1. RT,
    Where do you stand as the facts roll in to you daily? How does your ESL training prepare you to use full statements, as well as questions that might need a broader explanation to get at an answer?
    What humor can you appreciate in this 10 minute offering from SNL? If you saw the entire Biden State of the Union message (on the one hand), did you also wait for the Senator Britt rebuttal and listen to it (on the other hand.) Comments of any kind from you to voters?
    From my perspective as a viewer of similar age to Biden, I found renewed respect for the challenges he handles daily, nationally, fiscally, foreign policy and security wise, etc. Most specifically have we in his lifetime ever seen such a poor performing Congress, in terms of failure to sustain effective Congressional leadership including bi-partisan activity? I don’t believe so.
    Are you asking whether the teaching of American history through the years has left the subject of enslaved humans in the colonial territories, the Colonies themselves, in the States of the Republic, before and after the Civil War, in disarray, avoided, and left for curiosity and critics to poke fun at, rather than learn from.? What are you attempting to say, or consturct?
    Coffee? Any time? Time will tell.

  2. John, I did catch the Biden States of the Union address, though not entirely, about more than 1/2. It started to get Yada, yada, yada-ish or my ADHD kicked in, I Never, ever caught the rebuttal 🙂

    No comment to Port’s 15% 🙂

    From your perspective, are you viewing American history as human history and in its entirety or are you isolating it from time and human history?

    My curiosity peaked as I watched the President of the United States of America address to Congress. Perhaps you can enlighten/teach me some facts in this daily ESL Class?

    I noticed as you did that there were quite a few congresswomen on the left who were sporting. white. Is that like a Congress gang side thing going on or did they have an outfit meeting?


    I tend to associate white with the medical field, doctor white coats. Do you think those sporting white are the reason Congress can’t get Universal health care for the people? Or am I wrong again 🙂

    But you know.


  3. or am I wrong,

    BTW John I didn’t have to catch Biden’s State of the Union address to the facts and perceive that Trump is going to win the Republican nomination and be Biden’s challenger.

    Also, those BLM, racist anti-police/American signs are collecting dust under the American Biden presidency, Because if these offers were white and Trump in office, Can you imagine how this would have played out in the hearts and minds if this happened while Trump was in office and those Police Officers were white, considering what we witnessed and had played out under Trump’s presidency? Fuhgeddaboudit.

    Just a fact where I am standing, what about you?



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