School Board Challenge Slate Tries To Qualify For Dem Primary On Moore Ticket

A Board of Education challenge slate BPT Game Changers aligned with State Senator Marilyn Moore’s campaign for mayor is trying to qualify for a September 10 Democratic primary against the party-endorsed candidates incumbent Sybil Allen, school parent Albert Benejan and political newcomer Bobbi Brown.

Amina Brown, Dasha Spell and Eric Stewart-Alicea declare they are parents and educators “coming together to change the game on the Board of Education.” They will need certified signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in Bridgeport to qualify for a primary.

A summary of the candidates:

My name is Amina Brown, after graduating from the University of Maryland I attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and taught for six years in the highest- and lowest-performing schools in three urban school districts. I currently work as the Program Director of a non-profit in high schools across the city of Bridgeport. What I have seen in every single city and school I have taught at there have been some universal truths. I believe in the power and potential of every young person when they are given the opportunity to be their best selves.

My name is Dasha T. Spell and I am the mother of a 10-year daughter that is a current Bridgeport Public School Student. I recently purchased a home in Bridgeport as well as has a private practice in the community. I am an alumna of the Bridgeport Public School as I attended Roosevelt, Columbus, Bassick High School, and went on to Southern Connecticut State University.  Where I received a degree in Psychology (child) with a minor in Sociology as well as a master’s in counseling with a specialty in crisis & trauma.

My name is Eric Stewart-Alicea, I am a proud parent of three children. My younger children attend Classical Studies Magnet Academy. I have volunteered with BPS for many years. Most recently, I have been involved with The Great City School Males of Color Initiative. Our focus is to improve the outcomes with our males of color. I am the past president of Classical Studies Magnet Academy PAC, and the Bridgeport District PAC. I am a graduate of Bridgeport Public Schools and I am finishing my degree in Finance at Post University.

We have a plan to turn our schools around and restore the role for parents & the community to be a part of the education of our children. Our campaign focus is on the following three points:
— Professionalism – transparency, teamwork, student focus, and communication
— Integrity – respect, patience, open-mindedness, and accountability
— Creative – community collaborative, innovative, grant searches, partnerships, and outreach

It is time for Bridgeport to take its schools back. We want to empower parents, teachers, and students; not politicians. We are independent stakeholders standing up for stronger schools in our community. We look forward to working with a new Board of Education in order to better serve the public-school students and families of the city of Bridgeport. Please help support our cause by donating (,a target=”_blank” href=””> money, time, or just word of mouth that we are running due to the belief that it is time for a change in how the community view education and supports our children.



  1. It appears as if Amina Brown, Dasha Spell and Eric Stewart-Alicea are the Right Stuff for the education of Bridgeport youth. I think I’ll move back to Bridgeport just to vote for them. Well maybe I’ll just get an address in Bridgeport like it’s always done.

  2. Is it possible that more and more Bridgeporters are getting SICK AND TIRED of GANIMTESTA,the dumbass majority on the City Council, the dumbass Boards and Commission, and the dumb ass employees of the City of Bridgeport who are ONLY employed because they kiss the ass of TestaGanim.

  3. I am surprised by the grammatical errors in this press release.

    Did you notice that Amina Brown states she taught for 6 years in urban school districts. No where does she state that she is a Teach for America recruit which means she is probably not a certified teacher in CT. She fails to disclose she “taught” in two large Charter $school chains that have bad reputations.

    I personally think that goes directly to her character.

    Dasha Spell’s segment has several grammatical errors.

    Eric fails to state critical points regarding his parent volunteerism and attendance on the MOC committee.

    I am out promoting Marilyn.

    I ask every voter if they know I was arrested. Most say they have, but they are really with me. The majority feel the police are out to get me and it’s alot of bullsh_t. They are so happy that I beat the BPD in court.

    It’s almost as if Testa, Ganim and Chief Perez have made me into a martyr of sorts.

    1. Hi Maria…. Can I ask for this consideration. All three candidates listed here disavow the TestaGanim.. Is this a crack in the TestaGanim chokehold on the BOE. Thank you

  4. The Democratic Town Committee endorsed incumbent Sybil Allen, school parent Albert Benejan and political newcomer Bobbi Brown for Board of Education. Well I’ll take Dasha T. Spell, Amina Brown and Eric Stewart-Alicea all day long over the DTC endorsed candidates for Board of Education.


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