Watch: Ganim, Developer Guedes Showcase Update On Downtown Housing

Developer Eleanor Guedes joined Mayor Joe Ganim and City Council President Aidee Nieves to share details of the 99-unit Congress Plaza Commons under construction at Main and Congress Downtown.

The market rate apartments are expected to be move-in ready this fall. Several retail outlets will be featured on ground floor.

Bridgeport-based Primrose Construction has hundreds of market-rate housing units under construction including a makeover of the former Holiday Inn a few blocks away, something another company leader John Guedes declares will increase foot traffic to support Downtown businesses and restaurants.



  1. 99 units of additional Bridgeport market-rate apartments. Added housing and some unnamed retail outlets as well. The additional conversion by Primrose of the former Bridgeport Holiday Inn into rental units show the confidence of investors and banks in the need for housing units downtown, hundreds of them, it seems. However, why is there no promotion of the desired commercial businesses to serve the current and soon-to-be housed downtown? What ground floor retail will be attracted to setting up business in downtown Bridgeport? Any word available each time a photo op about new housing is released? Do market rate renters in new housing units have enough disposable income to appear attractive to service providers and retailers in the downtown area? What is necessary to change the perception or the reality? Time will tell.

    1. To hell with time!
      Bridgeport’s Economic Development Director should be aware of all details and making and taking anticipatory preparations. He’s voiceless. Meanwhile, the Mayor confuses activity by others to mean achievement for himself. I hope the upcoming campaign addresses the “downtown” issue.
      We should be overwhelmed by OPED proposals too. A bad idea is better than silence.

  2. Omg do you have a public relations or communications team? This was awful. Incoherent, self correcting his points, unclear and awkward, and what’s up with his stiff right arm? Even if this is an achievement for downtown the news was offset by an awkward announcement.

  3. Well, personally John, I think the dynamics of housing (more affordability/jacked-up prices) and commercial decreation will change when remote working starts to take a turn and businesses realign in requiring their employees to come into the offices, coupled with interest rates going up.

    However, there is a sense of capitalism, supply, and demand at play. My guess is when the Feds/state/government steps in and starts financing/supporting affordable housing projects to companies to increase the supply. You will see a stabilization from the boom of remote working after the government shutdown for covid that seemed to have driven up the housing demand and decreased the commercial end.

    Isn’t one of Port’s office buildings downtown across from M&T bank being converted into housing?

    I would think out-of-date buildings like the Greens will be demolished and rebuilt for new market-rate apartments like many other developments going up. While older buildings but in good standings order will accommodate the lower/affordable market.

    As supply increases and demand, lowers, prices will generally come down across the board of “affordable” medium/lower housing markets, leaving more disposable income for people to stimulate the economy in other ways. Thus is the cycle of capitalist economics. I would think.

    Shit could hit the fan too though and probably will in some way if/when businesses start requiring remote workers back to the office, who relocating for cheaper, greener pastures without the loss of employment/income or the commute. It might have a reverse of fortune, though that tends to be the nature of the business beast. I would think. JS

    P.S. Gentrification isn’t always whites moving in while blacks moving out. I mean didn’t the BBOE prove that with a devaluation of education with integration/busing without segregation? And a white guy nowhere in sight to blame? Though Weldon did get blamed for the PR /brown member resigning, right Pencil Box 😂

  4. Wow, what a spectacular display of incoherent ramblings. That’s our totally unprepared mayor, doing a video spot and standing with our totally unqualified City Council President. We’re doomed. Ganim looks like he’s either on drugs or he’s about to have a nervous breakdown. Either way, we should never elect this guy mayor of Bridgeport, ever again. And Joe Ganim isn’t the main problem, he’s merely a symptom of the problem. The problem is that a machine has taken over the political process of the City of Bridgeport and only honest, capable, civic involvement will be powerful enough to counterbalance it, particularly over the long term. I don’t know, I could write a different version of this concept every day but the message would be the same. The good people of Bridgeport have the power and the ability within themselves, to set this city on a steady and progressive path, anytime they choose. They just need to organize themselves, recruit good candidates, support those candidates and vote. Beyond this reality I’m afraid, is only empty words and unrealized gains for the people and the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

  5. Jon, that was pretty incoherent. Can’t or Won’t speak on the rest of your words. 🙂

    But speaking of words empty or not. Being a SIMPLE creature I couldn’t help but notice that 99 was emphasized by G2 and John. M. L with two different undertones though I could be wrong. However, I come to understand people like to use coded words. So is 99 used as a loaded coded word or is it, what it is, an empty word, 99?

