The Pleasure Is I, Me, Mine! The Power Of Improvements

Pleasure Beach sign
Ain't the power of incumbency great?

John Percell, who resides on Seaview Avenue near Pleasure Beach snapped a couple of photos of likewise signs that have appeared around the city to promote government improvements or those possibly on the horizon. He says the timing of all of this is suspicious. Mayor Bill Finch wouldn’t put up signs showcasing improvements as the primary approaches, would he? What’s a mayor to do in an election year? Percell writes:

It’s about 12:30 AM as I start type this message! I decided to bring this matter to your attention as something just doesn’t smell quite right and I DON’T LIKE OR TRUST BILL FINCH!! For Finch to be boasting of “sustainability,” ESPECIALLY in this neighborhood, is the height of hypocrisy!!! I just witnessed two men installing signs both across the street from my home at the corner of Seaview and Central Aves and again a few blocks away at Newfield Park on Newfield Ave. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to the city installing signs but these did not appear to be city employees and it’s THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! The two men were driving an unmarked silver Ford van pulling what appeared to be a landscaper’s trailer. Attached are photos of the small sign that city employees installed several weeks ago, directly across the street from my home, as well as the MUCH larger sign, complete with Photoshopped fantasy image, installed tonight on the opposite corner. I would very much like to know how much these signs cost, who is paying for the signs and their dead of night installation cost and most of all WHO is installing them and WHY in the middle of the night? I believe the small sign was more than adequate, and although Finch and co. will certainly deny it, that the giant new signs are nothing more than expensive campaign gimmicks!

Pleasure Beach sign
Sign on Seaview Avenue promoting Pleasure Beach pier restoration.

Mayor Finch’s office shared this photo below and statement of street improvements on Madison Avenue:

Madison Ave
Madison Avenue between North and Grand.


Madison Avenue Streetscape Improvements

Include sidewalks, trees and new lighting

A four-block long stretch of Madison Avenue from North Avenue to Harral Avenue is getting a facelift with installation of new sidewalks, streetscape improvements, trees and new lighting as part of the City’s Bridgeport@Work capital improvements plan.

The Madison Avenue streetscape project is one of several improvements made throughout the City during the past five months to make the City cleaner and greener.

“This stretch of Madison Avenue is heavily traveled both by pedestrians and cars. The work that’s been undertaken will make it easier for pedestrians to use the sidewalks, and enhanced lighting for both walkers and drivers,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “This project is a direct result of the City’s collaboration with Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, which placed a priority on this project for the neighborhood.” The entire Madison Avenue project cost $456,166.

To see more BRIDGEPORT@Work projects log on to:



    1. New Vocabulary Word:
      Electile Dysfunction–The inability to become aroused over the incumbent choice put forth by a corrupt party machine in the 2011 primary.

  1. Clean & Green Mayor Finch has polluted the whole city with these damn signs. Thank god he hasn’t done anything in the 138th or we would have one of these damn signs.
    Where is all the money coming from to pay for them? How much are the installation costs?
    Isn’t it great 3-1/2 years of doing nothing and all of a sudden miracles are happening? What bullshit. Shame on Finch and the council for wasting our money on these damn signs.

      1. I love Jim Fox. He’s one of the Good Guys. Marty only wants free tickets to the Vibes and other venues, when he shows up on City Council, that is. Please Black Rock Vote for Mary Jane Foster, Jim Fox & Jill Hughes.

        1. McCarthy doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to appreciate complex budgetary matters. Brannelly, all I know is Bill Finch singled her out for “praise” regarding Steel Point. What, if anything, she actually accomplished we’ll never know. The only sign of progress is the weeds have been hacked down.

          1. This coming from the Fairfield Ave drunk. I think you have fallen off your barstool and conked your head a few too many times.

          2. This coming from a person who cares about the city he lives in. Personal attacks against other posters will only serve to get you thrown off the website.

            Mind your manners, boy.

    1. These must be the green signs from the self-proclaimed green mayor with the plastic non-ecologically friendly non-green signs. He really does believe Bridgeport residents are dumber than a box of rocks.

  2. Has anyone seen any of these signs with my name on them?
    If so please report such sightings to:

    This ad was paid for by Anyone But Finch.

    1. Come writers and critics
      Who prophesize with your pen
      And keep your eyes wide
      The chance won’t come again
      And don’t speak too soon
      For the wheel’s still in spin
      And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
      For the loser now will be later to win
      For the times they are a-changin’

  3. This is shameful. In my neighborhood, the Finch signs and the council incumbent’s signs are on public property, abandoned property and on one or two politically connected lawns.
    Shame on Finch for using my tax money to self promote. Isn’t there any PAC money for these green things?

