Unofficial Winners: One School Board Seat Headed For Recount

Unofficial winners Tuesday:

School board two-year vacancy: Democrat Sybil Allen.

Four-year school board slots: Democrats Jessica Martinez, Hernan Illingworth.

Minority party slots for school board: GOP/Working Families Party Joseph Sokolovic, Republican incumbent John Weldon, Republican Chris Taylor who has an unofficial 15 vote lead over Working Families Party candidate Howard Gardner, an incumbent. This appears to be headed for a recount.

City Council winners, all Democrats, by district:

130: Christina Smith, Pete Spain.

131: Jack Banta, Denese Taylor-Moye

132: Marcus Brown, Kyle Langan

134: Michelle Lyons, AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia

135: Mary McBride-Lee, Rosalina Roman-Christy

136: Alfredo Castillo, Maria Zambrano-Viggiano

137: Aidee Nieves, Maria Valle

138: Nessah Smith, Karen Jackson

139: Ernie Newton, Eneida Martinez

The 133rd District, as ordered by Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis, will have a Democratic primary Nov. 12 followed by a general election Dec. 5.

Library ballot question approved by voters:

“Shall a one thirty hundredths (1.30) mill tax be levied to operate a free public library and reading room?”



  1. No surprises, the vote count and the margin of victory is important. Council President and committee chairs will be the most important step after the 133rd District, Democratic primary Nov. 12 followed by a general election Dec. 5.

  2. Danny Roach and Ganim administration employees were in white precincts telling Democrats that the Democratic BOE candidates were guaranteed to win and that they should give one, both or all their votes to Weldon, Taylor or all the Republicans.

    Had my health been okay, Howard would have easily won. I hope my “Public Enemy” prevails in the recount.

  3. From my comments to the City Council last Monday evening at their final gathering of their two year terms:
    “On April 28, 2017 some thrifty soul on the Council filed registrations for 12 City Council members to attend the NLC Summit in Charlotte on November 15-18, 2017? That’s within the next two weeks. Did 12 Council members survive the primary or election day tomorrow? The amount requested was $450.80. Twelve members reserving costs $5,410. Is this trip a reward? Or to educate representatives? Who will answer? Why did not each representative from their own stipend make such thrifty plans?”

    It appears that only nine current Council members survived the “winds of change” thus far. Since McCarthy has stepped down already, the upcoming District election in the 133d may possibly allow one more current Council rep to return. Total potential Council members who might wish to attend the NLC equals 10. Total registrations bought and paid for with Legislation funds, not stipends as is customary equals 12. What goes on here? Perhaps the new members can set limits and standards for use of taxpayer funds for travel (and LEARNING)? Trips to conferences with travel, hotel and food expenses should not be party times or rewards for elected representatives. Change in order can come from 10-11 newbies setting a standard for taxpayer respect? Time will tell.


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