City Closes Another East End Establishment For Violating Health Codes

City Health Director Maritza Bond has closed down another East End establishment that has been the scene of violence. On Thursday Bond wrote to relevant city agencies “I want to inform you that Snack Shop Deli located at 604 Newfield Ave. has been ordered to close due to being an unlicensed establishment. I will notify you when they have been approved to reopen. Attached you will find the closure notice for your records.”

In addition Snack Shop Deli was cited for a number of health code violations including expired foods, unsanitary conditions, dead insects in cooler, waste piled in rear yard.

See closure notice and backup information Snack Shop Closure Notice 2019 (2).



  1. A little bit better?
    How long has this place operated with licenses?
    This is a disgrace and probably only came to light due to election time. The mayor wants the East End to feel protected but instead they should feel ignored and not safe.

    1. The looming election is the ONLY reason Little Joe Ganim did anything about this. He underestimates the collective memory of the people living in the East End. They remember he did nothing for four years. He was spurred to action by anxiety-his job security is a little tentative at the present time.

  2. And is it violence that prompted the closing or is it health issues.
    I commend the city if it is using all tools available to it but where are the cops 👮?
    Sleeping on the job?

  3. Little Joe Ganim and Ernie Newton are scoundrels, cynically using the closure of the Sunshine Deli to score a few votes. Surprising neither of them were present when the police department raided the Snack Shop Deli. It would have been a great photo op.

    Little Joe Ganim is a stain on the city of Bridgeport. He cynically exploits troubled neighborhoods to maintain a public profile. (Dazzling head of someone else’s hair, Joe.) If Joe Ganim actually cared about the people of the city of Bridgeport these festering sores would have been closed a long time ago, before that sleazy pool hall. He made a big play out of the photo op presented by the closure of the Sunshine Deli. Not that it will move voters to cast ballots for him. The residents of the ‘hood know he’s a cynical opportunist that doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything but job security. Some will still vote for him, the ones that can’t turn down twenty bucks and free pizza.

    If Little Joe Ganim really gave shit about the quality of life on Stratford Avenue he would have dedicated more of the city’s resources to address the crime, violence and economic ills plaguing the ‘hood because it is the right thing to do. But nooooooo, there’s no instant gratification in that. So he waits until it is politically expedient to do something for his benefit.

  4. Let’s not forget that Mount Thrashmore was allowed to get built while Joe Ganim was mayor and it only after the residents got mad that political leaders got involved, again afterwards because nobody saw it being builted in the open on Central Ave. The same thing with the two asphalt plants that we’re going to be builted one in the at the foot of the Pleasure Beach Bridge and the other in the South End on South Ave, there was no outrage from Mayor Ganim or the the four council members, again it wasn’t until the residents spoke out and State Rep Chris Caruso bought the issue to governor that a moratorium was put in place against them being builted.

    1. Ron, Mount Trashmore swelled in size years before Ganim became mayor in November 1991. A few months after Ganim’s election Governor Lowell Weicker announced the state would kick in $500,000 toward the $737,000 removal price tag, one of the many ways Weicker aided the city. Cleanup of the mess began six months after Ganim’s election.

      1. Lennie, thanks, yes I was aware that and the point that I was making was Mount Trashmore was just a block away from Rev. Vernon Thomson church, East End Baptist Tabernacle Church who was given a position in City Hall by Mayor Ganim and nothing was said about this health hazard. You could look from East End Baptist Tabernacle Church and see this hazard and there was nothing covering it up until later when it got so big. In fact the fire department had setup fire hoses to cut down on the dust and to put fires out from the trash. There was no outrage about taking any action from any elected officials. It also took Rev. Jessie Jackson coming to Bridgeport to lead a protest march from here to Hartford which bought national attention to health hazards like dumps being placed in black communities.

  5. Bobby, the Shake Shop Deli has been there for years. Are these establishments being closed for instigating violence or for serious health violations? Dusty shelves, ice buildup in the cooler, expired foods on shelves, dirty floors and trash in the back yard are concerns, but not serious concerns.

    One can safely assume that the instigating of violence is the REAL REASON for the closure or why would the Mayor Ganim be there for another photo op. If it’s for instigating violence why can’t your choice for the police department, Chief Perez handle this problem or is this out of his field of expertise?

    1. Don, according to the local leaders the problem needs to be solve by the store owners, these issues are not really police problems. Community base policing is not a choice here were police officers get to know those in the community and the store owners and that helps the community to gain trust in the police. I wonder how complaints have been made concerning these stores over the years and what action was taken by the police and the health department. Let’s see how many times the elected officials have filed complaints.

      1. Ron
        How can you have community policing in Bridgeport when your community is Trumbull, Shelton, Fairfield, Stratford and points further away?
        There just putting their time in until a spot opens up closer to home.

  6. Has anyone noticed that there have been no posted inspections or closures of businesses in Black Rock? Even if there were,Ganim would not get an extra vote out of it. These inspections/closures are zeroing on the East Side/East End because Ganim is fishing for votes and Ganim wants to show how much he cares for the people of the East End/East Side. I would say that we should not make light of health code transgressions. People can really get sick from the listed transgressions. However,especially in the case of the Sunshine Deli, much more was focused about criminal concerns and that is SOLELY the responsibility of the Bridgeport Police Department.


    Mount Trashmore was an approximately 35-foot high pile of construction debris and waste that existed in the East End from the late 1980s to 1993. The campaign to remove Trashmore exemplifies the larger history of the environmental justice movement. Beginning in the late 1970s, environmental justice activists challenged the unequal exposure of low-income and minority communities across the nation to environmental hazards. The rise of Mount Trashmore, much like other struggles for environmental justice, can be traced to the 1976 Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA).

    1. Mount Trashmore was an approximately 35-foot high pile of construction debris and waste that existed in the East End from the late 1980s to 1993, think about that, from the late 1980s to 1993 but now stores are being closed by the Health Department but a 35-foot high pile of construction debris and waste was allowed to get bigger and bigger, now there’s something wrong with this picture, maybe it’s just election time.

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