Watch: Night Before Murder, Police And Fire Responded To Smoke Alarm Call At Keystone Club–Father Of Victim Is Denied Public Report Details

From Steve Krauchick, Doing It Local: learned that the Keystone Club on Barnum Avenue was visited by the Bridgeport Police and Fire Department the night before the homicide of Nyair Nixon. What they found was smoking inside that set off the alarm in the establishment along with drinking and prostitution according to numerous witnesses. Neither the police, fire or health department acted upon their findings. Councilwoman Eneida Martinez manages the Keystone Club and was recently arrested for eleven counts of illegal liquor sales and reckless endangerment the night of Nylair’s homicide on September 27, 2020.

Today (Oct. 9) Nyair’s father Charles Nixon went to the Bridgeport Fire Department on Congress Street to obtain a copy of the report of the fire department’s visit to the club night before his son’s homicide. He waited over forty-five minutes and then called councilwoman Maria Pereria for assistance. She learned that the public record now requires a Freedom Of Information report at the city attorney’s office. Pereria armed with the statute which she read to Fire Chief Thode. Pereria said the report should be as easy as obtaining an accident report at the police department. Thode had been directed by the city attorney’s office that a Freedom of Information report needs to be filed at the city attorney’s office.



  1. Now we are talking serious stuff her.
    Police and Fire Department found this going on and did not shut it down?
    Come on now. This will be harder to get your hands on than the statue of Christopher Columbus.
    This is disgraceful. And it is obvious that the city knew what they were doing all along and now they got caught.
    You know what to do Maria.
    Come on Sen Moore. End the cover up!!!

    1. Apparently these departments have a vested interest in the continuance of these types of past times and hobbies! If the Police or Fire Departments were well aware of these activities, that probably means they are aware and willing participants in these illegal activities. This states alot about the “FIRST RESPONDERS” within the City of Bridgeport. These individuals enter into peoples homes everyday but yet and still uphold illegal activities. THIS IS SCARY!!!!FRIGHTENING!!! Down right outlaw style living!

  2. Paging the State of Connecticut. Do not be a part of this. Demand that the city of Bridgeport release the report immediately or you will be as guilty as the city.

    1. Unfortunately, we do live in a closed knit state! Everybody in the state benefits from the lucrative illegal activities that take place within the City limits.

  3. Maria to the rescue!! At least he knew who he could count on to call. Right Ernie? I guess He knows he can’t depend on you.
    Still nothing from other corrupted…. I mean elected…. “officials”? That would be hard to believe if it wasn’t the cesspool that’s called Bridgeport.

  4. It defies credulity that the Bridgeport Police Department officers found evidence of drinking and prostitution and turned a blind eye to these two glaring evidence-based violations of the Law.
    Now put a qualified Chief in the BPD Mayor Ganim and not some political payback to the Latino community.

  5. There you go Rich, call on Ernie as the arbiter of the CC in Bridgeport. To illustrate your point you should have said, “Right Matthew McCarthy
    Scott Burns
    Denese Taylor-Moye
    Jorge Cruz, Sr. 
    Marcus Brown             
    M. Evette Brantley
    Jeanette Herron
    Michael A. DeFilippo
    Michelle A. Lyons
    Amy Marie Vizzo-Paniccia 
    Mary A. McBride-Lee
    Rosalina Roman-Christy
     Avelino D. Silva 
    Alfredo Castillo
    Maria I. Valle 
    Aidee Nieves 
    Maria H. Pereira
    Samia Suliman oh yes and Ernie!
    You seem to never want to hold fault with certain members of the CC that lack melanin. Is that by accident or design?

    1. Don……I must say…..very seriously…. that you are an ass!!
      Is that by design or accident!!!
      I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and just say probably a bit of both.

  6. Perhaps an elected official was partaking in prostitution, adding to the cover-up? Has the state attorneys office responded to Moore’s request?
    The treatment of Nyair’s family is disgusting, they have suffered enough!

