1. Summer Friday afternoon in the City?? Agendas for City Council meetings, 22 per year, are available on Thursday before each of the scheduled meetings, along with amendments when necessary.
    As a financial watchdog, I am aware that $$$$ catch attention, so why are $$$$ in City agendas as scarce as hen’s teeth? What do I mean?
    1) Disposition of City properties?? What value is attached to such properties on the Grand List today. Do the math. And where is there an available accounting report that shows what happens to that “Opportunity” within 12 months? Any trends? Perhaps we might see how and when the properties came to be owned. People might wonder why now, for instance?
    2) Grant submissions? How much requested? New or old program? $$$$$
    3) Refund of Excess tax payments? How much? Why?
    4) Legal Settlements – why not skip the name but identify the “issue” that caused a City payment and the $$$$$$$ amount?

    Would such info have more people providing oversight on why and how their tax payments are spent? Time will tell.

  2. Take a gander at Ganim’s OIB advertisement.

    The only thing moving forward is Joe Ganim’s hairline.

    I came home about 8:00 PM on Thursday night. I come driving down my street and I see Joe Ganim knocking on doors with many schmucks including Danny Pizarro, Chris Alacon, Anthony Paoletto, a Dennis Bradley secretary. I then see Tyreke Bird knocking on Huntington Turnpike.

    What they don’t understand is that quality is better than quantity. They have no relationships with Thomas Hooker voters. They don’t know about their struggles, their children, their pets, etc. I do.

    1. Tom Lyons (Michelle’s husband) will be by Joe Ganim’s side when Ganim knocks on my door. Michelle Lyons and Amy Marie Vizzo Pannicia do NOT go door to door. Going door to door to ask for votes is definitely NOT their style

    2. Yes, and soon thug, tax scofflaw, Mario’s driver on the people’s tax dollar- Danny Pizarro- will be entrepreneur Danny Pizarro serving up high end whiskeys and cigars at his new establishment where as quoted in the ct post: “he will receive no special treatment from planning and zoning.” Yeah right!! Can’t wait to see the faces that frequent that place!!!
      Don’t forget to hire the cops to work the door. Lol.
      He’ll go under like all the other “connected” places.
      Hey Danny will some get the same treatment like you get at Mario’s place?
      You know: free drinks etc. ? You really should leave a tip for all the freebies you receive. Cheers!!!!!!!


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