The Skinny At Captain’s Cove: The Three Amigos Hold Court

I’m a little late getting started today. You know how parties can take on a life of their own.

We had quite the eclectic crew show up at Captain’s Cove Seaport, a collection of great and near-great pols, elected officials, neighborhoods activists, and urban warriors. Cougar Rodgerson pawed in with some of his cubs from the Black Rock arts community. The Coug was sporting facial chops that gave the appearance he’s on the verge of conversion to Judaism. “Not yet,” Coug cracked. Circumcision this afternoon, Coug!

Bob “The Troll” Walsh dropped by with that mischievous smile and a brain that never stops working. The City Council maverick is like a kid with matches and gasoline always poised to flame up a controversy. The Troll and Kool Hand Tommy Kelly, one of Black Rock’s wit masters, looked like they were cooking up a darn good conspiracy, as was story-teller extraordinaire Ace Holleran.

Always sweet to see the Mother Goose of the Democratic party Dottie Guman, now party vice chair. East Side District Leader Marilyn Middlemass showed up with her quirky sense of humor.

Quite a mighty crew of Republicans showed up including OIB’s genial think tank Bruce Hubler, State Sen. Rob Russo, Republican Town Chair Marc Delmonico and wife Barbara, and chief strategists and fundraisers for Congressman Christopher Shays. Where were the Jim Himes people? I was ready to broker a deal between the two congressional camps over debates. Could Maura Keaney, Himes campaign manager, be taking the Park City lightly? Where were the signs, Let The Good Himes Roll! I guess they left them at the convention. They coulda done a fab rendition of Walk Like An Egyptian.

Great to see Sun Cat, Jonathan Kantrowitz, key correspondent for My Left Nutmeg, and always gracious John from Black Rock.

And how about mighty Local Eyes putting up a brave defense of Mayor Bill Finch’s first six months in office. LE made quite an impression on behalf of his honor, and he’s never even met him! Now that’s real courage.

Many precious moments with the three amigos–Sly Salcedo, Chico Rivera and the indomitable Joel Gonzalez who slipped out of the zoo when the tigers weren’t watching–all three potential candidates to fill the seat being vacated by State Rep. Felipe Reinoso. Where was Eze Santiago? Yo Mitch, did you advise your prodigy not to show? We could have had a makeshift nominating convention on the spot. And could it be dapper Hector Diaz might jump into the state representative fray? Stay tuned. Captain Charlie Coviello stopped in to hold court with the three amigos. Talk about brokering a deal. What ca



  1. Lennie-Great time had by all. Don’t forget Con Filardi and Black Rockin were there. Captain Coviello and his sidekick Barry “Spanky” Piesner will be running Chico’s campaign.
    NIce bit of camaraderie amongst the three amigos all hell bent on flipping the Switch on Mitch. Sorry the Trojan Horse couldn’t be there. I hope Hector Diaz doesn’t move out his district before the nominating convention. His support of Keeley is needed. Please don’t give your proxy or seat up to Danny. I spotted sun cat purring and beaming across the room. And there was also a cool little kitty whose name is Katz. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree and Mo and her daughter Taryn looked very hot. Must have been the jeans and their genes. Keeley will soon be collecting his sheepskin number three and is looking forward to giving Auden the third degree.
    As usual Lennie was the host with the most.

  2. Lennie, I am really sorry I couldn’t make it to your gathering. I had been planning to attend, however, I had some last minute business that I needed to take of. It sounds like everyone had a good time. I promise I’ll come to the next one.

  3. It was a great time – I enjoyed meeting and chatting with a lot of the contributors here – and so many local pols!

  4. Lennie, sorry I couldn’t make it. Wish I could have been there. Next time Lennie your first drink’s on me [they don’t carry Johnny Walker Blue or the 150 yr. old Grand Marnier, so I should be able to cover it]. If you’d rather the Blue I believe they stock it VIALE. I’d be happy to meet you there to discus campaign strategies.

  5. Jim Himes willl be showing up at Captain’s Cove – just a little late for the party – but for an even better cause. I just got this letter:

    Dear Jonathan,

    Tomorrow morning, a team of Himes supporters will be taking part in the 7th annual “Walk to End Homelessness” in Bridgeport, which benefits the great work being done at Alpha Community Services to raise awareness and provide services to those in our communities who are most in need.

    We’re going to gather a big group of supporters as possible to walk as a team and show our support for Jim and this great cause. There will be T-shirts for official participants, and there are also fun prizes.

    RSVP here to join us:


    Even better – the march goes right past Chris Shays’ house in Bridgeport! Be a part of the Himes team, and help raise awareness of Jim’s work on the serious and critical issue of affordable housing, this Saturday morning:

    Saturday, May 17, 2008
    Registration: 8:30AM
    Walk Starts: 9:30 AM (Rain or Shine)
    Captain’s Cove Seaport
    Bridgeport, CT 06605

    Just show up on Saturday morning before 9:30am, rain or shine, at Captain’s Cove Seaport in Bridgeport, and look for the Jim Himes signs.

    See you there,

    Kevin McTigue
    Field Director
    Jim Himes for Congress

    I’ll be there. I hope many OIB’ers will join us. Please come up and say hello. And let us know you are coming in the comments below.

