Enthusiasm Builds For Development In East End Food Desert

File image: Anthony Stewart in front of East End Library under construction.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Maricella Concepcion in one word summed up her feelings about the new concrete foundation built across Stratford Avenue from her beauty salon.

“Happy,” said Concepcion, who has owned Dominican Diva on the East End for five years.

The concrete poured between Central and Newfield avenues will support a long-awaited grocery store and additional retail/restaurant/office space now expected to be completed next spring.

And that drab gray slab looks beautiful to a community that has for years awaited transformative economic development.

“It’s the first major project we’ve had in this community in a long time,” said City Councilman Ernie Newton, who represents the area.

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  1. Lennie, what is the square feet of the supposed new grocery store? It’s not nearly as big as a Stop & Shop or a Big Y and in fact it looks like a very large corner store.

    1. DD, a 16,000 square foot Gala Foods market which has two locations in Bridgeport. Developers say the size is in keeping with the industry trend for neighborhood establishments, rather than something super store in size.

          1. Are these the same developers who said Bridgeport was prime for an outdoor mall with high end retailers at Steel Point. Then they said high end luxury condos were prime for Steel Point when they changed their minds.

          2. I also told experts who were shilling for the developers and pushing high end retailers that there was only one mall in the US being planned at the time.

  2. Hey Day. Just be happy you’re getting something there, OK?
    Maybe in another decade you’ll get a supersized 7-11, OK?
    These developers know better than the people in the East End what they need versus what they want.

  3. According to city data there are over 5000 residents of the East End, more than enough to sustain a full size grocery store. Well I guess the East End just deserves Better Than Nothing because that what it gets all the time!

  4. I learned years ago that the big supermarket chains base decisions on income level of potential patrons.
    Stop & Shop and Big Y closed stores in Bridgeport in recent years.


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