  4. Paging the SEEC … Beccaro and his mommy and daddy’s PAC probably paid for them. “People for Excellence in Government” or should it be “People for Extortion in Government.”

  5. Seriously–these signs are everywhere and they’re totally pissing people off. Leave ’em up ’til election day–it just sends people Foster’s way.

    It’s obvious Wood & Finch really do have no regard for the people they represent. They think we’re all idiots and don’t see through their totally obvious last-minute efforts to make it look like they’re doing something. Do they really think waking up and working for the final three months of a four-year term will convince people they’ve been doing a good job all along? Where have they been???

    1. A million workers working for nothing
      You better give ’em what they really own
      We got to put you down
      When we come into town

      Singing power to the people …

    1. We do have to maintain a vigilant effort, that’s true. You underestimate the people of the city of Bridgeport. Sure, Mario Testa is going to recruit the dead or dying to march in his AB campaign. Mario Testa is also aware there are many people watching this primary. Not as spectators, as prosecutors. Judge Bellis is watching and according to an informed source Mario Testa is terrified of pissing her off. The same source claimed Testa believes the phones are tapped. Any attempt to throw the election through the manipulation of absentee ballots will result in drawing the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is not a third-world dictatorship, not a banana republic. The money-laundering case and the election law violations by Santa Ayala could not have escaped the attention of David B. Fein.

      You underestimate the intelligence of Bridgeport voters. They voted for Finch in ’07 because he was presented as an alternative to Chris Caruso. The latter came across as an angry man. Foster is the alternative to Finch, who has proven himself to be singularly inept to manage the affairs of a big city.

  6. Neighborhood Housing Service, Connecticut National Bank, American Cancer Society, University of Bridgeport, House Painter, Joe Ganim campaign, Bridgeport Civil Defense Director, Greater Bridgeport Transit (6 months), Gunester House, BEDCO aka DEADCO, State Senator, Marketing Rep no-show job with Paul Timpanelli at BRBC (and they used to talk about Keeley?), state senator and Mayor (two jobs at one
    time with two paychecks). Best I can do!

  7. I get the sense the Finch camp is desperate. Why else would these signs be going up all over town? Why would Finch send operatives to select households in the North End to scare uptight honkies that Mary-Jane Foster is in cahoots with Ernie Newton? Why else would Mario Testa be fearful of angering a Superior Court judge? Why is he paranoid that his phones are tapped? Why is the Finch campaign attempting to smear Mary-Jane Foster and her husband Jack McGregor, misrepresenting their record concerning the Bridgeport Bluefish? A former governor and U.S. Senator have endorsed the Foster campaign, as have three sitting members of the Bridgeport City Council and a State Senator. A union representing the city’s school teachers has offered its endorsement.

    What does Bill Finch have? Not much. A union representing grocery store employees, a nonexistent record, a couple of gay men bragging about their tastes in women’s clothing and expensive booze and not much in the way in defense of One Term Bill. Only smirking remarks we will have to visit the Palace of Pasta, kiss Mario’s Masonic ring and beg his forgiveness. (Two-word response: FUCK THAT, period.)

    The way Mario Testa has directed the DTC and run the city as his own personal favor bank is unnatural. An elected government is designed to represent all the people, not just the morons and imbeciles who cannot find a decent-paying job on their own.

  8. Signs like those have been up in the 133rd (corner of Madison and Westfield) and 134th (Madison and Thorme) for the last 4 to 6 weeks. As far as I’m concerned, they’re illegal campaign signs for all the people whose names are listed on them. If the State Elections Enforcement wasn’t so spineless, I’d file a complaint!!!

    1. lisawhite // Sep 14, 2011 at 7:08 pm
      To your posting

      Guess what …
      I don’t think the SEEC is going to be spineless on this.
      Call up Josh Foley or any other of the good attorneys up there.
      This is not a Rell administration or a Lamont administration or a Foley administration.
      Let them know there are hundreds of these signs defacing the City with only one purpose … taxpayer-paid campaign signs.
      Call me up … I will help you as will probably every other OIB’er.

    2. It’s not the Bridgeport Ethics Commission, lisawhite. The SEEC is an independent, nonpartisan investigative body that looks into complaints of impropriety. Several elected officials resigned from office after SEEC investigations.

  9. There are too many people watching this go ’round. Not just the public, which is better informed this year than they were back in ’07. The authorities as well. We know the SEEC is investigating two formal complaints alleging violations of campaign finance laws, among other transgressions. Mario Testa would be foolhardy to even consider absentee ballot manipulation. The Foster campaign has shown no hesitation in challenging the “machine” in a court of law. Even the mere appearance of irregularity will bring the wrath of God and the state of Connecticut.


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