Chris Taylor: Part Tony Soprano, Part Ralph Kramden, Part Cable Guy

What’s Chris Taylor thinking?

Board of Education member Chris Taylor’s feeling like Public Enemy No. 1 in Connecticut’s largest city. It will be up to him (and his lawyer) to educate, persuade, convince a Milford judge (and potential jury) that what Seymour police and a state prosecutor allege–attempted second-degree kidnapping with a firearm, third-degree assault, impersonating a police officer and risk of injury to a child–is a misplaced pile-on. His wife Stacy Ramos Taylor was also charged in the incident involving her children.

Yes, the burden of proof is always on the government.

Right now Taylor says no way he resigns from his elected Board of Education position.

The sequence goes back to November following an altercation. Seymour police allege Taylor and his wife talked their way (posing as cops) through a checkpoint in an apartment complex. What started inside with Stacy’s 21-year-old son spilled outside with Chris Taylor and a 10-year-old boy in a car, also her son. Yell, scream, punches, an alleged threat to pull a gun. Taylor and wife fled, cops were called.

Months later, piecing together witness accounts, Seymour cops issued a warrant. A video may be part of the evidence. Taylor and wife were arrested a few days ago.

Taylor denies he had a gun at the scene. He admits he has a license to carry a pistol. He does not dispute many scrapes with the law in his younger days–and made it a focal point during his entertaining petitioning candidacy for mayor in 2015.

During that bizarre election cycle that ended with Mayor Joe Ganim’s return to office, Taylor added a folksy peculiarity to forums. He sometimes introduced himself “I am Chris Taylor and I am not perfect, I have done some things in my life” without specificity. He added “I will gladly present my plan for Bridgeport in a PowerPoint presentation to any group of ten or more registered voters.”

Bridgeport’s cable guy included promises to lavish a bonanza of goodies on voters if elected mayor, such as a free laptop, credit card with $300 limit, free cable and free bicycle for each child and guardian. Although fun to cover, he finished deep into the back of the pack.

As a Republican, he won a school board seat in 2017 banking a state-mandated, minority-party slot.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission, based on a complaint brought by former school board member Maria Pereira, is investigating his proper residence when he was elected to the school board. Taylor has used a variety of Bridgeport residences throughout the years, but an abundance of evidence shows he was actually a resident of Fairfield when elected to the school board which would be illegal. Secondary residences, he argues, suffice to run for public office.

Taylor is both affable and irascible. In pop culture he’s part Tony Soprano, part Ralph Kramden, part Cable Guy: deal over here, a bowling bowl over there, throw in a joke. Where they collide who knows.

In 2017, Taylor’s application for a bail enforcement agent license was rejected by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Special Licensing and Firearms Unit after a review by Detective Kenneth Damato and Lieutenant Eric Murray. A court challenge to the decision by Taylor’s lawyer set forth the reason for denial including Taylor “arrested on numerous occasions for very serious criminal offenses” such as a felony conviction following Taylor’s 4/12/2006 arrest by Cheshire Police for larceny. Taylor asserts the felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor plea.

2017 court filing challenging rejection of bail enforcement agent license.

Taylor did not receive his bail enforcement license, but argues the so-called 2006 felony arrest, leading to conviction, is inaccurate. It was reduced to a misdemeanor, he says.




  1. “Seymour police and a state prosecutor allege – attempted second-degree kidnapping with a firearm, third-degree assault, impersonating a police officer and risk of injury to a child – is a misplaced pile on.” That statement alone is reason to remove Chris Taylor, using a firearm and risk of injury to a child with a firearm.

  2. Chris Taylor is a charlatan, sociopath, narcissist and pathological liar.

    Not a single thing he says is to be believed.

    When exiting the courthouse today the CT Post is reporting that when asked if he would resign from the Board of Education he replied that he would not be resigning. He is not Ben Walker. He is not a quitter.

    I agree with Chris Taylor wholeheartedly. He is nothing like Ben Walker, nor will he ever be.

    Mark my words. I feel incredibly confident Chris Taylor is going to prison

  3. Meanwhile Joe has no comment till he “knows all the facts”..I guess the police report isn’t good enough for Joe…Joe,you and Mario hand picked this guy to sit on the BOE.He’s been charged with a few very serious crimes.This isn’t a speeding ticket,what facts are you waiting for before you comment?.We know he’s ‘your guy”,but it’s time to cut the ties and find another patsy.

    “Late Monday, Rowena White, Mayor Joe Ganim’s director of communications, said “initially it appears this is a serious matter.” But, White added, the mayor did not want to comment without knowing all of the facts of Taylor’s arrest”.

    “He will be looking into it over the next few days,” White said.

    1. Harvey,

      Are any of us really expecting Mayor Ganim to call for Chris Taylor’s resignation?

      How can Mayor Ganim, a convicted felon that was sentenced to nine years in federal prison, proclaim that Chris Taylor must/should resign because of his arrest and felony charges?

      Wouldn’t most people laugh?

