City Pushes Downtown North Progress

security building interior
Inside the Harral Security Wheeler building. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

A new development team has joined Bridgeport’s collection of Downtown North properties, a key revitalization of Main Street long in need of a brighter face. U.S. Senator Chris Murphy is scheduling a tour of the buildings including the rehab of Harral Security Wheeler, a mixed-use complex with 70 apartments, a rooftop patio, fitness center, and retail space. Mayor Joe Ganim resides in the Harral Security building.

CT Post reporter Keila Torres Ocasio provides an update on the Downtown redevelopment projects:

In preparation for the recent NCAA women’s basketball tournament, which drew thousands to the Webster Bank Arena over the course of several days in March, city officials hung up banners in the downtown and South End welcoming the teams.

They also reminded developers of the unsightly, still undeveloped portions of Downtown North, one of the gateways into the city, to keep the properties as “tidy” as possible.

“They’re definitely holding us accountable for the appearance of the site,” said Mark Reed, a New York City developer who last year partnered with fellow New York developer Patrick Normoyle to take over work on the dilapidated Jayson-Newfield buildings.

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  1. This is where the mayor allegedly resides?
    Must walk to work in the morning he is so close to where he lives.
    What happened to the other tow addresses that he claimed as a residence?
    Or maybe this is Joe attempt to live in every district in the city to show how safe it is.

  2. What a disgrace. And Bill Coleman/City saying they might take a look at the Middle Street Boys Club building to determine if it can be saved after they hope to get the Jason Building fixed?. The same there now are the ones who bought and vacated these buildings. They should turn these buildings over to regular people.
    And the sewage backs up. And the regulatory agencies with the City are almost impossible to deal with

  3. I like these guys and enjoyed working with them but a lot of bad decisions have been made by a string of OPED directors and mayors.
    That being said, this city is close to my heart and I have to tell it like it is.
    Brian Lockhart and Mike Daly keep repeating the notion that Ganim is taking credit for Finch’s work but realistically, how can you take credit for a mess that you inherited and what choice do you have but to try and put a good face on it?


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