Teddy, Get Ready, 911 Political From Bridgeport Motor Works

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Billboard …

BMW of Bridgeport's billboard.
The mannequin and the teddy atop the BMW of Bridgeport billboard on 95 has gotten lots of media play. I'm wondering, though, what pol would you plop next to them? Or maybe take them for a ride? And where would you dump them off?

Jumpers Beware: let’s give this billboard thing some thought because with potential Democratic Town Committee primaries on the horizon and election for party chair in March who’s going to get thrown under the bus, or should I say off the top of the billboard? This is smash-mouth city politics at its best.

I mean, if that were Dem chair Mario Testa snuggled next to former Dem honcho John Stafstrom, not warm and fuzzy teddies, on that billboard, who makes the first move to provoke a freefall? Does Mario whack John with a side of beef? Does attorney John throw a couple of Connecticut General Statutes at the restaurant proprietor?

We could turn it into one of those American Gladiators jousting competitions and provide each with a sack of  town committee proxies for high-altitude pelting. “Watch out for that vertical drop!”

Or as an as undercard attraction, we could open with City Council members Bob Troll Walsh and phone-call nemesis Evette Brantley. Maybe Steel Point developer Robert Christoph will be down below holding a safety net for Evette. And if Troll’s in freefall nothing but concrete. Don’t worry Troll fans, Bob has a mighty hard head. He might crack a new pothole on I-95 and then torture Mayor Bill Finch for not filling it. “Wait a minute,” says the mayor, “that’s Jodi Rell’s job.”

Or, as State Rep. Chris Caruso might say, “That pothole is big enough to build the governor’s juvenile detention center.”

And then, for the main event: Caruso and the mayor pound each other with a sack of absentee ballots. The ballots explode into a kaleidoscope of confetti. And down below South End District Leader Mitch Robles screams, “Wait a minute, that one’s not filled out.”

By the way, what’s the big idea of those BMW guys lifting OIB’s slogan? Just for that I’m going to ask them to make overnight test drives available to all OIB readers.

Curry’s Political Spice

Carolanne Curry, once a major supporter of Mayor Bill Finch, is in a battle with the city to collect unemployment benefits after she was dismissed several months ago from the revamped government-efficiency CitiStat Program. The city did not announce a specific reason for her job elimination. Curry, a key component of the Finch Democratic primary that slipped by State Rep. Chris Caruso by just 270 votes in 2007, received a city position early in the Finch administration, but had a falling out. Curry distributed the following email to her contacts the other day:

I thought my emails on this subject had ended with my last one on December 11th to you all.

Not so …

And I think it’s important to note just how far the Mayor of Bridgeport is willing to go to deny to me or to anyone else in the City that is on his “hit list” … even a minuscule of fairness.

On Saturday, January 16th, another letter came from the State Department of Labor informing me that the City had once again filed an appeal against the decision to extend unemployment compensation to me.

Again this means preparing for another onslaught of preposterous allegations a.k.a. lies … before yet another Board of the Labor Department. But of course I will prepare and I will make my case again.

Because there is such a history already of the Finch administration engaging in this kind of action against many others previous to me and after me, it is obviously standard operating procedure at this point.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised that come the next Mayoral election in Bridgeport, I won’t be working for the re-election of anyone in the current administration. I remain with the belief and hope that Bridgeport can produce a Mayoral administration that is competent and not corrupt …

From Chris Keating, Hartford Courant

State Republican Chairman Chris Healy says that Attorney General Richard Blumenthal should not be involved in one of the biggest political controversies of the moment — whether Susan Bysiewicz is qualified to run for attorney general.

Bysiewicz has asked Blumenthal for a legal opinion on the previously innocuous state law that says an attorney must have 10 years of active practice in Connecticut to become attorney general. Some attorneys are saying that Bysiewicz does not have the 10-year minimum, which she strongly disputes — saying that her 11 years as secretary of the state should count because she is running a public-interest law firm that consistently provides legal advice on the state’s elections laws.

Healy, though, says that Blumenthal should stay out of it.

“A first-year law student would tell you Dick Blumenthal has absolutely zero jurisdiction over this issue,” Healy told Capitol Watch. “It’s a conflict for him to say whether she can run for his office.”

The matter, he says, can only be decided by a judge.

“Only the Superior Court can do that,” Healy said. “If she continues to pursue this, an aggrieved party — presumably another candidate — could seek an injunction.”



  1. BMW of Bridgeport enjoys a sales explosion after Lennie convinces them to extend overnight test drives to all O.I.B. posters who mention them in their posts.

    Salesmen smile as BMWs disappear from lots all because O.I.B. bloggers had such happy testdrives!


  2. O.I.B. Rumor Mill:

    TestDrive Central:

    www .bmwofbridgeport.com <–

    In a related story, upon accepting an overnight test drive, Joel G. has disappeared from all radar and GPS devices. His whereabouts remain unknown but we know he carries a laptop so future contact seems likely.

  3. I’m getting ready to send in my Bpt. taxes, what do you think will happen if I just “put them off” for a few months?
    The State of Connecticut paid and gave Bridgeport good money: mine and yours to Peter Timpanelli to do an audit on the BOE and what has Trumbull Timpanelli done??? – – – – – – – – – NOTHING.

