Absentee Ballots Stuffed, Illegal Leaks, Shocking Public Safety Security Breach And Multiple Investigations Taint Municipal Election

Unauthorized release of police video surveillance shared on social media by the campaign of John Gomes, who lost Tuesday’s Democratic primary to Mayor Joe Ganim by 251 votes, shows a Democratic political operative stuffing into a drop box absentee ballots triggering multiple questions about the outcome of the vote as well as graphic breach of public safety security by someone within the police department leaking the footage to benefit Gomes.

It now also punctuates new information that could compel Gomes to challenge the results in court, needing 251 reasons, in a judge’s mind, to declare a new primary.

Also, appropriate channels exist if a city employee monitoring law enforcement video thinks a crime has occurred. Turning it over to a campaign camp asks for trouble.

This one is messy on several levels and will take some time to sort out. It will for sure trigger investigations about the veracity of the vote count but also as well illegal dissemination of information monitored by the Fusion Division, a small unit within the Margaret Morton Government Center examining a host of potential law enforcement issues aided by video surveillance that cannot be disseminated without authorization for fear of compromising investigations.

The drop box videos, for sure, look damning, but so too and perhaps more significantly the breach of police security that violated protocol. Who leaked this information to Gomes? And how often has this happened?

Police Chief Roderick Porter has an active investigation underway into the breach of security. You don’t want your law enforcement staff playing politics on city time. This will no doubt lead to terminations of the city employees involved and possible criminal charges.

PD news release:

The Bridgeport Police Department are actively investigating information regarding possible misconduct based upon a video that has surfaced on social media on Friday September 15, 2023. The Bridgeport Police Department immediately initiated an investigation to determine if any criminal wrongdoing has occurred. In addition, an internal investigation is being conducted to determine if any possible breach to our security video management system has occurred. Chief Porter states “we take these actions seriously and we will pursue possible criminal prosecution and/or administrative discipline as it relates to any such security violations”.  At this time the Bridgeport Police have taken measures to ensure the heightened security of our video management systems.

Chief Porter also states that “integrity of our security systems is of the utmost importance and priority for public safety and public trust, and those responsible if found to have violated our trust will be held to account for their actions”. Currently, this continues to be an ongoing investigation.

Now, let’s get to the politics of the videos.

Video surveillance externally and internally at the Morton Center, distributed and produced by the Gomes campaign with icon narratives, capture city employee Wanda Geter, a supporter of Mayor Joe Ganim, on multiple occasions stuffing into what appear to be absentee ballots into a publicly designated container.

The internal surveillance footage also features Geter handing off ballots to another city employee to do the same.

State law is clear about the handling of absentee ballots, generally limiting immediate family and health care providers.

If this was one video capturing a hand in the box once, that could be explained away as on behalf of family: multiple times, not so.

The Gomes campaign says it will file a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission that oversees the purity of the vote.

Two weeks ago Gomes supporter, City Councilwoman Maria Pereira, was caught on video rummaging through the mail in the vacant home of an 81-year-old woman in search of her absentee ballot.

Pereira says she did nothing wrong.

Geter was unavailable for comment for this story.

Gomes has scheduled a news conference for Monday on this matter.

This story infuses multi-dimensions that will be on the table throughout this municipal cycle and could take a number of twists and turns.

(Story is developing)







  1. What a shame that’s the narrative y’all going with. To the employee who “leaked” the video of the corrupt city, I believe you will be covered under “whistleblower” protection. You are a hero in the face of many ZEROS. Joe gotta go.

    1. Joe, I completely appreciate your political spin on behalf of your candidate John Gomes whose campaign is also trying to spin this to his advantage. Nature of the beast. This has nothing to do with “whistleblower” protection. This video was leaked to benefit John. Public safety protocols were not followed. Unfortunately, people may lose their jobs over this because political interests were more important than doing their job. This is a major security breach landing in Chief Porter’s lap. How he handles this, I have no clue. Your campaign may ultimately benefit from the narrative but at what cost to others?

      Even the CT Post, no friend of Joe Ganim, took a balanced approach about security breach.

      1. Political spin? Literally shows an employee (already under investigation) stuffing the ballot box, committing numerous civil federal violations, stealing an election like a thief in the night, yet some people try and deflect to take the heat off. Blaming the whistleblower deflecting to MP who is never shown touching a ballot etc.

