Ganim, Gomes Pad Their Campaign War Chests

Mayor Joe Ganim’s upcoming reelection campaign finance report will reflect roughly $320,000 raised overall while closest rival John Gomes has amassed approximately $210,000 since his announcement early December, according to campaign officials.

From the outset, Gomes operatives had predicted a monthly goal of $50,000 raised and that’s what they’ve done to date in the aggregate, certainly overachieving the predictions of political observers. Based on the final quarter report of 2022, Gomes has succeeded bringing new dollars to table from contractors and business interests in the Cape Verdean, Brazilian and Hispanic communities.

The first quarter year finance reports must be filed next week with the Town Clerk’s Office.

So five months from Democratic primary it appears Ganim will crack $400K raised to make his case for another four-year term, a healthy haul measured against past mayoral contests. Gomes, as well, will have plenty of financial firepower to try to persuade voters his way.

Still to be heard from State Senator Marilyn Moore and Lamond Daniels, a former Finch administration official. Daniels had raised about $26,000 exploring a run for mayor. This will be his first candidate committee report.

Four years ago Moore raised roughly $68,000 in her first quarter filing so next week’s report becomes a measuring stick for how she’s performing financially in her second run at the city’s top municipal office.

A coterie of Moore supporters from 2019 have gravitated to the unknown Daniels who has picked off a number of progressive interests while Moore has been understated balancing duties during the legislative session that does not end until early June.


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  1. Daniels, a nice person is basically the figurehead for Finch & Wood who want jobs again. Fabrizi donated to Daniels also. Do we want the Finch regime back again? I don’t been there done that. Moore needs to drop out, she’d be mayor right now if she was competent and on the ball .


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