Rockin’ Cove Party, Lawyers And So Long Syesha

I went to a Cove party
to reminisce with my old friends …
Chico showed up with his rivals …
there was magic in the air.

Okay, Ricky Nelson I’m not, but we had a slammin’ time at Captain’s Cove Seaport, meeting classic and new faces, Democrats, Republicans and those in the middle, elected officials and some that want to be. Thanks to the folks at the Cove including Jan and Jill Williams, and staff Jill, Francine and Tara. We shared stories and posed for blackmail photos and even chatted about the future, such as …

The city is currently reviewing applicants for bond counsel, the outside legal firm that advises the city on a variety of complex financial transactions. The selection committee includes the finance director, deputy finance director, city attorney, city treasurer and chief administrative officer.

Former Democratic Party leader John Stafstrom’s firm Pullman & Comley currently serves in that role. The firm is highly credentialed. So are others competing for the services and fees that overtime could be in the millions, including Connecticut firms Day Pitney, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, Murtha Cullina, Robinson & Cole and New Jersey-based McManimon & Scotland.

So, what gives? How much will Mayor Bill Finch weigh in on the continuation of Stafstrom’s firm? Finch’s standing with the party has broken down, in part, from his insistence–and failed effort–to keep Stafstrom in political power. Party regulars revolted and voted for Mario Testa as town chair.

State statute grants the city attorney the authority to hire outside legal advisors. City Councilman Bob Walsh says the City Council should ratify the selection committee’s choice, arguing bond counsel’s role covers a variety of financial interests impacting taxpayers outside of traditional legal services.

Now it would be fun if the council did vote on the selection because we could potentially see if Finch is still experiencing a Stafstrom hangover, and if Testa exercises his council influence to blow it up. No, Mario wouldn’t do that, would he?

By the way, the city is on track to hire an economic development director within the next few weeks. The interview process, by a recommendation committee, has begun with the three finalists forwarded to the mayor. Would be nice to have a development director.

Syesha’s Idol Run

My girl Syesha Mercado’s rockin’ run on American Idol ended Wednesday night. The Bridgeport-born diva finished third. Hey, Syesha, missed you at the blog party!



  1. While Bridgeport ponders the selection of an Economic Development Director, Local Eyes is already on the case and looks forward to outperforming him or her. When the time is right, I’ll be using mankind’s most accurate measuring device to prove the value of O.P.I.C.s or one-person internet companies. But don’t be surprised if he’s reluctant to give total disclosure– NOBODY is anxious to explain that thing which makes them money. My players and I have no patent on this methodology — anyone could do what we do. However, Local Eyes will give enough detail to gain authenticity. Local Eyes believes in the power of the marketplace and will let OIB bloggers come to their own conclusions.

  2. I just looked at a nice house on the SOUTHEND. If anyone else sees somthing nice with a yard and parking. Let me know. Interested in property from Albion St. to Arctic St.

  3. Development?
    There seems to be more Political development going on in Bridgeport than the type of Development the above article is in reference to.
    I drove by Barnum Avenue and saw the building across the Street from Tito’s. This is really a major Development project that has been taking place and there isn’t any attention being paid to it. The Developer is none other than Sal DiNardo. Recently Sal DiNardo hasn’t been getting the credit that he deserves and has been under constant attacks by the public and the media. This is unfair and it speaks to what I had posted last night in my posting to Chico, “The Democrats are unappreciative to the efforts and hard work of those who supported them.” Bill Finch threw Sal DiNardo under the bus and had the driver reverse and run him over again.
    I’d bet that Bill Finch still hasn’t returned Sal DiNardo’s campaign donations and I’m sure the Zoo is still waiting for his (Bill Finch’s) donation of his State Senate pay. If other Developers are paying attention to the way Sal DiNardo is beign treated, hiring ten (10) Directors of Economic Development won’t make a difference.

  4. As I’ve stated in the past “candidates don’t win elections the people supporting them do”. A debate between those mentioned already would be fun. A game of high stakes poker deal me in [they all have tells]. A circus election would not be fair to those living in the district. If I were to find a residence and had the proper support, sure. Joel, there’s always room at any of my families homes.

  5. Hector if you run I will cut you a check and find some volunteers for you. I know alot of people in the South end and in the senior buildings in your district.

  6. How is this for a flash from the past:

    From Mayor Bill’s campaign web site

    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    Finch Budget Team Gets to Work
    Mayor-Elect Bill Finch today announced the appointment of an experienced team of budget experts to review Bridgeport’s 2007-2008 city budget and its budgeting process. This group will develop a list of recommendations for improvements in the management of the city’s finances and present them to the Mayor-Elect. “I’ve asked some of the most talented budget people in the state to help me review both the status of the city’s current budget and any long-term structural concerns they find, and advise me on the critical issues we face going forward,” said Finch. “In order to enact our priorities, it’s very important that we get an independent evaluation of where we are today.”

