Community-Devoted Sara Smith Poised For City Council Seat

Faith leader, legal scholar, local green technology innovator, Sara Smith, senior minister of Bridgeport’s United Congregational Church will likely become the newest member of the City Council Monday night when the legislative body selects a replacement for the seat vacated by Marcus Brown who now represents Connecticut’s 127th State House District in the General Assembly.

Democratic District Leader Tom Gaudett, who serves as deputy chief of staff to Mayor Joe Ganim, has notified the City Council that members of the West Side 132nd Town Committee have recommended Smith to fill the vacancy. She is also a member of the town committee.

The City Charter authorizes the council to fill vacancies by members of the same political affiliation that reside in the same district. Historically the council ratifies, though not bound by it, political district recommendations. Milton Johnson, a retired city police officer, also submitted an application to the town committee for consideration.

Smith will bring impressive credentials to the 20-member body. In addition to her ministry on North Avenue, she is president of nOURish Bridgeport, a food-centered destination featuring an indoor hydroponic farm in the East End. She is well connected to the city’s social service network of programs. She also has a degree from University of Houston Law Center.

See Gaudett letter to City Council.

See Smith Resume.

See Smith 132nd Council Vacancy Application.

Excerpt from Smith application:



  1. Wow, this is an interesting development. Someone of high moral standards, potentially rubbing elbows with people who generally don’t. Somethings gotta give. Stay tuned.

  2. I don’t mind anybody becoming practitioners of politics as long as they’re honest, capable and hardworking, for all the people of Bridgeport, all the time. What we don’t need are personal agendas or narrow special interest, influencing the goings on of any city administration. What happened to honest government? Why do we keep voting for convicted felons and other unqualified people to run the City of Bridgeport? In a city of 150,000 there must be 10,000 people who care enough about the City of Bridgeport to form an alliance of concerned citizens to reform this nonproductive, excuse of a government, into something that functions normally, that people could be proud of. A government that works for you and is at your service, if you need them. That might seem kind of corny to some people but I think it’s self-evident. All it takes is two people to form a group. From there, anything’s possible. Organize and Vote !!!


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