City Council Approves Music Festival For Seaside Park

The City Council Monday night, by a 17-1 vote, approved the contract for a multi-day music festival at Seaside Park next September, a joint venture of Howard Saffan, developer of the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, concert promoter Live Nation and organizers of the annual Governor’s Ball in New York. If you are in to music as much as all the festival fans, see here this post with Cello strings reviews.

Councilwoman Maria Pereira, a serial administration opponent, was the lone vote against.

Promoters are eyeing weekends of September 17-18 and September 24-25 for musical showcases.

This music festival is a departure from the defunct Gathering of the Vibes when overnight camping was allowed. Patrons for this festival will come into Seaside Park and leave on the same night.

Organizers expect to attract roughly 35,000 concert-goers per day for high profile rock and R&B artists performing in Seaside Park.

The 10-year contract calls for the city to receive a $100,000 guarantee, five percent of gross ticket sales as well as a $50,000 annual donation to the Parks Department. Festival organizers will cover 100 percent of the security, public safety and clean up costs.



    1. That will help the economy of the loca drug dealers who will buy tickets to serve their customers or the dealers who will be outside the Seaside Park, just follow the smell of pot smoke, now if that’s their choice there will other dealers ready to serve their pleasure.

  1. Very pleased the City continues to move forward in it’s attempt to become an entertainment destination.. For those that have enjoyed the last 2 months of concerts at the new Amphitheater will most likely agree that Howard Saffon is the right man to make this a success.

    Jim Fox, The concert may in fact be drawing some potheads but the difference is that these days- It is now legal.
    Bridgeport’s best days are ahead of us. Not as when we were during the second world war when Bridgeport was the arsenal of democracy. When walking downtown was like New York City. A new generation is moving in. More optimistic people. Young People. It is good to see.

    The Cabaret, Amphitheater, The Stress Factory as well as some fine restaurants will help be a magnet for outsiders. The new Housing downtown is a real plus. Getting Steelepoint moving as well as the Majestic Theaters will be icing on the cake. The South End and East End have the real potential to put the spotlight on the city. People are feeling good now if only we could speed up the drip drip drip development. I think we will.

    Kudo’s to Rina Bakalar and the Town of Trumbull for the 280 unit housing project. In a blink it is well underway. Sad that these are always on the Bridgeport Borders. If this project was 2 blocks down in the city of Bridgeport, it most likely would not have been approved. It is a fantastic location and as many , I am hopeful that the residents will be patronizing our Supermarket and local restaurants and business’s.

    Maybe, The Stop and Shop on Madison Ave. Could be made into upscale housing. Great location. Certainly not a Storage facility. Charles Willinger take note.

      1. Willinger: the un-indicted
        co- conspirator. Read the testimony from JG 1, right Lennie?!!! Mike Defilippo loves him, right Mike?!!
        Marios consigliere.

  2. Shame JoeG Refused to allow the City Council to debate this contract.
    The head of the Executive Branch should not be directing the Legislative Branch.
    17 Rubber Stampers

  3. “Councilwoman Maria Pereira, a serial administration opponent, was the lone vote against.” Vinnie, I can’t tell if you mean this as good thing or a bad thing. Consistently standing up to a criminal enterprise is a good thing, isn’t it? Maria was the only one who spoke up about the secret, Mayor Ganim led, committee meetings to divvy up the 25 million dollars of Covid relief money. Of all the city council members on that committee, nobody but Maria spoke up for the people of Bridgeport and demand that the committee meetings be made public, as they should have been. The other night when the Bridgeport City Council took its full council vote to pass the 10-year contract to hold concerts at Seaside Park, Maria wanted to discuss the matter but Mayor Ganim shut her down and refused to allow any discussion on the matter before it was voted on. Not one council member objected. The City of Bridgeport, in many ways, is as corrupt a city politically, as any in America. The city council is a rubber stamp for Joe Ganim. Lest we forget, Joe Ganim was convicted of racketeering, extortion, racketeering conspiracy, bribery and bribery conspiracy in 2003. This man had no compunction about screwing the City of Bridgeport then and he’s still acting like the thug that got convicted of all those crimes in 2003. It’s time for the people of Bridgeport to throw this bum out and most of the city council with him. Organize and Vote !!!


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