    The Finch Budget Team includes:

    • Howard Rifkin, Deputy State Treasurer
    • Mark Ojakian, Deputy State Comptroller
    • Richard Gray, Executive Director, State of Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority
    • Thomas Hamilton, Director of Finance, City of Norwalk
    • Donald J. Miklus, Finance Director, Town of Westport
    • Anthony V. Milano, former Secretary of the Office of Policy & Management, State of Connecticut
    • Edwin J. Maley, Jr., Legislative Commissioner, Connecticut General Assembly

    The City’s budget and finance staff, including CAO Mike Fenney, OPM Director Tom Sherwood, and Finance Director Mike Lubkis briefed the Finch budget team this morning. The Finch team received substantial budget information from Mayor Fabrizi’s office prior to the meeting and will likely request additional information as they continue to examine the budgeting process.

    “During my campaign, I pledged to manage the taxpayers’ money wisely and to create a leaner, more efficient government,” added Finch. “This review is the first step in that process. We want to do everything we can to re-examine how the City conducts its business and find ways to improve the delivery of vital city services.”

  7. Well it was a pleasure to see both the old faces and meet some new ones at the Cove earlier. Thanks Lennie, always good to see you…unfortunately no Tequila Rose, but the margarita was excellent!!

  8. To City Kitty and all the kittens that didn’t show up, I missed y’all. I brought some tender vittles and 9 lives tuna for y’all to wash down with Lennie’s free drink. I guess I have to feed those stray cats in my back yard.

    sun cat you were there? You should have made your presence known. What happened, the cat got your tongue? The 9 Lives tuna would have gone great with the drink. Sorry I missed you. Now, to my backyard.

  9. Oh Lennie, you have no idea what I went through trying to get to the OIB event. My idiot driver spilled his coffe on my GPS system an hour before we left. I figured he could find his way to the Cove. We ended up in some project where all the buildings look alike. We were surrounded by a group of about 9 teens who walked up to the limo trying to look through the dark tint. They called us, “Popo and Five-0” when all the other teens near by started to run away. I told my driver to step on it as I believed they ran to get guns. It looked like every turn my driver made led to the same area when finally he reached a Street that was near a Stop and Shop supermarket. What place is that Lennie, It smelled like a thousand people had just taken a shit. The smell is still lingering inside the Limo. I thought that since my driver is Black and had lived in Bridgeport, he would know where not to take me. No matter how many times I slap my driver with my pair of White Gloves, he just doesn’t get it. I’m seriously thinking of letting him go. Should I fire him Lennie? I’m leaving this decision up to you. Anyway, I hope you guys had a better time than I did.

  10. Joel, sorry I could not make it, I really wanted to get there and meet you. You been making me re-think the way I saw things before. I enjoy how you make your point in a very and unique fashion. I was thinking that if Lennie decides to do a Finch on my driver, I could hire you. You don’t sound like a guy I’m going to have to slap with my White Gloves all the time. You sound like a man with a sense of direction and trust me, after tonight I really need one. Think about it!

  11. OIB crew go to:

    Budget Warriors, Party
    time and I’ve Got Gas!

    See my description of the kind of person Wondering is, as I respond to the kind of person he thinks I am.

    Wondering stop hurting my feelings please.

  12. Hey Miss Crazy, How are you? The place you describe is P.T. Barnum Housing. The Teens you saw are the By-product of our education system soon to be residents in our Prison system.
    I was born there and It has good, hard working people living there. You are lucky your limo tires weren’t stolen. Popo and Five-0 means Police or Detectives as in Hawaai 5-0. They thought you were Police officers. Does your driver wear a uniform with those funny looking driver hats? That may explain why they yelled “cops” and everybody ran away. Wanna scare the shit out of them? Go back in a Blue Crown Victoria, speeding into the Drive and slam the brakes.
    They will run like Roaches and maybe drop some drugs on the ground. Pick them up if you like!
    Me, your Driver? Are you aware I’m called, “Speedy Gonzalez” and my last ticket was for going 86 m.p.h. and I was in third gear with two more to go? Stop slapping your driver with those White Gloves maybe he is deaf from all the slapping.
    The shit smell is from the West Side Sewage Treatment Plant and you came at a time when the wind was Blowing in your direction. Try Pine Tree air freshener in your car or you can always pinch your nose. Thanks for the compliment Miss Crazy. Sense of direction? I’m not sure about that, I always feel I’m lost in this world. I’d have to think about the driving offer, I don’t want my wife to think I’m riding you. You take care Miss Crazy.

  13. Life is simple.

    There are only TWO KINDS of people in this world:

    THOSE who attended the OIB party at Captain’s Cove


    KUDOS to State Senator Russo for being the smartest guy in the room and Joel Gonzalez who proved that the best night watchmen wear three piece suits — if you don’t believe me, just ask any kangaroo at Beardsley zoo.

  14. I’m happy to hear from “Former City Official” that the mayor has gone for help to what appear to be experienced savvy individuals. We need all the help we can get. However, Mr. Mayor, if you’re smart you’ll privatize, privatize, privatize. We can no longer afford public employees hanging on the public teat.

  15. There are no Kangaroos at the Zoo. Last night, I switched your contact lenses with a pair that has little kangaroos on them.
    Just take them off, throw them away and replace them with a fresh pair of clear contact lenses. That should make the Kangaroos go away.


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