  7. Thank you Council Woman Maria H. Pereira. No matter what people’s personal views are about you, you always stand up and speak up for the people! You are not a bought out politician. You are doing what no one else is willing to do in the city. I hope you come back to chat with us on OIB!

  8. I’m so happy this conversation was caught on camera. The Bridgeport Fire Department has been known to spin stories and deflect from any wrong doings. This time they won’t get away!

  9. *** No one really knows what “exactly” was found & or reported on “record” by the Bpt. P/D & F/D. All the blog responses here are nothing more than “personal assumptions” about that night, before the shooting at that club.***

    1. You are right, but let’s face it, it doesn’t look good. The way the governor has been dealing with the pandemic, fines for people not were a mask. It was bad enough without the cops and fire department. They have some explaining to do, that’s for sure.

  10. At this point,a Mayor in a city like Bridgeport should be demanding the report be public.But as usual,this administration automatic response is to cover up any controversy…And why hasn’t the CC come out with a statement yet,they should be “outraged” again…
    Counting the days till Joe is indicted so Bpt can start to heal..

  11. And does anyone doubt that when this report is finally released,the city attorney’s office will censor some things in it because of the “ongoing investigation”?..count on it

  12. Queen Princess, someone told you wrong when you make a ludicrous statement like, “the Bridgeport Fire Department is aware and willing participants in these illegal activities. It’s not the job of firefighters to look for or report criminal activities in the city. Their job is to put out fires when and where they find them and those Brave men and women do that as well as any in the state. These dedicated men and women go into the homes of the residents of Bridgeport and there have never been an incident where they violated the public trust of those that depend on them.

    Again, who are you. Most of Us who contribute to OIB tend to use our real names because they stand behind what they say. You’re commenting on the veracity of the Bridgeport Fire Department members while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability. Come out of the darkness and stand behind your ludicrous statements with your REAL NAME!

  13. Don
    Maybe you could clarify a point for me.
    Does the BFD have an obligation to report?
    For example, if the BFD is responding to a call and there is clear evidence of drugs present in a home do they have an obligation to report this to the BPD by law?
    And would that be in the report?

  14. What I would like to know is when was that change is accessibility to BFD Reports made?
    Can we get some type of documentation of a memo or written correspondence signed by the City Attorney and justification for the change.
    If you are not on this already, please Maria look into that.

  15. Bob, there is no obligation or duty to report criminal activities seen in the performance of our duties fighting fires or responding to medical calls. As firefighters our area of expertise is limited to firefighting and life safety and its beyond our field of expertise to know if someone is selling illegal alcoholic beverages or whether a woman is performing prostitution. The best an company officer can do is to report what they saw and is up to the Battalion Chief to forward the concerns of the Company officer to the police department.

    The Bridgeport Police were on scene and any criminal investigations should have been handled by the police because that is their field of expertise and responsibility. The report submitted by the Company officer may or may not the show any concerns about criminal activity because they aren’t looking for criminal activity.

  16. Thank you Don.
    One more question.
    Whose duty is it to Respond to over crowding?
    And is overcrowding / maximum capacity based on the law or on the current guidelines during the pandemic?

    1. The office of the Fire Marshal. And yes, Fire Departments have an obligation to report. Anyone staring the narrative has something to hide. Remember, the fire department are master spinsters!

  17. Bob, not a fire company! I’m not privy to any Fire Department SOP’s that require a Fire company to respond to overcrowding, unless police or the Health Department requested their assistance.

  18. Bob Walsh,

    Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

    Sec. 30-6-A23a. Fire safety
    (a) No permit premises shall be operated in violation of the fire safety code or other rules and regulations of the state or local fire marshal.

    (b) Where the local fire marshal ascertains there exists a serious violation of the fire safety code, and where the fire marshal notifies the permittee or backer of such violation, and where the permittee fails to abate such hazard or remedy such condition within a reasonable period of time as specified by the local fire marshal, and the department finds that the public health, safety or welfare requires emergency action, the permit of such premises may be suspended immediately, pursuant to section 4-182(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes, and such suspension shall remain in effect until the condition is corrected or a hearing held before the department.

