Black Rock City Council Members Call For Eneida Martinez’s Resignation, Cruz: Let Voters Decide

Black Rock City Council members Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy want Eneida Martinez to resign following the councilwoman’s arrest on 10 counts of illegal sale of alcohol and reckless endangerment in connection with a local police investigation into the shooting death of 21-year-old Nyair Charles Nixon at the Keystone Club, the Barnum Avenue social gathering that Martinez manages.

South End councilor Jorge Cruz defends Martinez.

From Burns and McCarthy:

(On  Oct. 7), 139th District Councilwoman Eneida Martinez was arrested on numerous counts related to a business establishment she managed where a 21-year-old Bridgeport resident was murdered. While she was duly elected by her constituents and is entitled to due process under the law, these events lead us to call for her immediate resignation. Eneida agreed to step away from her committee assignments while the investigation was under way, but now that the charges are filed, it is time for her to step aside. Our city has suffered greatly in the past month, and we need to take every step possible to restore integrity to the Council.

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Nyair Nixon, and are sending our support to his family. This resignation will not bring him back, but it’s the first step in the right direction.

Cruz responds:

My question to both Black Rock city councilmen Matthew McCarthy and Scott Burns is, where was both of your voices when police Chief A.J. Perez and David Dunn got arrested? Did you call for Mayor Ganim to resign? NOPE you didn’t. Myself and another councilwoman suggested that the Mayor resigns publicly while everyone else’s voices were muted. Keep in mind that the councilwoman’s charges are Misdemeanors, none are felonies and most important she didn’t shoot anyone. Councilwoman Martinez was elected by the voters from her respective district, therefore anyone asking for her resignation should be her constituents who are predominantly Black and Brown, not Councilmen from a predominantly white district. I guess it’s much more easier to condemn a Puerto Rican woman then condemning a Mayor who happens to be white. REALLY … I MEAN REALLY??? Shame on you both.
Councilman Jorge Cruz
131st District.



  1. sell, well, well. Finally another district heard from. Good to see Black Rock finally speaking up
    Anyone else? N.orth End? Any or Michelle?
    133rd? Mike Defillipo?
    Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  2. Oh, I forgot. Thank you Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy. You have done the right thing.
    Now let’s start getting people on OIB to thank them and get other council Members to join them.

  3. *** Is this an election year for the Bpt. city council or is it next year? If its next year, I believe Ms. Martinez will not step down unless found guilty of these charges which will take till next year, no-doubt. And if so, the voters may end up having to vote her out, unless there’s something in the city council charter that gives the majority voted members the power to oust Ms. Martinez from the C/C. ***

  4. Oh,what’s the difference if she resigns or not at this point?.This Council is powerless,it’s not like they have the power to make any decisions.They get together,Joe gives them instructions,and they go through the motions of approving or denying accordingly.

  5. I thinks this is admirable of Councilmen Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy, but like Harvey I’m somewhat reticent about the change this will make within the Council Chambers, the City of Bridgeport or with Mayor Ganim. Having said that, Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy, doing what’s right is never easy nor seldom popular, but I applauded your due diligence.

  6. As a former white female councilwoman from the 130th District, I take offense at some of Councilman Cruz’ remarks. First, let’s not bring race into this; there’s already enough legitimate reasons for that in our current national environment. Second, you complain that Scott Burns and Matt McCarthy have not called for Joe Ganim’s resignation as you apparently have. Not in defense of the Mayor, but he hasn’t been formally charged with anything yet in regards to the Perez Dunn scheme, where Councilperson Martinez has been arrested and charged. Although her charges may only be misdemeanors, they could likely have played a part in the horrific death of a 21-year old city resident. Don’t take me wrong, I like Eneida personally and enjoyed serving with her on the council. However, her arrest and the charges against her are serious and unbecoming to an elected official within this city. I searched the charter and code of ordinances (which I had fully read prior to being elected in 2015), and while I don’t see anything specific to the removal of an elected official, a resolution calling for her resignation could be submitted and approved by a council majority.

    1. Anyone opposing making this type of motion has something to gain by her remaining in position on the council. There should be more of a public outcry but I fear the City as a whole might be in the state of shock with the revelation of deep seated corruption of the entire municipality! The light is shining folks…..

    2. Katie,
      Have not seen your name on OIB in some time. Hope you and your family are healthy despite daily challenges. I still hold you responsible and accountable for the rule calling for all City elected and appointed to disclose their current residence at least once per year and within 30 days of a change. (That changed movement on Civil Service Commission Board when the person with a business address on Noble Avenue finally owned up to the address where she maintained bed, linens and pillows for sleeping time.)
      Who does oversight on the annual signing these days?
      With respect for calling for resignations in the case of Councilperson Martinez, they have removed the committee and honorific titles and assignments perhaps, but when the Junior City Council sits with the CC in the Spring will a high school candidate be assigned to Eneida for shadowing? What will be her excuse for indicating that she is absent any duties? Or what story will she fashion to explain her vocation? Will she reference the fact that we, as a City, extend second chances to many? And that many get those second chances before others get an actual first chance? Time will tell.


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