‘Righting A Wrong For Far Too Long’ – Watch: Ed Chief’s Statement On Closing Six Schools

Last week, Superintendent of Schools Carmela Levy-David made her case why she wants to close six dilapidated, underperforming schools that require sign off by the Board of Education, including one school that was built five years after Edison’s light bulb. See video of news conference above.

From the school district’s website:

Welcome to the Rising Together for Better Schools Initiative

At Bridgeport Public Schools, we are taking a bold stance to ensure our students receive the education they deserve. We’re closing six schools that pose safety risks and drain taxpayers’ funds. These schools, including Bridgeport Learning Center, Hall, Edison, Bryant, Dunbar and Cross have long struggled to meet basic educational standards. Today, we’re changing the narrative. By prioritizing safety and security, delivering high-quality instruction, and exercising responsible fiscal stewardship, we’re ushering in a new era of student-centered education. We’re addressing long standing issues of building safety, inadequate facilities, and dismal academic performance head-on. It’s time to put students first, with their interests guiding every decision we make.

Join us in Rising Together for Better Schools, where transparency, courage, and innovation pave the way for a brighter future for all.



  1. I think we need to distinguish between dilapidated buildings and the failure to educate. Though, You can’t teach what is not there, regardless of the state of the building and all its modernization and technologies.

    Based on the surface. Cross’ and Dunbar’s closures are based on their failures more than their building’s abilities. That is more a people /teaching/staffing failure than a building failure.

    That being said reconstituting/renovating Dunbar and Cross to educate better is a completely different failure than an outdated/unsafe building. Keeping those outdated buildings is an extension of the Human/side’s failure to educate vi packet classes.


    To be fair, we “special” ADHD kids can be hard to teach and a handful. Also, packet classes are real and pervasive, systematically. #best ESL class ever. JS


  2. Coach T,
    Great question!! And where are the smiles if this is the RESCUE GROUP? Actually the words appear sincere, though perhaps premature, and are patient, as they must be to secure Bridgeport resources.
    The 2023 election is complete. Even previous to it, education matters, absent a new building or a shovel to start the digging, which consume such a large part of State contributions to the City, have not been Mayoral territory. But you realized that already, didn’t you?
    Where are the schools located? In whose Districts, I mean? Are the constituents active at the polls? 10%, 15% or more? Or have they been “voiceless” with their votes? Upcoming primaries to unseat, some Democrats in favor of others? Who is your friend? Effective? Pro-education over the years, or suddenly? Informed voting is necessary and required if time will tell.


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