Ganim Chides M&T CEO Over People’s Bank Transition Takeover, Account Disruptions

Long lines, long phone waits, some short tempers have erupted over the information migration from People’s United Bank to M&T.

Attorney General William Tong weighed in, now Mayor Joe Ganim, not that there’s much they can do as the bank tries to work out the information kinks that prevented some customers from accessing their online accounts and the inability to pay bills on time.

See letter above from Ganim to bank CEO Rene Jones.



  1. The M+T / Peoples United merger was completed September 1 – I think the Mayor’s critique is premature.
    Despite current snafus, M+T bank has already made long term commitments to Bridgeport. This was a friendly — not hostile — takeover. Top brass at People’s became millionaires,
    (gulp) I wonder who Bridgeport uses as its new correspondent bank.
    Bonus– 203 366 4242 still gives date, time and weather courtesy of Peoples United!

  2. Good move Joey G. So many of my friends with accounts there are going through stress and frustration. This is one move that will not be forgotten, too bad this blog doesn’t have the readership and involvement it once had because your letter would hit the comments that at one time were almost breaking 100. Come on Lennie, do your magic!!!!!

    1. I hope the Mayor didn’t run that letter by his newly-appointed, three-person, communications team.
      I wrote my post based on a brief scan but upon careful review found its tone even worse.
      Furthermore, don’t be surprised if M+T’s chairman gives Ganim a perfunctory reply.
      He’s off to a bad start with Bridgeport’s leading financial institution.

  3. Ganim2 is Bridgeport Mayor whose attention to administrative detail is a marked failure at this time.

    M&T is a regional bank, with a major presence on Main Street, and a major problem in allowing system issues, and perhaps a different banking culture, to interfere with service after the buyout of People’s.

    Perhaps Ganim 2 will respond on behalf of residents who occupy rental property in Bridgeport why HE has allowed the City website to announce FAIR RENT and FAIR HOUSING commissions to remain without appointments, agendas, or minutes?? Does Bridgeport municipal action and practice conform to CT requirements? Does continuous ignorance of these issues by Mayors, lasting for more than a decade, and affecting folks with little power serve as an indication of that pointed to by “critical race theory?” Or is it an example of plain old ‘don’t personally care’ leadership? Time will tell.

  4. No matter how many terms he wins, Mayor Ganim’s affiliation with Bridgeport is transitory, M&T’s relationship with Bridgeport is permanent.

    p.s. I hope the “Committer to review Ganim’s law license” considers his lawsuit against Delta and his remarks to M&T Bank as good reasons to deny. his request.

  5. Joe Ganim has given his pound of flesh three times over, he did his time!
    The Committee to review Ganim’s law license has been treating this as a long-lasting animosity and retaliatory act of revenge. Ganim paid his price now give the FLUCKING THING BACK!


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