Saluting The Town Committee Gods – No Dem District Primaries

While the city will spend roughly $125,000 on a fourth vote for mayor Feb. 27, the Registrar’s Office shared some comforting news on Friday, for the first time in decades not one single Democratic Town Committee district will force a March primary.

The focus on the mayoral vote didn’t give political operatives breathing room to orchestrate primaries among the 90-member political body. Instead, political players cut some deals here and there to keep the peace.

Town committee members are key figures of the Democratic political infrastructure, conducting party business and endorsing candidates for public office.

Every two years March primaries become part the intra-party battles in the lowest of turnouts.  Not this year.

Meanwhile the Registrar’s Office also announced that 13 absentee ballot votes not counted on primary night for the primary redo broke 7-6 for John Gomes over Mayor Joe Ganim, all but one mail-in vote came in the North End 134th District, one of the few areas Gomes held his own among absentee voters.

The Gomes campaign had made a request for a review of the court-authorized unsealing of roughly 2,000 absentee ballots counted in January’s do-over.

A state election monitor was on hand during the review process that produced 13 mail-in ballots not counted. These 13 additional votes will update Ganim’s certified win.










  1. Lennie, what was it that Jimfox said about those not counted 14 ABs? How many Puerto Ricans on the 130/129 Democratic Town Committee now? I’m positive Retired Judge Carmen Lopez isn’t one of them. Names, Lennie, I want names!

    1. Hey, Lennie. Any specific detail about the 4 new complaints SEEC voted to investigate. I’m just concerned with the one regarding the dead person who voted.
      Could that be my buddy Steven Auerbach?
      Or did I fluck up when I aborted my Mountain Grove Cemetery Campaign?

    2. Lennie, where the fluck are the names of all Democratic Town Committee members? You starting to please me off.
      I’m sure your head hasn’t stopped spinning with the hourly developments of “Juicy Stuff” but, if you think it’s gonna end any time soon, I got a nice Volcano to sell you.

      I’m sure few people noticed that Robert Teixeira hasn’t posted since yesterday. I set his little ass up good. He resurfaced yesterday and he posted a comments on the Jazmarie Malendez commentary.
      I knew what he was thinking when he saw my photo of Jazmarie, so I baited him and sure enough, he bit. He crossed the line with his homophobic tendencies. The comment was removed by OIB. I had warned him not too long ago about not looking under his bed as there is a Gay man lurking there. I called the man on his cell phone and gave him permission to do as he pleases as soon as Robert Teixeira goes into a deep sleep. Good night, keep those butt cheeks tight and to all a good night. Oh shit! It’s 3:35 a.m.

  2. Jimfox, did Danny accepted you in his circle yet?
    Did you see who Eneida Martinez caught RED HANDED harvesting Absentee Ballots in Maria Pereira’s district? You know Kim McLaughlin the parter of Robert Traber member of the Bridgeport Board of Education? Guess what district she was harvesting in. It appears to be Maria Pereira’s district. Don’t act like you haven’t viewed the photos on Eneidas Martinez’s InyourFacebook Page. Let me get you the link.


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