City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez Takes On State Rep. Andre Baker In Dem Primary

Eneida Martinez

In a city that rarely disappoints for its political action, City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is adding zest to this campaign season announcing on Friday a Democratic primary challenge of veteran State Rep. Andre Baker in the 124th State House District covering the East End and portion of the Upper East Side.

Martinez joins her council partner Ernie Newton who plans a primary against State Senator Herron Gaston waging campaigns against incumbents.

This is an intriguing matchup in a district that’s a political fit for Martinez who appears the favorite for the party endorsement based on her alliances. Dunbar, Harding, Beardsley and JFK are the precincts in the district.

Andre Baker
Andre Baker

Baker, a funeral home owner, won the seat in 2014 and hasn’t faced an opponent with the profile of Martinez, a stalwart supporter of Joe Ganim, whose organizational skills buoyed the mayor’s victory margins in the East End against mayoral opponent John Gomes.

Martinez also placed a focus on an absentee ballot operation that smoked Gomes at the Dunbar and Harding precincts. She was caught in the storm of last September’s absentee ballot controversy when a state judge ruled the stuffing of ballots into drop boxes required a new primary.

Baker is an understated, well-liked personality who often flies below the political radar. While Martinez and Newton are political allies they may end up on different lines. Most political operatives believe Martinez and Gaston will be the endorsed candidates.

Endorsements will take place in May in advance of potential August primaries. Delegates will be chosen in Gaston’s district because it’s a multi-town region. Town committee members will decide the endorsement between Martinez and Baker.






  1. I’m going to secure a primary victory for Eneida Martinez. How? I’m going to Baker’s Funeral Home, find the coffin Representative Baker has been sleeping in and proceed to nailing the coffin shut.


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