        I get it people have to put a spin according to their biases. Imagine if everyone who testified or blew the whistle was seen as the villain. There would be no Justice at all.

        1. Joe, people tend to see what they want to see. Part of this story may be a video showing Wanda “allegedly” surfing the AB ballot Box, who is already under-investing in voter fraud and has been seen/campaigning with many Port’s political figures over the years.

          But another part you can’t dismiss is the fact this video is damaging to the BPD especially if this video was covered up by them and no investigation or information was passed on and allowed voter fraud to take place with no intervention.

          The whistleblower theme tends to follow a cover-up, that cover-up falls on the logical choice, of Porter’s desk.

          This shit is going to hit the fan regardless of personal narratives.

          To Lennie’s point, the AB vote fraud narrative may benefit Gomes politically, but how much who knows? It comes with a cost to Wanda, most definitely, she has some serious explaining to do, Porter, Depending on how he handles it, the BPD in general, and who else they shake out of this shit tree. Well on what can/will be suppressed to the people.

          At any rate, thanks to your narrative (whistle-blower) This is just the beginning of this shit show. I would assume since it took years to shine some light on the AB fraud in 2019. This thing is not going to take off until after November. Considering Gomes is already on the Ballot in the General against G2 what good is the court to order a new primary?

          Gomes got some spin time, G2 and the Logical choice have some damage control. It’s not like you/Port hasn’t been down this road before. JS


      2. It’s no secret that John Gomes is anti-police with some ax to grind. Rebecca Garcia was just a pawn and Puerto Rican female face for his convenience. He would have allowed anyone on his slate, can you say Maria Pereira?

    2. This is how twisted and corrupted Port politics has become. Joe got 26 likes on his comment proclaiming that Lennie’s post is a false narrative of this story, and a deflection of a corrupt city employee caught on video stuffing a ballot box to a whistleblower theme.

      But let’s look at the actual article. The first half of the article before Porter’s PRESS RELEASE talks about the person in the video and their illegal actions, and the second half talks about the origin of the video.particularly the unauthorized release by someone in BPD

      The entire second half of the post after the BPD PRESS RELEASE is about the action in the video.
      Yet 26 CORRUPTED individuals like Joe false and CORRUPTED accusations about Lennie to project a false narrative story.

      Let that sink in Port. Pencil box what makes it seemingly sad, from a Port/student perspective you are on the BBOE this post displayed your corrupt nature while you attack Lennie and proclaim the virtue.
      behind you.

      While I make the claim Wanda’s corrupted action caught on video was to benefit Gomes based on their bodily language and actions in the video you attacked Lennie and whoever you meant when you said “y’all” because Lennie/they didn’t go full-blown attack on Wanda by extension Ganim and the outcome.

      As Lennie stated it is up to Gomes to challenge Wanda’s action in court. Ironically if my assumption is true and those ballots she was caught on video stuffing into the ballot box were a covert operation for Gomes, well JS

      Rich by the way what’s up the update on the DeFilippo case 🙂

          1. When you let things that you know are wrong and/or illegal go, they perpetuate!
            The Port is the best example of that ! 😂

  2. What is striking to me is Wanda going behind Joe and telling him she has his back as he talks to a crowd of supporters. Generally, you have to tell someone who you are standing behind you have their back. I am sure all you Port insiders can understand, even John and his bank. Regardless of who Wanda was really stuffing the box for she going to have some explaining to do.



  3. Pencil Box, that is the narrative you want to project. I believe the top headline started “Absentee Ballot Stuffed”

    As for your cloak narrative better question is for the logical choice, Porter, was there knowledge and an active investigation into Wanda’s action prior to the release of the video viewed by the “people” regardless of who or how it was released? Perhaps the Snowden in the BPD.


  4. Louis Latimer, who invented the filament for the light bulb, really sheds light on this video. It’s his statue that sits on the plaza at Morton Government Plaza!

  5. This is all very hard to believe? 😂 🤣 😂
    😂 😆 😝 😂 😆 😝 😂
    When I saw the headline I thought something new arose regarding Trumps case and was surprised because everyone knows there was no voter fraud in the last presidential election!!
    😂 😂 😂 😝 🖕 🖕


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