Winners By The Numbers

The winners via The Connecticut Secretary of the State public reporting web page. Winners in bold follow:

School Board Four Years. Two Dems in bold, other three minority-party representation slots
Hernan Illingworth 3,342
Jessica Martinez 3,483
— Chaila Robinson 3,168
Joseph Sokolovic 967
John R. Weldon 1,487
Chris Taylor 1,143
Joseph Sokolovic 659
— Shavonne Davis 848
— Howard Gardner 1,128
— Sara Lewis 471
— Angela Chapman 38

School board to fill two-year vacancy. Democrat in bold
Sybil O. Allen 3,960
— James A. Carbone 1,430

D Christina B. Smith 995
D Peter D. Spain 929
R Jeffrey Guttman 206
R Michael J. Giannotti 254

D Jack Banta 273
D Denese Taylor-Moye 300
R Terrence A. Sullivan 53
R Rosa M. Collins 64
WI Ras Omari Harebin 41

D Marcus Brown 379
D Kyle Langan 360
R Jeffrey E. Falberg 67
R Peter Perillo 81

D Michelle Lyons 703
D Amymarie Vizzo-Paniccia 583
R Anthony F. Lombardo 172
R Anthony L. Puccio 178

D Mary Mcbride-Lee 631
D Rosalina Roman-Christy 597


D Alfredo Castillo 205
D Maria Zambrano Viggiano 188
R Roslin Marcelus 39
R Philip E. Flynn 39

D Aidee Nieves 367
D Maria I. Valle 381
R Donald R. Christiansen 34
R Luis A. Colon 27

D Nessah J. Smith 398
D Karen Jackson 415
R Jose L. Quiroga 90
R Manuel G. Williamson 91

D Ernest E. Newton, II 501
Eneida L. Martinez 469
R Jasmin Sanchez 35
R John A. Rodriguez 47
WF Wanda R. Simmons 196
PC Cecil C. Young 67

CITY SHERIFFS, three Dems and three Republicans
D Anderson Ayala 3,310
D Dennis Scinto 3,630
D Stephen M. Nelson 3,675
Enrique “Rick” Torres 1,781
Michael L. Moretti 1,190
Michael Garrett 1,189



  1. Christina Smith got 995 votes in a off year election in the 130th district is truly amazing, Smith got more than 200 votes more than any other City candidate other than her running mate Pete Spain who received 929 votes. As the City Council now moves to select their leadership and Smith and Spain have demonstrated that they have the leadership to get voters out and need to be in the leadership of the City Council.

  2. I’m truly disappointed that Howard Gardner may not win re-election to the BOE. He was a thoughtful and deliberate voice on the BOE and the BOE will suffer from his absence.

    1. Howard Gardner dug his own grave. When he decided to run for mayor, we met and he asked for my support, first I made it clear that I was going to support JPG. I told him Ganim was going to win. I also reminded him that I expected him and all I supported to serve 4 years. I asked told him if he runs not only he wasn’t going to win but, he will surely not get the party endorsement when the time came. I knew that Tony Soprano was going to take him out.

      1. I guess you were right about supporting Joe Ganim in his run for Mayor as a second chance candidate two years ago. He did win. But his second chance seems an uninspired replay of his first candidacy. In life there are practical consequences for those who get caught. When Ganim2 and his entourage entered City Hall two years ago, they told the voters there was a $20 Million hole. But they never provided the detail over how it came to be, did they Joel? And perhaps had they done that, Ganim’s encounter with the law leading to prison time might have been reinforced showing a chance in attitude. But the things that one or more of Finch’s proteges had caused to be problems for Bridgeport taxpayers was ignored. Too bad for the taxpayers, but who cares when you have a vehicle, a driver, current compensation and benefits, a bridge to future pension benefits approved by whom? And an opportunity to run for higher office, but based on what accomplishments??
        How have the actions from 20 years ago and their management settings held up some 20 years later? Ball Park? Arena maintenance and earnings? Pension Plan A requiring $15 Million annually added to other plan expenses? Care to talk about these Mayor? Time will tell.

  3. This is looking at an election in our neighboring town of Trumbull. Present(not seeking re-election) Tim Herbst is running for Governor. However,the people of Trumbull decided to replace Herbst with a DEMOCRAT,Vicki Tesoro as First Delectman and,in general< Democrats did well in Trumbull. Is this a reflection on Herbst and can this possibly affect his gubernatorial bid?

      1. Jennifer, I would think that after Tuesday election results nationwide that David Walker would realize that speaking out against 45 and getting black voters especially black females would greatly help his efforts to win. It’s sad to say that Walker is unable to do either one. Again, as long as Walker has resided in Bridgeport then Walker has no black contacts and supporters. Again, I’m not that person because I am totally against his positions.

        1. Many many Americans are offended by Donald Trump’s presidency. He is singularly unsuited fir the job. His ineptitude, lack of restraint, intellectual shallowness and general vulgarity is a national embarrassment. The GOP’s leadership on Capitol Hill has been reluctant to criticize or disagree with Trump for fear of drawing the ire of his base supporters. That strategy backfired in Tuesday night after the ballots were counted. Democrats picked up a few governorships and many seats in several state legislatures. 

          The gloves are off now. A majority of Americans do not like Trump and his family, disapprove of his performance and want him to resign or be removed from office. 

          1. Tuesday night’s electoral results are a bellwether. Changes are afoot locally and nationally. People are fed up with the status quo. Here in Bridgeport we are tired of machine politics. Joe Ganim, a felon convicted of extortion, taking bribes and being a greedy son of a bitch, couldn’t have been re-elected anywhere but here. He and his political godfather used a disenfranchised community. That speech addressing the congregation at Reverend Stallworth’s church was a crock of shit, a cynical act to play on the naiivete and ignorance of the black community: “I have sinned…” All that was missing were a few tears and Joe would have had a Jimmy Swaggart moment. 

            The old boys of the DTC will not gladly hand over the reins as long as Joseph P. Ganim is still parking his ass in the mayor’s office. But his general sliminess will not be tolerated by the incoming City Council. 

  4. There were almost 69,000 registered voters from affiliated and non- affiliated according to Registrar of Voters in October 2017. What percent of those registered bothered to come out this year. In he 130 District there were 6665 registered and an average of 1192 voters cast ballot for two candidates indicating that about 17.8% of registered determined Council winners and losers in this “active” District.
    A contrast is offered in District 136 where there are three precincts and 5,196 registered voters (the lowest of any District in the City at this time. About 236 voters appeared to cast votes for Council members and that means only 4.5% showed up from the neighborhood, 25% of what happened in the “active” district.
    How much “dust” was kicked up in the 136th by ALfredo Castillo and Maria Zambrano Viggiano and their challengers? What were neighborhood issues? Were schools discussed? What about records of incumbent Council members? Were they subject to discussion? Time will tell.

    1. Mr. Lee, I have made the same observation on previous election days. Voter participation in Bridgeport is disgraceful. It is a shame that people are not more engaged (like yourself) and educated around the issues. As for the 132, the Democratic candidates were “pounding the pavement” and talking to voters about the issues and identifying areas where they can help. It was a welcome change.

  5. Now that the library referendum oased Joel Ginzalez will have to find another windmill for his Quixotic battle against the immaginary “rapers of democracy.”


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