1. I strongly suggest that those who want to know about those who ran in the primary from both the Democrat and Republican Party go to the ad above by “FaithActs NONPARTISAN VOTER GUIDES.”

    I look forward to watching Tyler Mack and Aikeen Boyd in their new position as City Council members. Just base on their background and work ethic in this primary and in their life that the council has two new members who will leaders.

  2. Looking at the primary results does show that where door knocking was done, info distributed, voters engaged enough to get out and vote as it appears from the total vote count in the 137 and 138, that political activity can win an election.
    The 136th is unusual with results for polls and abs but no red highlights? It also show a decided reliance on ABS to supply 2/3 of vote totals from ABS.
    Did the threat of oversight and ABS reputation allow for less effort in September? Congratulations to five folks whose names will be on the Democratic ballot in November supported by actual voters and not the “silent DTC”. Remember Hallmark byline for card buying? “When you care enough to send the very best!” When a candidate for public office knows and cares more than the “silent DTC” representation is tested. A positive thing from my viewpoint. Time will tell.

  3. Without, getting too entrenched in the cycle of Port politcs. It seems Mario took lost by not backing Aidee, the sitting council president, with his a tiebreaking vote, making her work for her seat. The same can be said for Martinez. She needs to put in some work to get on the ballot. She only lost be 7 votes, in reality, and Wanda was always going to be on the Ballot in November. If she doesn’t want to pick up that and collect the needed signature, I agree, she doesn’t deserve to be on the council, looking for a free lunch and throwing the bag on the ground. As will gives her time to try to mend some fences on events that are not of you doing or control. That being said, the flyer that was circulation around on social media seems to have some understanding of the truth, which begs the “JML” ( the question) if the kids are being used and deprived for personal gain, there is a need to go to church, getting a sidewalk on the taxpayer’s dime is one thing, holding back toys for kids at Christmas is another. I said it once and I said it one more time what do the kids have to do with any of this. JS SMH

    P.S It seems Aidee was challenged will she be challenged for her seat as president.? Time will tell. SJ



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