The Big Wave For Marilyn Moore’s Campaign–Caruso, Maya Join Mayoral Ticket

The ticket: Alma Maya for city clerk, Chris Caruso for town clerk, Marilyn Moore for mayor.

Game on, baby! Here comes the Big Wave Chris Caruso and Alma Maya joining the citywide slate of State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor as candidates for town clerk and city clerk respectively.

Caruso, a two-time anti-establishment mayoral candidate who came up just short in his runs in 2003 and 2007 has been generally dormant from city politics since 2011 when he was appointed to a state job by then-Governor Dan Malloy. He had served in the State House prior to that for about 20 years. He retired from state service a few weeks ago. He has time and knowledge.

Maya, Hudson, Ganim
In 2015 Town Clerk Alma Maya, left, and City Clerk Fleeta Hudson announce their support for Joe Ganim on steps of City Hall. While they lost in a primary Ganim won the mayoralty. Now Maya is running for city clerk on Marilyn Moore’s ticket.

Maya, in 2015, supported Joe Ganim’s return to the mayoralty and served as tri-chair of his transition team. Maya spent eight years as town clerk, losing her seat to Charles “Don” Clemons four years ago when Ganim won a close primary over incumbent Bill Finch.

Maya took a job with Ganim’s administration but she soured on the mayor and recently retired from her city job declaring she was going to relax from city politics. Alma’s had a change of heart. So Maya will match up in the September 10 primary against incumbent Lydia Martinez while Caruso goes against Clemons for town clerk.

“Bridgeport needs new leadership,” said Moore in a statement. “Together, we will bring the much-needed change that every resident of Bridgeport has asked for. Together we will ensure that both our city and its residents live up to their full potential.”

Caruso brings to the table institutional knowledge of city campaigns that Moore needs as well as a reformer’s touch that complements Moore’s message. He’s not afraid to mix it up. Maya, as well, has earned her stripes with an independent voice against entrenched establishment figures.

Caruso and Ganim have known each other for more than 40 years going back to their days as classmates at Notre Dame High School. They’ve had their moments of getting along but largely they’ve been on opposite political sides. In 1989, Caruso supported Ganim’s first run for mayor that he eventually won in 1991.

For Caruso the town clerk’s spot provides a platform that has been his passion: transparency and election reform of the absentee ballot process. Absentee ballots are processed out of the Town Clerk’s Office.

Amina Brown, Dasha Spell and Eric Stewart-Alicea are running for Board of Education on Moore’s slate. Jacqueline Richardson, Ernest Brown and Wes Matthews are candidates for city sheriff.

Moore’s campaign operation is now fanning out across the city to secure the necessary signatures to qualify for the September 10 primary.



    1. Forget about Testa. A huge majority in BPT don’t know anything about the little paisan. Joe Ganim was elected 3 1/2 years ago to be the Mayor of Bridgeport. Ganim abdicated his responsibilities as mayor and began a campaign to become governor of Connecticut. This is the truth. JOE GANIM WANTS TO GET OUT OF BPT.

  1. Now the Moore campaign is coming alive with the addition of these two battle tested and honest individuals. Marilyn there are a few more of the same honesty, battle tested and with great character out there that you can trust like Alma and Chris who would be very valuable in a Mayor Moore staff that you need to reach out to and talk and there are some past issues then talk about them and move on.

  2. Finale a ticket that the Voters of Bridgeport can be proud of!
    The long suffering Taxpayers of Black Rock, can now kick-out the likes of Governor Ganim, Testa, Flatto,Roach and Burns!

  3. Make sense now why the parade was moved. Port politics at its best. No respect for the people, tradition, or the city, at times. If the Puerto Rican community can find the money to hold their parade that runs from Central to Seaside Park then Chris could have found the money to run the longest running parade down Wayne and Madison. SMD Maria best of luck. 🙂 See you in September, people.

  4. I saw more at downtown Thursday they also had people out getting signatures think. I would have signed if they came up to me nonetheless I’m very happy about this ticket I think ganim loses in september and I also think moore gets 70% or more at black rock. Also don’t doubt moore popularity outside her district she seemed pretty popular to me last night.

    1. donj I’m glad you are very happy with Moore ticket. Does this mean you will attend the celebration of somebody who brought terror to so much individuals.

      Day what say you about Moore ticket ? Well you be attending celebration of “Columbus’ reign of terror, as documented by noted historians, was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel, that Columbus makes a modern villain like Saddam Hussein look like a pale codfish.

      Columbus saw profit in enslaving and selling native peoples kidnapped from Caribbean shores. Once he made allies among what he called “good Indians,” Columbus advocated fighting and enslaving native groups he presumed to be cannibals. By 1500, he and his brothers had sent nearly 1,500 enslaved islanders to European markets to be sold. Even “friendly” indigenous peoples were forced to mine gold en masse, speeding death from malnourishment, overwork and disease.

      Columbus was clearly no friend of native peoples, but a document discovered 10 years ago in Simancas, Spain, suggests he was an equal-opportunity tyrant. Witnesses testified that his brief government of Hispaniola was marked by routine cruelty not only to the native Taínos but also to Spaniards.”

      Are you very happy with Moore ticket?


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