    (Effective October 28, 1977; Amended October 1, 2001)

  19. So again what does the incident report say?
    When was the procedure changed to require an FOIA Request.
    Paging the Common Council. Will someone stand up to the City Attorney and ask these question.

  20. Oh, wait a minute. This just in. Michelle Lyons husband is on the Police Commission!
    Another conflict of interest.
    Danny Roach is District Leader on the Democratic Town Committee in the Black Rock and has a bar in the Black Rock. Another conflict of interest.
    I’m sure if we looked at this some more we would find other conflicts.
    Clean up Bport NOW!

    1. I’m telling you, anyone not looking to uncover everyone in the city politics currently has something to hide. Anyone staring baritones from obvious truths are afraid of being in line on that day….

  21. Funny how things work or don’t work in the city of Bridgeport.
    Go to the Fire Department’s web page. Click on where it says “to obtain a copy of an incident report, please call (203) 337-2042.”
    To your surprise it ain’t the City Attorney that you reach it’s the Fire Department.
    Come on Mark. Getting a little sloppy with your work? Cover your tracks BEFORE someone looks it up not after.

  22. Just looked up the Board of Fire Commissioners. No one with a unexpired term is on the board. It still lists Stuart Rosenberg as President but he resigned. It still lists Rob Russo as Vice President. Rob are you still a member?
    I then went to Board of Fire Commissioners Meetings Minutes and Agendas. Only this year shows up. I looked at all minutes from this year. Uber Roll Call is blank.
    Does this means there was no roll call because it lacked a quorum?
    This is disgusting.

    1. It is disgusting. They haven’t been able to maintain a quorum in a while but motions were still being made an executed. The entire system is going “BUST”!

  23. Don or Ron
    Does the Fire Commission have any say over Pension Funds A or B?
    If they do they may be abandoning any fiduciary responsibilities that they have. That could be very serious and result in some serious lawsuits.

    1. Bob, yes, the the Fire Commission has a say over Pension Funds B. There were some serious issues with the management of Pension Plan B with the fire union representative and Stuart Rosenberg who was the Chairman of the Fire Commission. Rosenberg resign rom the pension board, I ran into Stuart Rosenberg a few years ago while shopping and he wanted to talked to me about what was going on, I found it odd that Rosenberg wanted to talk to me because he never sided with union on anything during my time as a union representative. To the union Stuart Rosenberg was the eyes and ears of the mayor and that’s why I found it odd for Rosenberg wanting to talk to me. Don and myself are not in Pension Plan B.

  24. Well maybe you want to consider some form of legal action to address the situation.
    Maybe you can talk to Judge Lopez to at least find out your options.
    Right now the administration can run rough shod over you.

  25. Factual info. The fire commision does not run pension plan B. Pension plan B is run by a board of trustees compromised of 7 fire commissioners and 2 union rep. As of June 30 2019 actuarial report pension plan B was fully funded at 102% to meet its future obligations. This makes pension plan B the envy of the country.I hope this clarifies

  26. Stuart. Thank you. But if 5 members have withdrawn from the Fire Commission and / or not been reappointed then they fail to have a quorum to meet.
    No one is serving an active term. That makes their participation questionable.
    Furthermore, the participation of others can come into question especially when there is no roll call in the record.
    Did you resign from the commission?
    Did Rob Russo?
    Did anyone move outside of the city invalidating their membership?
    Did anybody change political parties possibly invalidating the state’s minority rule?
    I look at the membership and the roll call and I say there is no Fire Commission.

