Ganim Honored By Lebanese Government

Ganim Lebanon
Ganim with his parents Josephine and George in Lebanon. Tall man next to the mayor is Majdi Ramadan, the consul general of Lebanon in New York.

Mayor Joe Ganim was recognized and honored on Thursday by the Lebanese Government with a “CEDAR OF LEBANON” recognition of service award as a Lebanese success story, according to a news release by the city. The mayor is expected back this weekend. It was not a city-sponsored trip. Ganim is of Lebanese descent.

The award was presented in Beirut, Lebanon where the mayor traveled with his family to attend a three-day conference that attracted businessmen and politicians, journalists, college professors and athletes from around the world.

The conference hosted in Beirut was entitled Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2017. This was the fourth such conference held by the organization. The trip was a personal visit for the mayor and was not a city-sponsored trip.

The President of Lebanon Michel Aoan was also in attendance and addressed the conference the same day Mayor Ganim received his award. Ganim’s last-minute decision to travel was facilitated by the Lebanese consulate in New York.

Other notable Lebanese-American public officials in attendance was (former) Congressman Nick Rahall from West Virginia, who is also of Lebanese descent.



  1. Thank Goodness there were no attacks going on. Congratulations. Nice family picture. I was in Lebanon Nearly 33 years ago, That is where I developed my passion for Lebanese cuisine. Now I am a master of many Arabic dishes. It was nice to receive that honor in the country of his dads ancestors.

    1. Steve
      Have known for a long time that you are a regional foodie. But never expected you to own up to being a Master of Arabic Dishes (MAD). So you say? Time will tell.

      1. John , I love cooking Arabic Food. Some of my best friends are Syrian and Lebanese. I cook great Turkish food also. Because I like to know how to prepare the foods I enjoy.

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  3. We have a story on this little shit going to Lebanon but nothing about the Vietnam wall visiting Bridgeport for the fist time. Over 40 people from this city died in that fiasco. More liberal bullshit


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