Bradley’s First Term: My Place Is Always With The Underdog

A virus has plagued all sorts of things, including political campaigning. For flamboyant State Senator Dennis Bradley, it’s provided some time for introspection on his first term and that includes his running battle with the State Elections Enforcement Commission and a state government which he asserts “funnel millions of dollars for politics and keep much-needed resources out of proven programs like education.”

Bradley is referencing the Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races that comes under the purview of the SEEC that denied him a general election grant in 2018. This cycle Bradley will bypass the program to raise money and so far without an announced opponent he may have little reason to fund raise in the quest for a second term.

From Bradley:

You know I love campaigning, debating and a good clean fight. Working for the people I feel is my calling and I enjoy refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants. But my takeaways from term one is this.

1. People don’t believe in us. (The political structure has us counted out.)
2. The Democratic Party takes places like Bridgeport for granted (look around).
3. There are potential partnerships with people who we think are our foes and are not (tribes understand our struggle and desires).
4. Government has become an industry where bureaucrats run the show (things like the SEEC and other organizations funnel millions of dollars for politics and keep much-needed resources out of proven programs like education. Even in education the fact that only the wealthy can pick their schools of choice and not working-class folks speaks to tired, old and broken government.
5. There is a total lack of equity in ensuring that public money goes to ALL the American People.

And sadly the list can go on and on.

My promise:
1. I’m not going to vote the straight line.
2. I refuse to take one cent of government money when in my great city and town kids are not learning and the wealth gap grows every single day. To me that is tantamount to stealing and screams mismanagement.
3. Make myself available to the people day and night. We have continued to be leaders in every ‘hood, in every community event, in every organization that supports the progress of my people and working rights of those forgotten.
4. Never ever ever take your support for granted. With or without an election it is my deep honor to be counted as a son of Bridgeport and one I do not take lightly.

With or without any titles my heart is with the people my desire will always be to see human progress and my place is always with the underdog.



  1. State Senator Dennis Bradley is sounding like President 45, he has become the victim and he blames everybody else because of his shortcomings as a State Senator. Bradley shows no vision for Bridgeport and for the State and he doesn’t tell the voters of his accomplishments as a State Senator.Dennis Bradley was a failure as the President of the BBOE and he has been a failure a State Senator.

  2. Screw his shortcomings with the SEEC.
    It doesn’t matter if Senator Bradley roots for the underdog.
    While our neighboring states scale, explore and create new options, Connecticut is missing out on sanctioned gambling as a revenue source.

  3. Give Bradley a break. He’s shown improvement. In the second year he has not missed a single committee vote or a roll call vote.
    What that. They never convened the session.
    Never mind.

    1. Political update: it’s called a quorum and it’s nothing more than a legitimate forum.
      Since when is “showing up” an improvement? (since Bob said so).

    1. The best way for Senator Bradley to bring a casino to Bridgeport would be to initiate legislation that would begin the process of Connecticut entering the online gambling business.
      I wish he’d promise that.
      The Land of Steady Habits is dragging its feet.

  4. *** Part of being a successful politician is having the gift of gab & knowing when & how to use it. Part of the political requirements in Bpt. is being the type of bull-shitter that people are incline to believe now & then, no? This young man has this particular type of political skill so its up to voters to see through the B/S & then go & vote for someone else other than him. Bpt. needs doer’s, not more talkers that get the seat because there either picked by the machine in power, are a minority or a good bull-shitter. *** JUST-SAYING ***

  5. Senator Bradley, I have read your personal observations of the governance scene. Good to know where your opinions rest today.
    Then I have read your promises where you inform us that your place is always with the “underdog” and wish to question how someone who is from a minority community with college and law degrees and a State Senator sees himself as an “underdog”? Is it a strong lifelong feeling, or one that makes for good posting where others feel in similar fashion?
    Perhaps you could rather become a “Watchdog” and fight for equal, fair treatment of all and protect resources of the least? Show up on time dressed to play with something accurate to say?Time will tell.

    1. JML, Dennis Bradley wants to be the new Moses of his people, Bradley has become a victim the same that President 45 does, it’s poor Dennis and everybody beats on him.


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