State House Primary Court Challenge Recessed Until Next Tuesday, Rejected Ballots Under Review

More than a month has passed since the August 9th Democratic primary between incumbent State Rep. Jack Hennessy and City Councilman Marcus Brown, but it looks like a resolution in the court case may come next week.

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens told the legal parties on Thursday that he wants evidence wrapped up by early afternoon Tuesday when court reconvenes next week.

The judge ruled this week, in a legal blow to Hennessy that he may only contest results of a court-approved hand count of all the ballots cast in the primary in which Brown holds a two-vote advantage. The judge blocked a move by Hennessy’s lawyer William Bloss to raise alleged irregularities involving absentee ballot applications in advance of the primary.

Stevens’ ruling limits the scope of witnesses and exhibits that may be presented to the court. Stevens has allowed a request for the campaigns to inspect 28 ballots that were rejected by election officials because they were incorrectly filled out or markings made for both candidates.

Court was recessed until Tuesday due to scheduling conflicts of legal parties.


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