Bridgeport Could Be First In State To Ban Flavored Tobacco

A resolution advanced by City Council President Aidee Nieves would make Bridgeport the first community in Connecticut to ban sales of all flavored tobacco products if passed by the city’s legislative body.

Nieves’ resolution amends the Municipal Code of Ordinances, amend Chapter 8.90 – Regulation of the Sales and Marketing of Tobacco Products.

It will be referred to the Ordinance Committee at Monday night’s City Council meeting. The public may listen by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial-In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 381 083 245

From CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

In 2019 Connecticut’s largest city raised the age limit for smoking from 18 to 21, and the entire state followed a few months later.

Now local officials and activists are hoping history repeats itself as they pursue banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products in Bridgeport while also lobbying the General Assembly in Hartford to pass similar legislation.

“What happened with ‘Tobacco 21,’ it coincided with what the state was doing at the same time,” said City Council President Aidee Nieves Thursday in an interview. “This is like the second version of that.”

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  1. Aidee,
    It’s freakin below freezing out. Below zero when you figure in windchill factor. Don’t you think that getting some warming stations in the states largest city should be top priority?
    We knew about this last year when the pandemic hit. Didn’t ANYONE think that it would be a problem this year?
    Year 1 might be excusable but there is no excuse for year 2.
    Let’s deal with life and death health issues first and flavored vaping later on.
    Or is no one in City Hall and no one scheduled a Zoom meeting.

    1. Bob,give the council a break,they are very busy trying to ban protesters from protesting in front of their houses.And this new proposed ban on flavored tobacco makes good headlines,but if people want it,they will find it in other towns..
      Again,any chance the Council could find out how much Joe’s legal bills are at this point,I mean we taxpayers are footing the bill,the least our elected reps could do is let us know how much we’re on the hook for at this point..

    2. Bob, C’MON MAN, that’s too much like doing the right thing and showing leadership as the City Council President and Aidee Nieves is no where able to show that type of leadership.

  2. Just heard on the radio. New Haven has warming centers open till Sunday.
    What a disgrace! No excuses. Just do it!
    Their mayor has been on the job for about a year. He’s got them open. Ganim has been in office for …. forever and he can’t open a single one.
    This is a disgrace! An utter disgrace!
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just get it done. No more excuses!

  3. And Aidee, give it an f’n break.
    Joe doesn’t care about the homeless people.
    Joe does care about people who have no heat.
    Do you?
    If you do DEMAND one be open immediately. No more excuses.

  4. Saw your note on the South End Community Center. Thanks Joe. And the people who take advantage of it thank you too. And even if no one does, it was the right thing to do.

  5. Ok, so you can’t buy/smoke in Bridgeport unless you are 21. This country has spent billions of dollars in commercial , and just preaching what smoking ,vaping, tobacco use, Etc can do you. These so called kids(ADULTS) know and choose to use the product.SO BE IT…THEIR CHOOSE…..AGAIN,THE MORE YOU SAY NO,NO,NO THEY WANT WANT WANT……….GO AFTER THE THE PEOPLE SELLING IT ILLEGALY TO THE ADULTS UNDER 21

  6. Well, thank God that we won’t have to worry about Bridgeporters getting shot in open-gang warfare in an atmosphere made DANGEROUS(!) by FLAVORED TOBACCO products.


    We have nothing to fear with Aidee behind the gear!!! (How’s the face-mask policing and massive COVID Party policing going, Aidee?! All under control, I’m sure!)

    (DUCK!!!! Shot Spotter just detected separate, moving fussilades near the Greens, PT Barnum, and Trumbull Gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!) (Don’t worry about the cigarettes the shooters are smoking… It’s unflavored….)

  7. Oh; let’s see, Lenny… I might start by doing everything, per the powers/influence availed by my office, to make sure that 100% of Bridgeport children/the public have access to wifi-Internet/cable TV channels (and other modes of info-sharing) that would provide information/EDUCATION concerning all manner of health matters — especially wrt life-style, nutrition, substance abuse, etc… Perhaps work with the state and federal governments to establish an arm of the Health Dept. (even a Health Corp) to oversee education of the Bridgeport public concerning all important health issues that can be addressed through nutritional/environmental/life-style changes… In that vein, remote, positive entertainment options might be availed during this period of social distancing and beyond, by way of creating safer entertainment options for susceptible (to peer–promoted dangers) children/youth…

    Just for starters…

    Lots of communities in this country have been implementing such things, as the above, for years — way before COVID forced distance-leaning/social distancing on school-aged children (and the rest of us…)

    Anyway: Good to hear from you! (I think that you might have guessed at the what the form and content of my answer would be…)


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