Awaiting Winner Of Mayoral Election, Ganim Will Not Receive The Oath Of Office December 1

City Charter language:

“All elected and appointed officers of the town and city shall hold their respective offices during the terms for which they shall be chosen and until the choice and qualification of their successor, except in the case of their prior death, resignation, or removal from office.”

Mayor Joe Ganim will not take the oath of office on December 1 as all all other elected official are scheduled to do.

City Attorney Mark Anastasi says Ganim will continue in office with all the charter-authorized power until the 2023 election cycle is resolved in 2024. The certified winner will then receive the oath of office for the period ending November 30, 2027

Superior Court Judge William Clark has set January 23 as the date for a new Democratic primary he ordered. The judge has ruled absentee ballot applications will not become available until Dec. 29, limiting the scope political operatives have to work serial absentee voters.

Also, if another general election is required it will take place late February.

Here’s the rub: prior to the Nov. 7 general election lawyers for both Ganim and mayoral candidate John Gomes agreed that if Ganim won the general election (he did) a victory in the primary redo would grant Ganim another term.

The Office of the Secretary of the State has taken the position no matter what another general election is required triggered by more than one candidate having qualified for the ballot. This is all new territory for Clark to sort out that could end up before the Connecticut Supreme Court depending how he rules. If another general election is ordered David Herz will once again be the Republican candidate. What will petitioning candidate Lamond Daniels do?

If Gomes wins the new primary Ganim has a lifeline on the New Movement Party line if he chooses to take it.

Meanwhile the campaigns of Ganim and Gomes are trying to refuel empty treasuries during the holiday season with the resetting of $1,000 as the maximum personal contribution. A number of campaign workers for both camps are in limbo for pay days until buoyed bank accounts.

The campaigns will not spend in earnest likely until after Christmas.





    (Now they know us in San Diego, and quite a few other distant places — but not because of the precision machine-tools, sewing machines, helicopters, etc., that we used to make…)

    P.T. Barnum couldn’t have done a better job of putting Bridgeport back on the map than JG. We’ve become a global, political, three-ring circus. “Look! That guy can juggle two thousand illegal ballots at one time — without touching them or even seeing them!!…” Send in the clowns! (Oh; they’re already there!…)

    1. Jeff, I hear that. Port politic had hit a global, political, three-ring circus, spectacle extravaganza. But how many are reviewing it from a reflection off the wall?

      I mean Y’all insiders know Mario is not for G2 and Wanda’s actions were on behalf of Gomes/Ricci who threw Wanda under the bus, in a way, for that W. Yet Mario is still seen supporting G2, and Gomes going around on the media decrying foul about Wands’s actions, know full well she was cheating on his behalf. SJ.

      Good Luck people/Port

  2. RT,
    As an ‘insider’ reporting to OIB readers “the facts” of Port politics and life, your comments providing insight from Mario are worthy of comment.
    If Mario is not for Ganim2, as leader of the 90 member Democratic party, going into a third election within a six month period with Ganim2 on line A, whom does he support?
    If Wanda, as a “meeter and greeter” employee of Bridgeport at the Annex, in addition to her political activity 24/7, was for Gomes and working on his behalf, what is your evidence for that continuing reference?
    What do Ganim2 or Gomes have to say over the next eight weeks regarding how their election to lead Bridgeport for four years will affect “the common good” for which we should be thankful on Thursday as we gather? What action(s) will be initiated in the first 100 days of the “new” administration? What will Mario declare with the upcoming March town committee election process in each District? Time will tell.

  3. John, how much of an insider are you?

    I noticed you put “The Facts” in quotations in your comment. I will “surmise” that the quotation you are reflecting is a reflection of the wall from the light behind you that you forth.

    If it is a “reflection” where does it fall in your Open, Honest, Transparent, and Accountability?

    However, when is it absolute that evidence is required for a fact or truth?

    Mario has been the ringleader for quite a while in Port’s political three-ring circus, since fight night, perhaps 🤣

    We know that our host and G2 were presented with evidence of their participation in Port’s corrupt policies. Yet no evidence of his guilt was ever presented. Are you willing to say/agree, based on evidence or lack of, that Mario is free of any of Port’s political back door deals/corruptions.?

    What say you OBI readers? Evidence has not been provided against Mario for corruptness. Does that make him like Gen Now, Holier-Than-Thou? 🤣

    PS Many blacks and I am sure whites and Latinos as well, were wrongly convicted based on evidence in our court of “law.”

    BTW On a happier note. Mario “technically” didn’t do anything wrong. Did I use it, right people? #Quoatation 🤣


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