City Council Members Endorse Finch

From the Finch campaign:

City Council members and candidates today endorsed Mayor Finch for reelection citing his work on stabilizing city finances and economic development as positives for the City.

“Despite having to deal with one of the worst economies our country has faced in decades, Mayor Finch has done an excellent job of holding taxes down, lowering city spending for the last three years in a row, while maintaining and improving delivery of city services. Our schools are being rebuilt, our downtown is being revitalized and waterfront access expanded for the enjoyment of all of our city residents. He deserves enormous credit for the work that he has accomplished,” said City Council President Thomas McCarthy, (D-133).

“I am extremely pleased and proud to accept this endorsement from our City Council members. During my four years in office, we have all worked together to propel the City forward and position it for increased economic development in the coming years. I look forward to continuing our work on behalf of the citizens of Bridgeport during the next four years,” said Mayor Finch.

Signing on to the endorsement are:

Susan Brannelly and Martin McCarthy, D-130

Denese Taylor-Moye, D-131, and her running mate Leticia Colon

M. Evette Brantley, D-132 and her running mate, the Rev. John Olson

Thomas C. McCarthy and Howard Austin, D-133

Michele Lyons and AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia, D-134

Warren Blunt and Richard K. Bonney, D-135

Angel M. dePara Jr, D-136

Manuel Ayala and Lydia N. Martinez, D-137

Robert P. Curwen Sr. and Richard M. Paoletto Jr., D-138

James Holloway, D-139



  1. Sounds like a “me too” press release to me since Foster got out there first … better lock those Councilmembers in before any more defect. Very disappointing to see some of these people who we know can’t stand Finch kowtowing to him & towing the party line … congrats Bill–you can count on at least 24 votes, when you include these Council members, yourself, your wife & two kids, Adam & his wife.

    Prediction: Foster by a landslide.

    1. I’m with you on that point. Foster by a landslide. Michele Mount and Alan Neigher filed a motion this afternoon imploring the judge to appoint moderators based on Santa Ayala’s total disregard for due process and the law.

  2. Just making an observation here. Driving out of my Bridgeport school, the road facing the school (on a side street) is newly paved.

    Cruising 5 minutes to my home across the line in Trumbull, it looks like a third-world country is in charge of my road improvement plan.

    Hi, Tim!


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