hoping McKinney beats Foley–they need a weaker Republican to guarantee a retained Governor spot. God won’t be delivering on your hope.

      1. Joel Gonzalez, that’s what I’ve been saying. Once David Walker said he was running for Lieutenant Governor, I said run Dave, run, because that would make it easier for the Democrats to win.

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