Watch: NYC Developer, Ganim Announce East Side Historic Renovation

Mayor Joe Ganim on Thursday was joined by a New York City developer to announce a $3 million, mixed-use investment of historic buildings on lower East Main Street.

From Mayor’s Office:

Today, a press conference was held to announce the Historic Restoration of two buildings, located at 464 and 484 East Main Street. Both buildings are over 100-years old; 464 East Main Street being built in 1889 with 484 East Main Street being built in 1918. Alex Demir, the CEO of Focus Pointe Development, is the developer and owner being the two buildings on East Main Street. Demir mentions that his plans for the buildings include blending the “old with the new.”

“As this is our first investment in Connecticut, we’re very happy with the partnership we’ve built with Bridgeport to help us establish this project,” Alex Demir stated. “With both buildings, our goal is to combine the new with the old while preserving the architecture and renovating these spaces to maintain the synergy of the neighborhood.”

Both buildings will be home to newly renovated affordable housing units to meet the demand of the neighborhood, with sixteen units being built between both locations. Also included in this project will be a grocery and convenience store, a small fast-food chain, a gas station with charging stations available for electric car-owners, and five new storefront spaces.



  1. Please! Not another meaningless, election-time economic development announcement from Easton Joe!

    The truth of the Bridgeport economic development situation in Bridgeport under Joe Ganim and his obsequious “mentor,” Governor Ned Lamont is —

    Why, in God’s name, would the Bridgeport electorate want to vote the Connecticut Democratic Party line when the state, under Democrat governors and Democrat-controlled GA’s, has refused (for decades) to intervene in Bridgeport’s dysfunction and provide for economic direction and the indicated, entitled bankrolling of the jobs-centered, tax-base-growing development so desperately needed by the state’s largest city?!

    Ganim’s tax-money eating, jobless development has actually injured the city and made a real economic comeback all but impossible!

    Lamont and his predecessor, elected to office by Bridgeport votes, have both acted to stifle a Bridgeport comeback — diverting businesses and $billons to Stamford and Hartford — while denying Bridgeport even an investor-funded casino that might have provided a $lever$ for further, jobs-centered, economic development…

    The Bridgeport Electorate should turn out, en masse, on February 27 to “throw the bums out!!!!” and give Bridgeport the political change that it needs to pursue a real comeback. The racist, Connecticut Democratic Party is an elitist-run, corrupt entity that will never allow the derigging of Connecticut economic development that would allow the racially-ethnically diverse, largest city of the state to regain its former prominence and prosperity.

    Ganim, and the racist-elitist Connecticut Democratic Party that he represents must be dethroned and exiled on February 27.

    Vote Gomes on February 27! (He will at least be the beginning of change and a real chance for a Bridgeport resurgence…)

  2. Jeff we been down that road back and forth with Dan Mal Hoy, Mañana y Siempre. Where were you guys and gals back when I was sounding the Alarms starting in 2006? That’s when John Gomes started his embezzling ways as Treasurer for Andres Ayala. Yet, knowing all there’s to know, you and all others arent willing to even consider voting for all three and setting yourseves free. At the end if the day, “free” is all the quilty will be. Eighteen (18) years of telling has made that clear. Set your self free and vote for all three.

    On another note, a week before the elections in El Salvador, I called the results of that election.
    The election was held on Sunday February 4, 2024. After complaints from the losers, a hand count was ordered and it just ended. El Tribunal Supremo Electoral will soon announce the final numbers this is the unofficial number:

    NAYIB BUKELE 2,600,860 VOTES (No ABs)

    Lennie, can you please repost my pojected result as I can’t find the posted comment around January 28, 2024. Lets surf on the Bukele Blue Waves.

    1. Thanks allot Lennie:

      Joel Gonzalez says:
      January 28, 2024 at 1:17 am
      Lennie, keep this number for the days after February 4, 2024 El Salvador’s election results:

      Nayib Bukele with 2,521,117 votes–Bukele Blue Wave

  3. The people of Bridgeport have two choices. Joe Ganim who has improved the quality of life in Bridgeport. Has given second chances for employment opportunities with the city. Has included more people of color in opportunities offered by the city than any other mayor in Bridgeport’s history. Or John Gomes. An angry former city employee fired by not one but two mayors. Has a history of disrespect for police and public safety and who’s true motivation for trying to obtain the office of mayor is revenge. If the people of Bridgeport want economic growth and improved quality of life Joe Ganim is the clear choice. If Bridgeporters want someone constantly seeking revenge and alienation from those who can help the city then look no further than John Gomes.

