City Petitions Zoners For Sale Approval Of Parcels For Proposed Downtown Theater Development

artist rendering Poli
Artist rendering of Downtown theater proposal.

The city’s development office has petitioned the Planning and Zoning Commission for the sale of 23 city properties including the multiple parcels associated with a proposed $400 million redevelopment of the shuttered and nostalgic Poli and Majestic theaters Downtown, according to a legal notice published Thursday in the Connecticut Post. The P&Z is scheduled to meet Monday 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

tower rendering
Rendering of towers across the street from theaters.

New York-based Exact Capital Group is proposing a performing arts center, preservation of the Savoy Hotel into 200 rooms, two 18-floor towers across the street, with retail and underground parking, that would become the tallest buildings in the central business district, and another 10 floors of housing units on Housatonic Avenue. The proposal is featured on the Exact Capital website, see here.

According to the legal notice a “City of Bridgeport Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing Notice” involves “Petition of Planning & Economic Development–Seeking a favorable recommendation for the disposition of 23 City owned properties.” The parcels for the theater development are grouped with many other properties in the city. What are the values?

A seven-page memorandum of understanding (MOU) is currently before the City Council for approval to allow the city to negotiate a more detailed land disposition agreement (LDA) shaping the terms and timeline of the proposal with Exact Capital. A green light from P&Z on the associated properties will further the LDA.

Some City Council members assert they want more say in the Downtown development plan. The next full council meeting is Aug. 7. A public hearing on the theater plan is also scheduled for that night.

Exact Capital Managing Partner Craig Livingston announced at a news conference last month that he hopes for a ground breaking to take place next summer following an approved development deal with the city with financing in place. He said financing for the development is a work in progress.

Mayor Joe Ganim is touting the development proposal as the most significant during his two tenures as mayor.



  1. My spy’s tell me that the deal with the City and Exact Capital will include a future casino in phase two.
    The Savoy Hotel and Casino. Don’t tell Foxwoods or Mohegan.
    Ganim wants to keep this on the down low.

  2. This is going way way toooooo fast–AND THERE MUST be a reason for that. So..”something” is going to The P&Z Commision and the City Council has not signed off on it. Why is that. Is it possible that the mess from the DTC City Council nominations will carry over onto the next CC meeting which will happen AFTER The P&Z meeting. This is absolutely backwards. Only after the CC sign off on any contract should purchases(or whatever) goes before the P&Z. The Ganim Administration is trying to castrate the City Council by bringing this to the P&Z. I have already signed up to speak to the CC on August 7th about the Poli/Majestic/Exact capitol deal. Now,I have to go to the P&Z meeting this coming Monday. Does the Ganim Administration have the P&Z in the bag.Is this going to be a run-around the City Council? All of this stinks to high heaven.

        1. I actually left a comment on The Exact Capitol website. I will also be calling all 20 members of the City Council and ask their position on the petition going before the P&Z before the full City Council can act in this matter. This seems to be an attempt to do a run-around the City Council. If anyone is interested in this issue,please contact CC members,contact the mayor’s Office. Also,ANYONE WHO CAN MAKE IT TO THIS P&Z meeting this coming Monday.

          1. And if anyone can also leave a comment on the Exact Capitol Website. Thank You To All.

          2. Hope springs eternal….but experts on OIB..can the City Council override any action by The P&Z???

          3. This is one immediate example that the City Council is at a huge disadvantage because the CC has no legal resource to turn to on an immediate basis. ALL CC candidates must be asked with the CC elections; Will you,as a CC member,advocate a permanent legal resource available to the CC and provide members of the CC independent counsel from the City Attorney’s Office. And,please remember, The City Attorney Office is led by a POLITICAL appointee,not someone who is completely independent and impartial.

          4. Maybe i am passionate about good governance. Excuse the multiple posting. New ideas just kept on popping in my head.

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  4. Jim: A casino would be great news for the city at this point (we need a better cash machine than downtown parking meters…)– only it should be located on remediated land where the power plants once stood(waxing futuristic!…) But we have to remember that what’s good for Bridgeport isn’t something likely to get a “yea” vote in Stamford.(Oh! I meant Hartford…)

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