    1. Bob, this artice is in OIB archive April 18, 2013.

      “Fire Commissioner Stuart Rosenberg Resigns In Fallout Over Handling Of Pension Plan”

      April 8, 2013 LennieGrimaldi Analysis and Comment, Firefighters33 Comments

      Stuart Rosenberg, the long-time chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, has resigned in a dispute involving the city’s proposed changes to the retirement benefits of city firefighters. James Morley has also resigned as treasurer and a trustee of the Pension Plan B. Morley issued his letter of resignation to Rosenberg who issued his resignation to Mayor Bill Finch on Friday. Rosenberg and Morley also sent letters to participants of Bridgeport Firefighters Pension Plan B. A number of active and retired firefighters read OIB. Would appreciate their input on this issue and what it means. Rosenberg’s letter to Finch follows:

      1. Ron Mackey says:
        April 7, 2013 at 3:05 pm

        First let me say this about Stuart Rosenberg, the long-time chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, he has ALWAYS been the point man for whatever any mayor wanted, David Dunn and the City Attorney’s office, he was never on the side of the firefighters, he was NEVER fair and balanced.

        I must applaud Mr. Rosenberg for his action and his reason to resigned because he had a fiduciary responsibility. As for James Morley who also resigned as treasurer and a trustee of the Pension Plan B I would expect nothing less than what he has done. Jim has done a good job and he was always open to guide and answer any questions firefighters or their families had.

        Andrew C Fardy made a great point that needs to be addressed when he said about any mayor, “Do they care what happens 10 years down the road? NO they don’t because they won’t be here when it hits the fan. The taxpayers will be here and will get screwed.” How does the fire union negotiate their wages, benefits and pension when the City DOES NOT negotiate in “good faith?”

        1. So, in conclusion, The Bridgeport Fire Department has been operating with an invalid Board of Fire Commissioners. This makes all motions passed and executed null and void from the point of Mr. Rosenburgs resignation (as well as others) NULL AND VOID!
          The Bridgeport Fire Department are masters at hiding their hands and master “spinsters” on any narratives to hide their illegal actions.

          1. It is good that OIB readers are paying attention to the poor attention Ganim2 has paid in the past five years to Boards and Commissions. The City has found that language allowing members to serve beyond term expiry calls for them to do nothing. Instead, perhaps the City should be on notice “six months in advance of any term expiry” and come to a decision to re-appoint or not. An affirmation to re-appoint in advance of the expiry indicates knowledge of and by the Mayor of action, intelligence and community care by an appointee including residing within the community, attendance at the majority of meetings, learning about technical issues, and speaking to the agenda issues when appropropriate. Ganim2 does not care, though he has appointed political associates, namely Angel Depara and Constance Vickers with task having to do with this subject. What is the result? Does the Mayor care? Time will tell.

  27. Happy Columbus Day???
    Once again, it’s time to celebrate Columbus Day. Yet, the stunning truth is: If Christopher Columbus were alive today, he would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Columbus’ reign of terror, as documented by noted historians, was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel, that Columbus makes a modern villain like Kim Jong Un look like a pale codfish.
    Columbus saw profit in enslaving and selling native peoples kidnapped from Caribbean shores. Columbus was known to have raped young Indeginous girls as young as 12 or 13 years old. Once he made allies among what he called “good Indians,” Columbus advocated fighting and enslaving native groups he presumed to be cannibals. By 1500, he and his brothers had sent nearly 1,500 enslaved islanders to European markets to be sold. Even “friendly” indigenous peoples were forced to mine gold en masse, suffering death from malnourishment, overwork and disease.
    Columbus was clearly no friend of native peoples or Indeginous people.
    Happy Columbus Day???

    1. Conrade, at least you didn’t characterize it as white supremacy. Columbus and his reign of terror lasted 14 years, what say you about Islam, and the celebration of Mawlid, the prophit Mohamad ‘s birthday Ramadan, and it’s the reign of terror that lasted for centuries in accordance to his teaching?

      If you are going have a condemnation of one’s history be just in your cause. Please, what say you about mosques in the Port. Just Asking.

  28. Bubba, I’m going the other way on two of your declarations. First, what does Da nny being on the T.C. have to do with his business in Black Rock? Second: I know for a fact that Michell Lyons is very cautious when matters of the Police come before the council. This is something I watched myself. I don’t know her other than her performance on the Council, but if I was still there, she’s one I would reach out to. Just my opinion.

  29. Bubba, I do have an opinion on that matter, but after serving with an indicted mayor who sat until his sentencing,it would be folly for me to put my two cents in because it would mean nothing.


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