    Like the philosophy of what is beauty or truth, it lies in the beholder that is not always SIMPLE in its deciphering. 🤣

    1. “Can’t or won’t speak on the rest of your words.” Why is that Robert? You work for the city if I recall correctly, don’t you? Come on you guys, you’re not going to let me be the only one who risks life and limb, talking the truth on this page, are you? lol

      1. Jon, No, I don’t work for City or Guede. Thought I applied 🙂

        I neither can’t speak to the rest of your words outside of your point G2’s video update on Let’s talk Progress as rambling and incoherent because your post was pretty rambling and incoherent itself. I mean, Tony Montana Cortez is on drugs. I won’t because you contradicted and negated
        pretty much everything you wrote by calling it empty words. So why bother, BAM!

        John that was hit. See the BAM! 🙂 Do you think there’s any coded or symbolization in the need for Gen Now to point their democratic finger at Tony Montana Cortez Gamin, as the bad guy? 🙂

        Speaking of being bad or good. I am pretty sure Good and Great can be transcended into loaded coded language words. I actually witness two people going at it on social media about if God was Good or Great.I was like dudes calm down, I believe Good and Great are positive connotations words, So what’s up with all hostility and negativity? It’s not like the interpretation debate of Moses of the Port connotation on how much sun-kissed Jesus. Wasn’t Jesus was Korean? 😂

        Though Ye doesn’t care about Jesus’ facial features.

        Although, I wonder if Ye know Jesus was a Jew.

        1. Well Robert, you sure are an enigma. I admire your writing style though, you seem so thoroughly entertained with yourself and the gibberish that you write. You also have a great sense of comedic timing, as is seen throughout your work. Bam!!!

          1. Thanks. I do my best. BAM! 🤣

            You want to hear something crazy. It wasn’t the first time someone called me an ENIGMA. When I was a kid some man called me that at a baseball game. I gave him the F-Bomb! I thought he was insulting me, calling me a Wop or Guinea or something like that

            Well, until. I was like my bad. Though the game was well over. 🤣


  6. RT, please take note, the number of units for Congress Street Plaza in the above article is reported as 99. I repeated that number. Nothing coded. Nothing mystical in that. By offering alternative interpretations you often depart from basic messages, unfortunately. For instance was Jon P addressing the Mayor’s rambling messaging on real estate, housing, and econ development in the City, or your entry? Perhaps you are too focused on undertones and having to hit back personally? Time will tell.

    1. I may not be a Yale graduate but unless a comment is a reply or specifically addressed to another comment or person, then its reference is to the post. As a matter of last resort, observe the context of the comment for clues about what the author may be talking about. I reread my comment, I think that it’s self-evident regarding who and what I’m talking about. But John, if ever you would like to discuss the actual content of my comment, I’d be happy to do so, anytime.

    2. TRUE that John, perhaps I did focus on the undertones and have to hit back personally? But it wasn’t a hit, no BAM! at the end. It was just a question, inquiry, and observation. Perhaps that’s the BEAUTY of a “SIMPLE” mind?

      However, to Jon’s point about his comment being self-evident, if loaded, coded words are used and symbolized or missed interpreted as such, it wouldn’t be as self-evident as it was written, regardless of commenting etiquette. No, Yes, Maybe?

      Deceit, a lie is a lie no matter how it’s implemented. The goal is the same, believe. I can’t address why G2 remarked 99 units when in TRUTH it’s more like 92 units as the actual number, white now correction on your part. Even so, you would think a more rounded number like 100 would have been used. Although that number seems loaded, and coded, at times. Perhaps your signature Time will Tell is full of loaded and coded undertones? Is it in all honesty?

      Perhaps 99 is the flip side to 100, leaving 1 which at times seems to be a loaded, coded word. Especially when it’s used in the form of one figure pointed upward. It could be a representative of a GROUP. Even the political group Gen Now used the symbol numerology of one finger pointed upward in their personal hit on kissing Mario and his ring. 🙂

      Even their Taste the Movement that’s such a fresh of breath air to them seems like a hit, personally speaking, 🙂

      The funny thing about groups is. They are generally selective in nature, in one form or another, and always create counter-groups.

      I even notice the pinky finger symbol that seems like a form or representative that was present in the Gen Now Taste the Movement campaign video, Perhaps the Thumbs-up symbol is a counter to it as a semiology representative of various groups. Although my SIMPLE mind has it associated to represent the size of the 🍆

      It’s funny because it’s TRUE. 🤣

    3. John, please take note, I said I could be wrong too. 🤣

      Speaking on incoherent rambling, sides, coded, loaded words vie Bill Madison.

      John, Perhaps Madison Ave is the flip side of Main St. and seems to be a coded/loaded word representation, in this coded game/world. Or not, if so, a SIMPLE wrong would do just fine. Try to play nice people, that means you too Gen Now. 🤣


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