  6. Hi Lennie, thank you for the warm reception last nite at your party, I shall try to make all your parties no matter where, it was a pleasure meeting your wife and daughter, nice family, next time I’ll bring my wife and 2 boys, handsome as their father is; we should get together to discuss issues, u, me, and hector; I was hoping hector would be helping me, you think hector, oh by the way I have a new house for sale on Helen & Arctic St. corner house; single fam., 3brms, 2-1/2 bths, central air/heating, call me 203-414-6012, sorry Lennie, make business here, good thing, anyone want to set and discuss things, I’m always available; Armed Forces day celebration at Bluefish Stadium on Saturday 5/17/08 at 1730 (5:30 PM for u civilians) I’ll be there part of Vets. Council, we need parades and parties. Don’t forget Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony. Thanks Joel for the conversation, very enlighting, you are right about Mitch and what he said to Mojica, you know I don’t lie; I’ll be walking on Saturday, please join me also. Hopefully, Charlie, Barry and I will make a winning team, and go on to glory in November, You and me Joel, again thank u for the warmth last nite, Will it be the same the next time??

  7. Lennie,
    Great party!!! And Republicans were out in force. Lets have a few more gatherings. Was good to hear that John from Black Rock is coming over to the McCain side!!!

  8. Chico, I love you like a big brother. We do need to talk. The house is BEAUTIFUL but, I believe its on wrong side of street. You have done many unrecognized deeds. Never seeking the limelight. Your efforts are appreciated.

  9. I’ll be at the Marine Club at Gregory St. & Lafayette St., the bar is in the basement of the church, after 1900 (7:00 PM), I’m buying, take advantage,

  10. yes, yes…a wonderful and most lovely time… great to meet the faces behind the posts….met old friends and some new ones….and I am a very kool katz (as you say):-)

  11. Paging Helen of Troy. What’s up with all this Trojan Horse stuff. Real men like Chris “King Slut” Shays wear Ramses. Just thought I would give you guys a little ribbing with your condomints.

  12. If Chico opened a pizza joint it would be called “Semper Pie!”

    If Sly opened a pizza place it would be called “Buy the Slyce!”

    If Joel opened a pizza place featuring finger foods it would be called “A Slice of Life!”

    If Hector opened a latin pizza house it would be called “Buenos Diaz!” with a bar attached called “What the Heck!”

    If Mitch opened a seafood pizza casa it would be called “Bait and Switch!”

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Grimaldi (Lennie’s Dad). If he opened a pizza place it would be called “Pies On!”

    I’m on my way to Two Boots. How’s Bayou?

  13. One last thing. One sure thing about Chris Shays.
    With Rina Bakalar on his staff he will never suffer from….are you ready?

    Rinal Failure!

  14. rightofrush – Oh yeah! I’ll be jumping on the McCain bandwagon any day now – right after the pigs start flying, Sal DiNardo pays his back taxes and Finch and his senior staff take a pay cut to help ease our tax burden.

    Good to see you all last night. It was especially fun talking to my somewhat right of center Republican friends about their great respect and admiration for unions and the American Labor Movement as a whole.

  15. I think it is Lennie and Mo that are having all the fun.
    If Mo were a concert she would be a sell out. Otherwise Summer Wind maybe you should call Rent-A-Center or Melody “No woman is above the” Law.

  16. I wonder who the folks in Hartford want to win?? Hector has the experience and the ability to twist a bitch’s Back out, EZ-E has the most upside as long as he gets good direction, Chico is a Republican in Democrat’s Clothing and Sly is an enigma. Who would be the better Legislator? Lennie? What’s your take?

  17. I always thought Melody created sweet music for the Bridgeport PD. I understand she had quite a song book. Come to me now that I have found you…

  18. Up On Bridgeport

    I enjoy original material, It’s something we rarely get in politics. Thanks for the reason to laugh.

  19. Dear Mr. Wondering, Yes I said, “Dear and Mister.”
    You too Hector. All OIB readers, Wondering and I
    do have much in common…

    Go to: Budget Warriors, Party
    Time and I’ve Got Gas!

  20. Trojan Yegua

    It isn’t up to Harford to decide who is going to Best Represent the 130th. State Rep. district. Nor is it Lennie Grimaldi’s decison. In case you haven’t notice, Lennie doesn’t live in Bridgeport. The voters will decide. Just ask Mr. Ed – the talking horse.

  21. Black Rockin thanks for your advice and the opportunity to chat with you.
    There was one memorable moment I’d like to share with all of you. Local Eyes, myself and Sly where talking on the deck at the cove . We had our drinks on the table, when Sly slid away elsewhere. Local Eyes reached for his drink and it was gone. Local Eyes looks at me and asks, “Have you seen my drink?,” “It was here a moment ago.” I responded, “Hey, It’s your fault, You kept your Local Eyes off your drink.”

  22. Chico you are welcome. It will be the same always, the only difference will be in party affilliation and the Publitical Platform I’ll present. I’m sure the you will support McCain who was a POW MIA. I respect my seniors for their wisdom and dedication to service. Be aware of the absentee ballots, they are some tough land mines to spot.

  23. Wow, is Keeley nervous about Auden…”stomp her in Black Rock?”…”fillet her at Longfellow”? Hmmm. Nervous comments. Keely should stay focused on the new ethics classes…oh, I am sorry, school administrator, class he is taking. Hopefully, that goes well. But, if he does get a school administrator’s job, he actually has to show for that one.

  24. One thing is for sure, Bob Keely has a lot of self confidence that he will win. Those sound like fighting words to me!

  25. BobBlackRock

    Audie’s a friend and so is Bob. I don’t know much about fish fries but I do strongly feel that Bob will prevail in this race. If Auden wins this primary I will sing “Longfellow’s Serenade” in Matty’s Corner! If Keeley wins you can sing “So Long Farewell” at Ellsworth Field.


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