Rejected–State Election Watchdog Investigates Bradley’s Use Of Law Firm In Senate Race

Dennis Bradley
Dennis Bradley waits on election decision.

Update: SEEC rejected Bradley application. Embroiled in an investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, Democratic State Senate nominee Dennis Bradley will likely find out Friday afternoon if his $95,000 public campaign grant will be approved for the general election, or something worse, just a few weeks away. SEEC investigators are looking into allegations that Bradley unlawfully leveraged his law firm’s resources to promote his campaign, something that could constitute an illegal in-kind contribution, stemming from his March 15 campaign announcement at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End that was described as a “Thank You” celebration sponsored by BDK Law Group.” Bradley has been in negotiations with the SEEC trying to bring resolution to the matter that could levy a hefty fine. The commission is scheduled to meet Friday afternoon.

During his State Senate campaign announcement, some of which is captured in a video featured on his Facebook page, Bradley makes references to his law firm’s relationship with the community and his Senate candidacy. “God bless you all,” Bradley declares to hundreds of enthusiastic supporters at Dolphin’s Cove. “Drinks are on the house, food is on the house and love is all over the room.” The announcement transpired as Bradley prepared to raise campaign money to qualify for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races.

The SEEC is looking into how much the law firm supplemented his candidacy during the campaign.

Bradley, the endorsed Democrat, defeated Aaron Turner in an August primary. Bradley received roughly $85,000 in public funds for the primary, but the SEEC has withheld the public grant for the general election pending settlement of this matter.

In April, Turner filed an SEEC complaint against Bradley accused of an inappropriate financial overture to a Stratford mayoral candidate in exchange for her support. Bradley denies the charges. See complaint here that the SEEC is also investigating. The SEEC has civil enforcement of election laws. If investigators uncover criminal conduct the commission will refer those findings to the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney.

Bradley is being challenged by Republican John Rodriquez in the general election, but in a district that’s more than 10 to 1 Democratic, Bradley can survive without any general election dollars.

Bradley, a member of the Board of Education, also had an SEEC complaint lodged against him by fellow board member Maria Pereira who supported Aaron Turner in the primary. In that complaint Pereira charges Bradley made inappropriate use of his law firm in an ad campaign on OIB that began in May and lasted through mid September. The SEEC is also investigating this complaint.

Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of western Stratford. Incumbent Ed Gomes did not seek reelection.



  1. The ONLY way to rectify this situation is for the SEEC to require that he step down and award the seat to Aaron Turner.
    Three SEEC complaints and unlimited spending by the Walmart Corp and he still nearly beat him.
    Anything less than this solution awards the wrong doers and makes the underdogs feel the deck is stacked against them.
    Do not allow again the lesson to be Cheaters Win Again.

  2. Bridgeport continually elected these intransigence, flawed individuals as its political leaders and there is none more so than Dennis Bradley based on his time on the BBOE.

    We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice.
    Not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity and that isn’t Dennis Bradley.

  3. *** If its an SEEC investigation, nothing but maybe a fine might be imposed. The SEEC is nothing but a State political paper-tiger with dentures now & then; No more, no less! ***

  4. You are right Don. And the only way to change that is a ban on running in future elections. At a minimum 4 years. At a maximum lifetime ban. That way the town committee can not overturn the ban by simply endorsing the individual.

  5. How many times has Lydia Martinez been fined for tampering with elections with absentee ballot fraud? She gets fined, then she is back in business. Don’t expect more than a small fine and a reprimand of Senator Bradley. In a few months democrats will be genuflecting and kissing his ring.

  6. I’m sure that this is not a surprise to any of those who have made comments about an investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission concerning Democratic State Senate nominee Dennis Bradley. And where is Bradley’s running buddy Tony Barr?

  7. After I filed my SEEC complaint against Dennis in July I felt it best to call Dennis that I had filed the complaint and why.

    He responded by stating “your just jealous of me.”

    I responded with “did you just say I was jealous of you? Why would I be jealous of you?”

    He responded with “because I am so successful and goodlooking,”

    I asked “did you just say I was was jealous of you because you arw so goodlooking? If you’re so goodlooking why aren’t I just fawning all over you?

    I futher stated “you are aware that you are a man and I am a woman, therefore we aren’t in competition?”

    He responded with “i don’t care. You’re just jealous of me because I am so goodlooking”.

    Dennis is an absolute narcissist, psychopath and self-absorbed. He is just like Joe Ganim and Mario Testa. They are all cut from the same cloth.

  8. Why does Bradley even need the $95,000 CEP grant. The real race was the primary, both he and Turner got $84,000 already. His opponent in the general election Republican John Rodriguez is not getting CEP funding.
    In fact Rodriguez got nothing for his primary and his opponent Mizera got $39,400 in CEP funds and he still lost to Rodriguez who only had $100.
    These CEP funds should be audited the Ct Mirror has a great web site to look at spending.

    The Mizera spending is a joke too they did the same thing when they ran for the 23rd in 2012 only that time they got $91,000 in CEP

    Stratford Republicans have some problems that the SEEC seems to dragging their feet on resolving

  9. Today, the SEEC denied Dennis Bradley his $95,000 grant for the general election. Today was the last day he coukd receive it.

    Looks like the complaint I filed in July was a contributing factor.


  10. According to every legitimate poll the most important voter concerns are health care, the economy and jobs. Corruption is at or near the top in some.

    Everyone games the system. It’s how it works.


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