Dem Leader Testa Seeks Election Day Reinforcements From State Party Against Third-Party Opponent

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, in a letter to state party officials, declares “now is the time for all Democrats to ‘stand tall’ and united behind Democratic Party standard bearer Mayor Joe Ganim” in the Feb. 27 special general election against opponent John Gomes running on the Bridgeport Independent Party line.

Coming off a 12-point primary redo win after two close elections against Gomes, Testa is appealing to party officials and Governor Ned Lamont to open up fundraising spigots and rally volunteers to help drive turnout in the finals weeks to buoy local donors contributing to a fourth vote against a third-party opponent.

Lamont was among a chorus of local and state party leaders who called on Gomes to end his candidacy. Others cited the cost factor, $125,000, for taxpayers to finance another election.

Gomes is pressing ahead hoping a larger pool of general election voters puts him in play for the mayoralty. Less than three weeks to the fourth vote Gomes is money challenged so that will place a premium on volunteers churning out a vote on a winter’s day.

Letter from Testa:



  1. I getting allot of complaints from people as more and more find out that the Judge ordered a re-do of the election as well. Since the Judge and according to Lennie the Secretary of State too insists we have another election, I’m voting for all three candidates and I’m asking all voters to do the same.
    It’s against the law to ask people not to vote.
    If I or we vote by AB, there’s nothing the state can do to prevent this from happening. I think that if people vote for all three candidates at the pollling place, the ballot gets rejected. I’m not sure yet if i’ll go to the polls or vote by AB. If I go to the polls and the machine rejects my ballot, I will demand that my vote/s is registered or placed in the machine.

    All my life, I’ve heard people say, “They are all the same.” Okay, so vote for all of them! I will go to Black Rock School and stay there all day if physically possible after voting at Claytor. I got my bullhorn too. Protest vote? You’re Damn Right It Is!

  2. Asking more out-of-towners to come to Bridgeport and volunteer in a local election?
    Isn’t it bad enough that they are the ones funding all 4 primaries and elections? Home rule doesn’t apply in local elections? Why not get the same out-of-towners funding the elections to come down and see how their money is spent? I haven’t read a single endorsement here from members of the Bridgeport delegation. The legislature is in session–will they take the day off to volunteer? How about coming down and doing some Ballot Harvesting, “Bart” said it’s gonna be warm! Is Mario Willing to feed the masses or are they supposed to pack their own meals? Am I sounding like JML? Time will tell.

  3. Mario, tell the governor that he won his election against Ganim by way of just a primary.
    Mario Testa and his cheating Vice Chairwomen of the DTC was caught on video stuffing ballots in a drop box at 5:00 Am and that’s why Judge Clark extended the primary and General Election for February 27th , this is what your Party did to the voters of Bridgeport and This State..
    I know That the Independent voters with the good Democrats will send you and Joe Ganim into retirement!

  4. Why, in God’s name, would the Bridgeport electorate want to vote the Connecticut Democratic Party line when the state, under Democrat governors and Democrat-controlled GA’s, has refused (for decades) to intervene in Bridgeport’s dysfunction and provide for economic direction and the indicated, entitled bankrolling of the jobs-centered, tax-base-growing development so desperately needed by the state’s largest city?!

    Ganim’s tax-money eating, jobless development has actually injured the city and made a real economic comeback all but impossible!

    Lamont and his predecessor, elected to office by Bridgeport votes, have both acted to stifle a Bridgeport comeback — diverting businesses and $billons to Stamford and Hartford — while denying Bridgeport even an investor-funded casino that might have provided a $lever$ for further, jobs-centered, economic development…

    The Bridgeport Electorate should turn out, en masse, on February 27 to “throw the bums out!!!!” and give Bridgeport the political change that it needs to pursue a real comeback. The racist, Connecticut Democratic Party is an elitist-run, corrupt entity that will never allow the derigging of Connecticut economic development that would allow the racially-ethnically diverse, largest city of the state to regain its former prominence and prosperity.

    Ganim, and the racist-elitist Connecticut Democratic Party that he represents must be dethroned and exiled on February 27.

    Vote Gomes on February 27! (He will at least be the beginning of change and a real chance for a Bridgeport resurgence…)

  5. Flamers !

    Mario and Joe are what we called kids back in the day, Flamers, Teenagers, while blowing a Fart they would take a match and light there Ass hairs on fire!
    Then laugh about it, all the way home.
    Mario and Joe have been burning our asses for a long time now!

    Oust the Flucking Flamers!


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