After Two Meetings Sara Smith Resigns From City Council

For Rev. Sara Smith it’s two meetings and done.

The senior minister of Bridgeport’s United Congregational Church resigned from the City Council Monday night after filling the vacated West Side seat of Marcus Brown who now represents Connecticut’s 127th State House District in the General Assembly.

In addition to her ministry on North Avenue, she is president of nOURish Bridgeport, a food-centered destination featuring an indoor hydroponic farm in the East End.

Word is some members on the boards of nOURish and the church had raised concerns she may spread herself too thin with a full plate of responsibilities.

So now a new process will commence to fill the seat. West Side Democratic District Leader Tom Gaudett, deputy chief of staff to Mayor Joe Ganim, had solicited an application process in which town committee members of the 132nd District recommended her appointment that was ratified by the City Council authorized to fill vacancies.

Smith is also a member of the town committee district. Another member, retired Bridgeport Police Officer Milton Johnson, also applied for the slot.



  1. Maria was right , we don’t need another bleeding-heart on the city council, no one should resign a council seat until a replacement is found. Suck it up Rev.Sara!

  2. Milt Johnson is a credible person to join the CC. He has been a long term City employee before retirement. He has worked on the inside, confidential, and dark matters coming to his attention and acted on with fairness. Perhaps attention should regard him as a serious candidate. Homeowner, taxpayer, union member, familiar with many City processes going back years.
    What has happened to folks standing for City Council and Board of Education? Do they understand the additional stress on time, emotions, and personal resources that may occur by stepping into the job of “representing the people of Bridgeport”. The recent pattern of those reaching for and then bailing out tells me that vetting process in the City is keeping too many facts or truths secret. What is solution? Time will tell.

  3. Glad to see the resignation
    Why didn’t Rev S check this out with her boards before expressing interest and being sworn in.
    I oppose any clergy in the legislative branch of government. I want complete separation of church and state.
    In 1980 Pope John Paul II forbade Priests, nuns and other clergy to hold political office. Two US Congressman, including 10 year house member Father Robert Drinan of Massachusetts did not run for reelection.
    I supported the Pope’s decision and wish other religions did the same thing.
    It is time for all the other elected ‘Reverends’ to resign.

    BTW, I own property in this specific Council District. I applaud Rev S’s work with nourish, but don’t want her decided how to spend my tax dollars.


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