    It took New Orleans three weeks to do an audit on its BOE and how long has it taken Bridgeport?
    I think it is criminal, certainly against the spirit of the giving by the State.
    Why do these fools delay and delay? What are they trying to hide?
    Why are they allowed to misuse tax funds–my taxes, my money. If you OIB readers or I conducted ourselves the way Peter Paul Timpanelli has done with our money, we would join the “bend over Billy” gang and they would have to put another prison in fair Bpt. town.

    By the way locate the new prison on some non-taxed DiNardo property, there is a lot of it.

  4. Black Rockin: When things are bad these bums try and keep it from us. They don’t really want us to know how badly the BOE budget in fact how badly the city’s budget is being managed.
    I learned something the other day about the BOE. We are paying a teacher’s salary to a person in each school for a position called home school coordinator.
    My understanding is this person is a liaison with the school’s PTA (or whatever they call it now) and also attends PTA meetings in the evening and while this is part of the job then charges OT for their attendance at these meetings.
    Now I guess a teacher at top pay is in the area of $74K-plus. Why are we wasting money on such a useless position? Maybe this is one of the reasons the audit is being kept quiet.

  5. Thank you T.C.
    Do you think we should let the A.G. know about this abuse, it might help him get into office and might help us get rid of Timpanelli et al.

  6. In response to the following post, left by RALPH MOJICA on Sunday afternoon (“*** Hey Derek Brown, I don’t have it all wrong like you may think, also maybe instead of the girls’ detention center going into my neighborhood it might be of a personal benefit if it were located by your mother’s house! Although I maybe basing my opinion on rumors? *** Fuck Off Punk! ***”):

    I buried my mother on Saturday morning. Thank you for your sympathies and your sensitivity. It is you who ought to consider fucking off.

      1. *** Another of Newton’s laws, “For every action, there is a reaction!” *** You’ve been blogging B/S towards many of my OIB opinions or comments all behind a cowardly web mask, well now the mask is off & the I.D. is known. As I’ve stated before, Bpt. is not a big city & sooner or later, the pleasure of meeting face-to-face to put an end to this little game of hide & seek will be refreshing & fun! ***

        1. I’m looking for you, asshole. I will be leaving you where I find you. Don’t act like a tough guy if you can’t back it up. Meet me at Matty’s Corner at 7:00 PM.

        2. Your hide-and-seek game is over, Ralph Mojica. I don’t give a damn if anyone knows my real name. So let’s cut the bullshit. Meet me at Matty’s Corner tonight at 7:00 PM. Be a man and show up to take your medicine.

          1. I’m looking forward to this. I’ll bet next month’s rent that El Gordo doesn’t have the balls to back up his threats and taunts.

          1. Okay. I’m more than willing to settle this tonight at 7:00 PM.

            Ser un hombre de verdad, Mojo.

  7. I was wondering why there are so many unresolved issues in Bridgeport, like Steel Pointe. Why is it that Bridgeport City Hall politicians seem like they are at an endless impasse, unable to get things moving forward?

    And why, apart from the now-open Arcade, are some downtown historic buildings sitting empty, not even being renovated, like the Majestic?

    Well, I had WPKN on at the time, and I happened to hear James Myers talking about some of these city buildings being haunted. James is a member of the New England Society for Psychic Research, and founder of East Coast Paranormal Police investigation team. He was guest on the WPKN show, Backstage Buzz, which airs every Third Sunday at 10 p.m. He said the Majestic Theater was haunted maybe because it was the site of the Golden Hill Native American Indians. That’s also the area where the city council sits.

    Tuesday Jan 19, at 8pm on Ch 88
    On tonight’s program:

    Guest: Renown historian: Charles Brilvitch

    Who Are The Golden Hill Indians Of The Paugussett Indian Nation. (And should they be able to get a casino.)

    Special call-in guest: a person who deals with the occult and heals spirit issues.

    Please note: as we edited our never-seen-before footage from inside the Majestic, we did find some oddities. Will try also air this tonight, if the spirits permit.

    1. Well, it’s no surprise that some of the houses and buildings in Bridgeport are haunted. This is New England, after all, a region with a long history of witch burnings, belief in vampirism, pagan fertility rites, etc.

        1. I once knew a fellow custodian who worked at old McKinley school who said that a TV show did a special on the haunted attic over there
          Some dude hanged himself in there in the 1940s. He worked night shift too and heard stuff up there all the time. He did a stretch there in the late ’80s and was scared shitless at night.

  8. Go Carolanne! Can’t you tell us what you found that made Woodpecker give you the ax? There are enough people who Woody and Finch stiffed, if they all got together and worked against Finch it would be a cinch to get him pinched. Take that Grin Ripper.

    1. The time is not yet right. Carolanne needs to wait a year, pick her candidate and then spill her guts. I hope she made copies before the shredders arrived.

  9. *** Well there sure was a full house at Matty’s tonight, and as I figured quite a “surprise” for a certain party! But it’s a done deal & I don’t wish to dwell on other people’s misfortunes to make myself look like a tough guy. But sometimes you have to be careful for what you wish for ’cause you just may get it! So it’s over as far as I’m concerned & time to move on to better things. ***


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