  4. Similarly- January 23, 2012, Stamford: Testa’s bartender and handpicked councilman, arrested for assault 2 (felony) and PRIOR to that, arrested and charged for assaulting a man in Fairfield for being Jewish. (Fairfield Citizen).
    Happy New Year! Cheers!
    How’s that liquor store coming along?!!!

    1. Rich, once again, the voters in Bridgeport knew ahead of time how Mario Testa and Joe Ganim operate and they still wanted them running the City for the next 4 years, they got what they wanted. I don’t remember all of those who didn’t want Marilyn Moore or Joe Ganim get behind some other candidate in 2019 and Testa and Ganim will be ready for 2023 unless the next President decides to give Joe Ganim a position. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to if you want change in Bridgeport that you have to get behind and support a candidate to beat Ganim/Testa. They are not Joe Ganim sounds good compare to having Ganim/Testa for the next 4 years and beyond.

      1. Yes you are correct because if the next new mayor doesn’t perform for the people then he or she can be voted out as well. The whole ball of wax however, is just that: they need to come out and vote. The rats depend on, and count on, the people NOT going to the polls. That’s when ‘the machine’ is most powerful in getting out ‘their’ vote by any and all means.
        It’s an unfortunate situation for the masses but they can only blame themselves.

  5. Officials in Love

    Maria Pereira is a woman in her forties who feels that she’s leading a fulfilling life. Elegant, sophisticated and excellent at dealing with people, she spares no effort in her quest for success as Alderwoman for the 138th District on the upper east side of Bridgeport planning the future of this Fabulous City. But then she meets Christopher Taylor while both where sitting on the Bridgeport Board of Education, a fifty-something recycling genius, an impoverished background, who is unaware of his ability and works as a quick delivery undercover cop for UBER. Maria’s (Mar) experiences for the first time what truly falling in love is like, she and Chris (Tay) begin a passionate affair while on the BBOE, which they must kept secret because it threatens to unravel both their lives.
     At the same time, this is not the end, but in fact the beginning of the couple’s journey of true life and love.

    Maria P: Tay, That’s not your new wife is it?

    Tay: No Mar, she’s my undercover wife, my partner on my third Job, you know I only have eyes for you!

    Mar : You certainty did when we were on the BBOE together, that’s why I never missed a meeting.

    Tay: I’m going to miss your smile and the way you raised you arm at the meetings, until it almost fell out of the socket, and that Flucking (dick-tater) refused to acknowledge you. But you never raised your voice, you was always the lady on the BBOE.

    Mar: Tay, you know I always believe in decorum and official procedures like Roberts Rules.

    Tay: You know Mar we have to keep our secret from the Press and especially Bob the Troll and the other O.I.B Flucking gossiping housebound agoraphobics.

    Mar: Tay, I always love our visits to the Mayflower Motel and the Golden Corral.

    Tay: Keep your chin up Baby, were on a roll!

    ( To be continued )

  6. You know what I’ve learned about men in my 52 years of life? They are threatened by women they cannot control, who will not back down from them, who are intelligent, often more intelligent then the very men they work with and for, and who are absolutely fearless.

    That’s me. I am that woman.

    And don’t you ever forget it.

  7. As for you, Jim Fox, it is likely it is you that subconsciously has a desire to sleep with Chris Taylor at the Mayflower Hotel.

    You should really talk to someone about your deep seeded desires. When you keep all that stuff buried inside you may turn to inappropriate behavior. You know, like all those Catholic Priests.

    My guess is when you close your eyes to fantasize about Chris Taylor you are definitely on the receiving end, not the one giving.

  8. WHAT? MEN aren’t threatened by women they cannot control, who will not back down from them, who are intelligent! Where do some women get this bullshit from and who poisoned your mind to believe such crap. I think the problem is that all you’ve ever had in your life is Males acting like Grown Ass Men! Do yourself a favor and learn the difference between a Male and a Man!

  9. The Channel 12 News report online has a video clip which at one point focuses in on a page of the court documents.

    I froze the clip when it was featuring the court document.

    Christopher Taylor’s address is listed as none other than 270 Bronson Road, Southport, CT.

    I recognize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, however I have significantly more knowledge about Chris Taylor because of the 200 hours of research I conducted, the complaints I filed with multiple public agencies and my conversations with Stacey Ramos Taylor’s ex-husband Carlos Ramos.

    I have information that no one else in Bridgeport is privy to. That is why I am so confident Chris Taylor is going to prison. Often the wheels of justice turn slow, but they ARE turning.

  10. Where are you PT?! This is the year for your reincarnation! Bridgeport has evolved into your dream! All that you have do is set up a tent up over it and put ticket booths at all major entrance points… No need to take the show on the road… The world-class, Cirque de Bridgeport is perfectly situated… (All that we need is some free parking…) You can’t lose. We have a world-class ringmaster, and the best jugglers, clowns, and contortion/extortion artists in the world! We even have a few elephants (but mostly Democrats these days…).

    Happy New Year! (ANYTHING can happen here this year! Welcome back! — to the Twilight Zone…)


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