  4. So, Joe McLaine says: “…If Bridgeporters want someone constantly seeking revenge and alienation from those who can help the city then look no further than ??? ?????…”. I would use a different name in that space — that I refilled with a suggestive pattern of question marks. I would use the name, Joe Ganim…

    It is too easy to overlook and forget the “politically-exiled” “independents” that have charted their own courses in pursuit of appropriate handling of problematic areas of their neighborhoods and their city, the latter of which was/is based on their knowledge from living the “Bridgeport” life, per their drug-gang controlled neighborhoods and exploitative/harmful treatment of their neighborhoods/city by suburban neighbors/”region”/State of Connecticut…

    Policy under the 20 years of JG has been to disregard concerns for neighborhood safety/integrity and allow for neighboring towns/the region to exploit Bridgeport by pirating services and infrastructure, even as suburban development has caused severe damage to the safety and quality of life of the residents of many Bridgeport neighborhoods. Traffic-safety and flooding problems in the North End, Black Rock, Upper East Side, and West End have severely impacted safety and quality of life issues in those neighborhoods even as offending municipalities (Trumbull, Fairfield) and institutions (SHU) have been given the political blessing of Joe Ganim and high-ranking members of the Connecticut State Democratic Party (that he represents)…

    SHU parties-on without resistance, even as Bridgeport taxpayers foot insane BPD overtime bills to baby-sit SHU houses/neighborhoods in Bridgeport during their 4-day “party weekends” which extend throughout the school year… Trumbull builds massive commercial and residential infrastructure on our border, pirating our infrastructure and services to do so, even as that development overtaxes our sanitary infrastructure — polluting our recreational and drinking water [e.g., Lake Forest/Trumbull border (Trumbull side) chronic sewage leak — and massive flooding/severe home damage]. Token speed humps and lip service have been given to the Lake Forest neighborhood to placate voters, even as electoral redistricting has kept that neighborhood politically hobbled for the past 10 of the 20 years of the JG regime(s).

    Many neighborhoods throughout the city can cite similar political situations — destroyed neighborhoods with hobbled/intimidated political representation — e.g., besides the 135th, much of the 138th (Beardsley/flooding/drug-gang activity), all of the 134th (SHU effects/new Westfield-Madison mega-apartment complex, etc.), 130th (flooding/traffic-safety), 136th/137th (traffic-safety/shootings/drug-gangs), and let’s not forget the 132nd and 13rd (drug gangs/flooding/traffic safety), and 131st, which contains our “war zone” downtown, with its illegal, after-hours bars and shootings/murders — in the heart of our entertainment/municipal government center!!!

    And the 139th?! A new strip mall — but still dominated by the Stratford Avenue drug gangs (shootings, murders…)

    And let’s not forget the “neighborhood removal” projects in the 131st and 139th that replaced vibrant neighborhoods with parking lots and tax-less, employment-less vanity JG, political-vanity projects…

    Where are those that have taken issue with the polices that have destroyed our neighborhoods under JG?! They’re either politically buried or persecuted — or have given up and moved to other municipal locales/states…

    So, Mr. McLaine; are we really taking a hard, objective look at the JG years — in the face of ridiculously high taxes, compromised public safety and quality of life, lack of affordable housing and living wage jobs, abuse by our neighbors/the “region,” and the state, and very poor prospects for any improvements in the latter in this century?! (It was Mary Moran’s Police Chief Sweeney that tamed the wild Bridgeport of the 90’s — only to have it regress to a place where the drug gangs are placated by “policy” in order to keep the murder rate from reaching 90’s levels again… This will change for the deadlier as the legalization of some drugs makes the need to enlarge territory for gangs necessary, per the reduction of the lucrative, illegal market to that of “other drugs”… “Beggar” Bridgeport will be the best place for that to happen, of course…)

    We could go on here, but it is really up to the Gomes Campaign to “take off the gloves” and get down and dirty with JG. To this Bridgeporter, any change is positive, because it opens up the possibility for real change and Bridgeport shaking off the elitist, racist shackels that have kept it in a death-spiral for the past 60+ years. The Ganim Administration is a servant of an elitist, racist state and region that wants to keep Bridgeport status quo — the “garbage can,” and “servants quarters” for the region…

    Votes John Gomes on February 27th… Vote for Bridgeport change and forward movement…


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